The Library

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The Library
by Oxman

The volumes and DVDs and other materials which I’ve collected over four decades in academia, and during the family’s worldwide travels are the core of the collection in question. In question because I’ve been trying to donate the singular library for quite some time… coming across one obstacle or another at a number of institutions of higher education in Spain, the University of Viterbo and the University of Bologna in Italy, the University of Montenegro, and with all sorts of non-profit organizations and groups of various kinds domestically and internationally. For one reason or another, I have not to been able to find a worthy recipient for even a significant segment of the collection to date… even though many of the works are difficult to access, and highly prized.

Why? Well, let’s make that another discussion, shall we? Here why don’t we focus on the possibility of finding a proper home for the items in Sonoma County… where my family plans to relocate shortly. In part, because if, say, Santa Rosa were to embrace my offering I’d be in a position to curate the collection.

The library is big enough to boast about on the basis of size alone. For instance, if the University of Montenegro had chosen to house everything the family possess at the moment the whole would comprise the single largest collection of special English-language works in all the Balkans. That’s a fairly big collection, and when one considers that my family will be in a position to add to the library on an ongoing basis… well, that should add to its value significantly. In fact, in some cases, our connections with the publishing world and others will enable us to take orders for specific works. All this, including the curating (possibly), could be secured at a zero cost to the host providing facilities.

In fact, I have quite a singular vision enveloping the donation. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore in solidarity with potentially interested parties. But, again, that’s another discussion. First, let’s talk about who might be interested in any part (or all) of the above… in your realm.

What’s in the collection? There’s something representing every discipline in academia, and much beyond that, but perhaps a little delineation of personal tastes here will go a long way toward telling you where the weight comes down most heavily….

Points to consider (in no special order):

1. I am a former Professor of Cinema History, Dramatic Art & Speech and Comparative Literature. I’ve also taught ESL/EFL for decades worldwide… all levels. I am the founder of the Zinn Institute (as in Howard Zinn), and — together with family members — I have led travel excursions overseas for many decades; geography and travel guides have been central concerns.

2. My life partner is a very active interior designer, and brilliant with food. Our older children are into yoga, surfing, environmentalism, wine and horses… and are likely to contribute works too.

3. Actually, if you glance at the whole shebang provided under the “About Us” you’ll see all kinds of interests and deep experiences, ranging from architecture to journalism to music to photography/finearts to art history and comedy…. Whew! [Pause.] I think I’m going to go read.

Blessings in communal solidarity,