Update as of March 11th, 2012: Having received virtually no response from those in decision-making capacities in Sonoma County to date — coupled with the fact that my family is now slated to relocate to Napa County — the library I have offered to donate (and all else) will be put on the table for the kind consideration of those calling the shots in Napa. And on that note I’ve changed the title of this piece from Santa Rosa Party to NAPA COUNTY PARTY. In caps for a very good reason. The party will present opportunities for its youth to gain leadership training and much more. [Details upon request.] For now, I’d just like to repeat a few details related to the library in question.

If interested, please review In short, any person or group with sufficient room to accommodate the entire singular collection, or a significant segment thereof stands to host a very special set of volumes plus indeed. AND there is the distinct possibility of my being able to add to the library on an ongoing basis. I may also be available to curate.

NOTE: This is an archived site. Each article is written for particular people and purposes. Not knowing the context of a given piece can prove to be puzzling and off-putting. Ideally, one should read only what is directly recommended. This was written for members of The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. It is unedited, but I’m guessing it’ll encourage a profitable dialogue as is. I am not seeking traditional employment, not looking for a job. I am interested in getting involved as a contributing citizen in my new community. And on that note, I ask the reader to contact me at 707-994-1839 ASAP (at any hour); email to will also work. Sandra should read the previous post before reading this. And I recommend that Ky Boyd or anyone connected with Rialto Cinemas check out my “The Library” before plowing through this piece. For the Tocchini Family, “Angelina Holbooke and Past Imperfect at Summerfield” should suffice for starters. — R. Oxman

Santa Rosa Party
by R. Oxman (and S. Cohen)

“Does the truth really set people free? Does it help people to help others and to help with complex, controversial problems, help themselves?” — a teenage friend of the authors

We’ve always known about the gap between knowledge and acknowledgment, the split between what you know and what you do. But these days — in our times of overwhelming social and environmental challenges, when so many citizens seem to retreat into their atomized worlds to escape crises — those who remind us of the gap, the split are often seen as simply irritating.

This is what happened to Teiresias, “the prophet in whom, of all men, lives the incarnate truth.” At first, when Oedipus senses that bad news is in the air, he merely says to him: “It seems you bring us little encouragement.” As the message becomes clearer, Oedipus starts raging wildly against Teiresias — he curses and threatens him, accuses him of having a hand in a plot, and finally banishes him. Poor blind Teiresias could see this coming; far from setting him free, the truth was his burden:

…when wisdom brings no profit,
To be wise is to suffer. And why did I forget this
Who knew it so well? I should never have come

I have a way for Santa Rosa citizens to face the major social and environmental challenges of today, following a fresh paradigm for doing so. And, if implemented, it would not only not cost the community any money, it would — unquestionably — generate much needed revenues.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with the powers-that-be at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce for starters. [Pause.] If they embrace my proposal for action, I’ll be honored to volunteer much of my time for it to be successful. If my ideas do not resonate with anyone in that quarter, perhaps I can at least contribute something positive to my new community during the deep dialogue I am seeking.

I know that I sound very serious. I am. There are pressing issues which denial may be pushing under the rug because of economic events and other reasons. But that doesn’t preclude having quite a party whilst meeting our collective challenges. To my imagination, this should be fun for one and all.