On Our Arthritic Snail’s Pace and/or Myopia

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On Our Arthritic Snail’s Pace and/or Myopia

by Ox

Quietism makes for schism in the collective soul. There is such a thing.” — Edna St. Vincent Millay

Most people seem scared to death, about death and other matters. They are, consequently, frozen in space or zombie like in movement; they are not helping with regard to our collective crises. Proactive concerned citizens and well-meaning organizations with admirable agendas, however, aren’t contributing much more. In fact, their belief that they are making a difference actually works to ensure our doom inasmuch as employment of obsolete paradigms for change holds us back whilst our horrid momentum continues.

We all need to acknowledge that we are enveloped by crises and that we have deadlines associated with them. However, in lieu of taking meaningful action in solidarity we are, for the most part, documenting ourselves to death with films, conferences, articles and books, recordings of politically correct songs, speeches on the lecture circuit, arguments in cafes and so on. Yes, some are fighting the good fight in little corners here and there, applying very necessary tourniquets and band aids in all sorts of nooks and crannies, but my alzheimer-ridden granny could tell you that none of the activity is going to amount to a hill of beans respecting our collective deadlines… without movement on a macroscopic scale… together… from a fresh angle. Details on what issues have deadlines and what I propose will be offered up, upon request.

In the meantime, please understand — if you are capable of doing so with all the blah blah and waste of heartbeats which influences you in the opposite direction these days — that our enemies are not corporations, government or any of the usual suspects. Not on the first level. There we face what is not talked about nearly enough, what deserves our primary attention, what we can actually do something about… if we do not rely on social networking, flyers, grand speeches in huge halls or any of the obsolete ways in which activists usually go about trying to affect others.

Our enemies are apathy, resignation, ignorance, cynicism (most often self-serving) AND atomization. Our challenge is to address those facts of life one-on-one with loved ones, friends, acquaintances and strangers. With colleagues and others.

Please… is the above so hard to understand? That difficult to acknowledge as true? Impossible to want to do something about… at something other than an arthritic snail’s pace? [Pause.] Embracing short sight is not fighting the good fight. Feeling good about yourself has zero to do with what we must face up to together… yesterday.

See me for elaboration, if you will. As a prelude for pushing with a new paradigm ensemble.

Blessings in solidarity,
The Ox