At First At Last

Opening Note: What’s below is unedited. Each piece on this archived site is written for a select audience, for particular purpose at a given time. I recommend that you do not delve into anything that isn’t directly put on the table for your kind consideration. This is meant for Anita primarily; she has my green light, however, to share it with select colleagues at Santa Cruz’s Resource Center for Nonviolence. I look forward to meeting with the well-intentioned souls there next week. Today is the 7th of June, 2012. [Pause.] Anita — prior to our meeting — is welcome to look at my background/credentials/agenda, offered up in the ‘About Us’ segment on this site. Hi, Anita!

At First At Last
Dedicated to the late Scott Kennedy and my new landlord, Ron.
by Ox

Reaching at first can be heaven
Scott gave me a book of poems
And wished me “Happy Birthday.”
When I told him it wasn’t my birthday
He said, “Oh, yes it is.”
And what do you know?
Following the first page
The one with the lines
“Only a few go mad…/God shall not forget us”
All heavenly candles flamed out
And I was 81 at last.

Concluding Note of Clarity: This is dedicated to the best intentions of the late Scott Kennedy and to my new landlord, Ron, who I want to live till he’s at least 90… so that I can have him with me when I’m 80. [Pause.] Whether or not he wants to. The above might resonate more, maybe, if one glanced at the second line of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ God’s Grandeur and Kenneth Patchen’s The Snow is Deep on the Ground.