Lo and Behold, What a Million Might Mean!

NOTE: What’s below is unedited. Each piece on this archived site is written for a select audience, for particular purpose at a given time. I recommend that you do not delve into anything that isn’t directly put on the table for your kind consideration. This is written exclusively for Joann Lo and her colleagues and loved ones and friends and supporters. It is dedicated to the people she tries to help… incessantly.

Lo and Behold, What a Million Might Mean!
by Oxman and Zinn Institute colleagues

“So… if she was everything you fancied for the commons, you could say she was your all-time Lo.” — The author’s friend, visiting from the U.K., commenting on this article.

No one wants to force the Food Chain Workers Alliance from pleading on bended knee with career politicians… to do the right thing, marching in circles with placards, etc. My colleagues and I have no intention of telling those activists to not pay for, print and distribute their obligatory flyers, or spend heartbeats on collecting signatures and/or making the routine social networking efforts. Obsolete forms of bringing about change as far as we’re concerned, but those good folks have our blessings respecting their initiatives. Truly. That said, we’d really like to convince them to cease employing such models of action as their primary or exclusive means for altering the status quo. For their attempts at reform, as we see it, are slated for failure unless they receive some supplementary support in the form of a fresh paradigm for protest…. Yes, we need the documentation provided by people concerned about workers in food supply chain, but we do not want to document ourselves to death. Yes, we absolutely must have direct action applied in every possible nook and cranny of our corrupt, collapsing society… BUT we are obliged to embrace something additional… that has not been tried before. Something new under this glaring sun.

Lo and behold! Their Executive Director happens to be an Angel from Heaven with a Great Healthy Heart in the Golden State. Ah, what she could do vis-a-vis TOSCA! See the excerpted profile from the organization’s website directly below:

Joann Lo is the Executive Director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance. She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Environmental Biology and has organized with both unions and a worker center. In 2000 Joann was one of two staff who started the Garment Worker Center, and she organized with garment workers in Los Angeles who led a successful campaign against retailer Forever 21, memorialized in the Emmy-winning documentary “Made in L.A.” In 2005 Joann joined Enlace, an alliance of worker centers and unions and a year later became Co-Director. Joann is a member of the City of Los Angeles’ Sweatfree Advisory Committee and of the ROC-LA Advisory Board.

That’s quite enough in our book. More than enough to guarantee that she could garner over a million votes in the upcoming 2014 California gubernatorial contest as a figurehead candidate for TOSCA, doubling, thereby, what all third parties have ever secured collectively in a given gubernatorial contest… in our nation’s history! In other words, she could head a movement which would be historic, create a watershed in history, in fact. The only exception to what I’ve stated above was the 30s campaign of Upton Sinclair in California, when he received almost a million votes.

Today, however, if what we say we can guarantee for Joann is accomplished, — a million votes in a write-in campaign — then we would be doing more for the agenda of the Farm Chain Workers Alliance than they’ve achieved to date. That’s said with immense respect for what they have accomplished, but all of the money and heartbeats spent since 2008, in fact, do not come close to securing what we expect to lock in with Joann at the helm of a TOSCA campaign. And we have very good reason to believe that — with TOSCA in gear — a lot of what her organization wants to address can be dealt with better than ever long before 2014 rolls around. For the spotlight that we would generate with our unprecedented zero budget proposal for action is sure to capture the imaginations of all the well-intentioned souls who are currently exasperated with the electoral arena, society’s downsides and incessant prognostications regarding our collective doom.

Many segments in activist circles are crying out for a new game plan, begging for ideas that will have a shot at making a difference. TOSCA represents a chance for us to approach our collective crises from a new angle, one which — for the first time ever — gives activists and concerned citizens an opportunity to upend the unequal game board that we’re all being played on. Encourage us all to stop trying to bring about change by primarily or exclusively replacing white rooks with red ones and black bishops with green pieces. Help us to dislodge that game board from the hands of the powers that be, and have a really fresh start.

There’s only one way we see to have that fresh start*. And that is to secure significant reins of power, and, then, help the public to self-educate on one’s own media outlet… independent of all the institutions which are aligned against our interests. All the while underscoring the umbilical cord which intertwines various U.S. groups, and connects our domestic policies with the fate of those overseas.

*We’re very open to dropping TOSCA if a viable alternative is delineated. In that spirit, we hope readers will leisurely review the TOSCA link above… and provide their invaluable feedback.

We say that Joann Lo has her heart, head and soul in a healthy place, and that — with eleven other unaffiliated, non-politician healthy citizens can do a better job for the collective good than any governor of the state has ever done in history. That she can be our point of departure for not only doing right by the workers she represents, but — simultaneously — help us to see what other issues we must tackle together in solidarity as soon as possible.

Yes, we are very high on the prospect of a Governor Lo.