Go, Jo Lo

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Go, Jo Lo
by Oxman

One of the challenges in trying to succeed with a gubernatorial write-in campaign is finding an appropriate candidate who has a simple name. Joann Lo fits that bill. Lo is easy to spell, remember and write. Who she is makes the whole exercise supremely satisfying, of course, and we can now not worry about whether or not the voting public will be able to handle our candidate’s name. At this juncture, the only concern is Will she run?

Go Jo Lo, please. Run, Jo, Run. Please. On your terms. With the issues most dear to your heart at the very top of our agenda.


will show you a bit of who she is. I taught Dramatic Art & Speech — including public speaking — for decades to university students. Joann is not an ideal* public speaker; there are numerous glitches in her delivery. But though she was not totally comfortable on stage at the end of 2011, I can tell you this — without ever having had so much as a conversation with her yet — SHE IS RARE AS FLAWLESS CHRYSOLITE, and her beautiful, compassionate spirit shines through. It is that that will see her through. That will help us all to get through these crazy-making times. The food chain supply workers who she advocates for are the tip of the iceberg. Might as well start there, however; there IS a need in that realm. The injustices and horror must be addressed immediately. But that’s going to be the foundation, the bedrock for rocking society’s boat on a much larger scale. Of course, being successful in Joann’s immediate work realm means that all sorts of institutional changes are guaranteed to be in our activist mix. That said, it is obvious that the advances we will seek on behalf of the workers will not amount to anything satisfying if that quarter alone improves. To thrive — to survive and enjoy what’s heavenly on earth — the workers and all citizens will have to benefit by facing up to macroscopic matters simultaneously. For we have deadlines on several fronts, most of which are not acknowledged.

*She could easily improve by quantum leaps in my professional opinion. A tweak here, a nuance added there… and, then, where she would take her audience! It would be a slam dunk.

There is the deadline of a worker having to pay for rent, food and health care which he/she cannot afford. And there are numerous other deadlines which we must face collectively. I look forward to discussing the whole shebang with Joann at her earliest convenience. For we will create a watershed in history, relieving immediate hungers in the process.

My vision pictures us as a team. A threatening team to the powers that be.

You go, Jo Lo. You can trust me. I will be there 24×8*.

*It’s very instructive how many non-profit groups working with socially/environmentally-conscious agendas are only open five days a week, during traditional business hours. To see the ridiculousness of that, let’s focus on the organized anti-war activists. I took a nationwide poll recently, which showed that the 9-5, Monday through Friday schtick was embraced in 100 out of 100 peace groups contacted. I ask the reader to consider what that means when the opposition is taking no breaks whatsoever ever in waging wars, raising funds for mayhem and so on. Really, what does that tell you? And if that’s not enough negativity to chew on, I ask you to blend in the fact that NONE of those groups are working in solidarity at all on any meaningful level. Meaning, that aside from an occasional gathering together to march in circles in Washington, D.C. or the like, they secure individual support for their operations in atomized fashion. In a mode that’s diametrically opposed to the way in which the war mongers and military hardware sales people operate. With them, well… let’s just say that they’re all very much in bed with one another — the hundreds of vested interests who benefit from abominations abroad — and they’re constantly interacting, supporting one another, etc. Hey, getting back to Joann’s primary priorities, it’s worth noting that those workers who are being given the shaft daily will benefit from our reducing the collateral damage and other damage we inflict abroad, that — in fact — there’s no way in hell that their (overall) situation will improve significantly enough without a change in our international agenda. Might as well, then, deal with those matters and the thousand other issues which are connected to workers’ welfare simultaneously… with a new plan for action on a macroscopic plane. Enter: The Oxman. Let the play begin. See Tortured TOSCA Talk. This is slated to be staged midst a real world proscenium arch… our agons addressed in solidarity in real time.

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