Governor Williams’ Flyer

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Governor Williams’ Flyer
by The Ox

“People who work for UCSC could do a lot more about what they complain about if they were Head of the Regents, right, Papi?” — the author’s twelve-year-old son

Doesn’t matter if he’s busy; I know he is. I don’t need his time… beyond a little bit here and there as per his convenience during the initial stages of TOSCA*; I do mean minimal when I say little. Absolutely no interference with his present primary priorities; in fact, the whole TOSCA biz should serve as an asset for his personal purposes. And what I’m proposing won’t require signature gathering, or — more importantly — any fund raising. Nothing of what people associate with traditional campaigns, typical ways in which people go about securing reins of power vis-a-vis the electoral arena.

*See Tortured TOSCA Talk, if you will, for a sound bite on this unprecedented plan for action; scroll down to where the numbers begin.

The thing is, even if he doesn’t secure the Sacred Seat in Sacramento in 2014 — which he has a great chance of doing, electoral fraud and other challenges notwithstanding — I can GUARANTEE that I can help him garner at least a million votes in the next CA gubernatorial contest with or without the support of the mainstream media, and sans the electoral support of anyone who voted in the last two gubernatorial campaigns here. On a zero budget… creating a watershed in history, in great part, because of our making a point on that latter count. Ah, I mean a miracle… born of following a fresh paradigm. [Pause.] That alone should enable us to work wonders… as there has never been an instance in the history of the country when ALL third parties in a given gubernatorial context ever collected more than about 500,000 votes; Upton Sinclair did secure over 900,000 in the 30s, but that case doesn’t cancel out the thrust of my comment, vision.

The enemies are not the corporations or the government or wealthy individuals, or any of their first cousins. Not respecting our necessary first order of business. That should focus on the apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance and atomization among those who either don’t vote as a rule (for very good reason), or those who participate in the electoral arena on automatic.

I know how to reach them. That’s a separate discussion which I beg the reader to make possible courtesy of an in person meeting as soon as possible. During that first rendezvous I would delineate what I mean by visceral politics (with its masks, comedy, sensuality and music), but — for now — I can touch upon the flyer I’d employ on behalf of Governor Williams’ campaign. A simple flyer, NOT our high tech social networking.

Mitch Hedberg, the great late comedian, once told me a joke about flyers. He said, “When people come up to me on the street and hand me a flyer, it’s like they’re saying ‘Hey you, throw this away for me.’” Well, he’s spot on with that humor ’cause flyers are obsolete forms of bringing about change, as I acknowledge with my concluding list at

Governor Williams’ flyer, however, would not suffer the usual fate of flyers. Partly because — for starters — they would be handed to loved ones or dear colleagues (or the like), or to acquaintances/strangers under special circumstances. It will be a singular affair.

I will be honored to elaborate on all elements above upon request. Just don’t — PLEASE — move at the pace of an arthritic snail in attempting contact with me. For we need to print up the flyer… yesterday.

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P.S. The WHY of the flyer cannot be guessed at; the need for it in the form it’s presently conceived has evolved slowly over a very long period… and is a complex business. Keep in mind, if you will, the above is merely the tip of an iceberg designed to sink our sick ship in a specific spot… before all waters become totally toxic. Haters of poetry need not apply for movement in solidarity.