The White Rose in Office

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To the tune of Irving Berlin’s You’re Just in Love:

“I smell Auschwitz and there’s no one there
I hear screaming and the trees are bare
All day long life’s clearly quite unfair
Don’t wonder why…

We don’t need analyzin’….” — lyrics by the author in lieu of the original beauties

“red-rag and pink-flag
blackshirt and brown
strut-mince and stink-brag
have all come to town….”
— first half of an E. E. Cummings’ poem

The White Rose in Office
Dedicated to doing something (new and soon) about our collective momentum
by Ox (


Their number resonates

If not totally incorruptible for sure under any circumstances, they are not guaranteed to be corrupt, opportunists ‘cross the board in any given situation

They are unaffiliated, uninterested in political careers

They intend to serve together on an equal basis; lots of advisers worldwide in the wings

They secure their power on a zero budget, circumventing the threat of electoral fraud in opposing quarters too

Their power can transform monumentally virtually overnight, unilaterally

They help the public to self-educate via their own media outlet, unedited

Their discussions — amongst themselves and with others — are always open to public access, so that the public can determine for themselves who has whose interests at heart

They “step down” periodically, permitting one and all to have a shot at taking their place… for a day… for a week… for a month… on an ongoing basis

They walk the public through the steps necessary for them to apply pressure, have influence on others… for institutional change

They are The White Rose in office

And the Tentative List of Twelve can be put together by The Three who will visit me on Saturday, as I play host with organic juice and other goodies, discussing what masks to embrace, which books to donate and what dances to do without a megaphone.