Zwischenzug, Anyone?

NOTE: See the note which heads the previous posting, please. THIS IS NOT EDITED. IT IS A FIRST DRAFT AS OF 28 June, 2012. Please note too… there are no megaphones used at chess matches. And rarely are there arrests.

Zwischenzug, Anyone?
by Ox

A Zwischenzug is the name of a common tactic that can catch even the best chess players in the world by surprise. Surprise… as in an indispensable element in war. It is an “in-between” move — which usually catches your opponent napping.

Napping is something that “progressive” non-profits generally do weekly, during the evenings and early morning hours and on weekends… whilst their opponent is working non-stop, 24×7 to protect the status quo. When fund raising is a primary reason for existing 9 to 5 is fine, but when something other than staying afloat personally — like saving the planet, dealing with the sources of bleeding and pain, not exclusively dwelling in the Land of Tourniquets and Band Aids — 24×8 is begged for by any standards. For our opponents, clearly, don’t have to husband their resources, what with their deep pockets of infinite depth. To undermine their power significantly on an ongoing basis will, unquestionably, require a Zwischenzug.

So… what kind of surprises might we have in store?

In no special order:

1. That the public becomes motivated to move in solidarity without the influence of money. I highly recommend that the reader review what my buddy Alan Nasser has delineated in ls/ on this count; the thrust of TOSCA, outlined with sound bites at, is very much about creating a situation in which the public is helped to self-educate on this point. And to make the miracle happen — the watershed in history which is demanded at this juncture, promoting institutional change and the radical alteration of personal habits ‘cross the board — whereby the public secures significant reins of power, sufficient to battle with our collective opponent, a change in attitude about money is in order.

You know, Alan’s piece is so important and so demanding… methinks I’ll wait before adding to this list here. Contact the author at for discussion, and to receive the other surprises.