THAT INSTITUTE: I Have Never Written So Quickly….

SPECIAL NOTE TO MARC ESTRIN AND ONE AND ALL: This is an archived site; little is edited. Each entry is created for particular purposes and specific people; not knowing context can be puzzling or off-putting. And — I should underscore — I often lose people prematurely because of my writing style. Here’s hoping that kind hearts can overcome that… not wither so quickly. For those who need us… to be in solidarity.

I Have Never Written So Quickly….
Written in a rush on Friday, a first draft only… for… to rid the world of its migraine
by Ox

“They didn’t confirm receipt as requested?” — a local home schooled twelve-year-old

This is rushed for a reason. I want the core people at THAT INSTITUTE to read this unedited blah blah before Saturday NOON when its co-founder plans to visit, so that they can consider accompanying him.

A recent board/staff (?) meeting, apparently, took place within the last 48 hours, discussing TOSCA in part. Not Puccini’s opera, the proposal for action which I put on the table for their kind collective consideration following my very first meeting with the co-founder on Monday… during which I provided a telegraphic delineation of TOSCA… warning, as I always do (as I have in each contact with anyone or any group over the last several years) not to settle for the sound bites, encouraging one and all to invite me to be in on a deep dialogue replete with leisurely/obligatory Q&A.

Now… before getting into the meat of this missive, I am obliged to point out that I had left a couple of messages at different numbers AND had sent a number of emails to various quarters respectfully requesting feedback on what I had reluctantly submitted long distance. Not having heard back from anyone, I started to worry. Worry about the health of those at THAT INSTITUTE, the personal health of someone who I imagined had fallen sick perhaps… precluding anyone sending any response whatsoever my way. It was the only “explanation” I could come up with given what seemed to me to have been enthusiastic interest from two major players at THAT INSTITUTE this week. [Pause.] Thank goodness that that co-founder answered his phone this morning, updating me, confirming that he’d be visiting as planned.

Moral of the story within this story: It is not presumptuous of me to say that someone like me needs to be responded to… differently. [Elaboration on the italicized word, upon request; it is VERY important... what I have to say on that count. And not just for the purposes of THAT INSTITUTE, but for progressives 'cross the board.]

Now to the vegetarian meat of this message.

One of the things that the co-founder I love mentioned in passing on the phone just now was that those attending their meeting determined that a write-in campaign would cost at least TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [Long pause.]

Let’s see if I can address this as simply as possible. [Pause.] NOT TRUE. With more than fifty exclamation marks, not true, absolutely not true. The thing is, someone dropped the ball not making sure that I was in on the discussion at some juncture… to present the other point of view, as it were. To save misguided heartbeats. To provide the benefit of my deep experience on this point, the documentation/proof/anecdotal blah blah which makes it definitively clear that my claim that TOSCA — supported in some way by individual members of THAT INSTITUTE as citizens — could be pulled off and be wildly “successful” (as in creating a watershed in history)… whether or not it actually culminated in securing the Sacred Seat in Sacramento… ON A ZERO BUDGET.

I submit that it would be in everyone’s interests to have that deep dialogue with leisurely/obligatory Q&A tomorrow. TOSCA, sadly, was prematurely dismissed over financial considerations, apparently, which are obsolete in the realm in which I am working… in the context of the paradigm which — thus far — members of THAT INSTITUTE are not yet understanding.

They will, though, I have no doubt. And it is on that note that I look forward to the co-founder who I love (and his colleagues) looking at my library to decide which volumes they’d like me to donate on Saturday… following lunch… and a talk about TOSCA.

A final note. [Pause.] When I came home after my first meeting at THAT INSTITUTE I was telling my partner about the lovely time I had had, what had transpired, etc., and at one point I mentioned that I had told the co-founder that I respected his work so much that I’d take a bullet for him contingent upon my family giving the green light. I thought that I saw my partner — from the corner of my eye — roll her eyes at that moment… as if to say, “Jeez, I hope you didn’t lose him with a corny remark like that.” Well, corn as high as an elephant’s eye or not, the thrust of what I was trying to say is spot on. And on that note I submit that I alone am worth way more than two million bucks to THAT INSTITUTE whether they embrace TOSCA or not. That “equal time” should be given to how THAT INSTITUTE is going to make optimal use of this corny guy who is offering to work for their primary priorities unconditionally, 24×8. [Pause.] Which is something I put in writing to them, and expressed with great passion over the phone repeatedly, what seems like quite awhile ago. [Pause.] Somewhere during that time I distinctly remember my partner suffering from a truly killer migraine, and… while I rubbed each and every pained body part, throbbing eyeball, etc., trying to restore circulation, cool this, heat that… praying… waiting… brittled by the screaming… I confess that thoughts of TOSCA and THAT INSTITUTE blended into a real deal moment or two… against my will, something else having a life and pain of its own.

I look forward to real deal contact from THAT INSTITUTE.

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P.S. THAT INSTITUTE, by the way, is not actually an institute; it goes by another designation. For clarification on that point, please question the author… in person. Also, anyone who reads this should make sure that is passed on to the co-founder who I love, as I believe there’s some confusion about the concept of “twelve” which is embedded in TOSCA.

What’s this below?:

1. Sensitive or raw exposed flesh, as under the fingernails.
2. The most personal and sensitive aspect of the emotions.
3. The living: the quick and the dead.
4. The vital core; the essence: got to the quick of the matter

It’s the strangest thing that progressives/activists move at an arthritic snail’s pace so much of the time. If it ain’t today, it’ll be tomorrow doesn’t wash anymore. For there’s some stuff that could have and should have been dealt with yesterday. Things that make life worth living. That make it possible for the quick in and around us to breathe.