Moore and Murphy and More

NOTE: This is an unedited first draft, written July 15th for Jason and Ryan.

Moore and Murphy and More
Dedicated to the meaning of Moran, Malone and all the “M” names in Beckett’s work devoted to the depiction of human suffering
by Ox (

Jason Murphy (who works with the incarcerated in Santa Cruz County) and Ryan Moore are strangers to me. But I believe that they hold the key to moving in solidarity along necessary lines.


It’s important to be kind. I’m sure that both Jason and Ryan would agree.

That said, it’s very difficult to not criticize those who are invested with
looking out for us, like career politicians in office and public employees
working for disingenuous regulatory agencies. Hard to not criticize harshly. [Pause.]
Here’s hoping that both Ryan and Jason agree with that.

To put it mildly, they are (the politicians and regulators) — for the most part —
self-serving, ignorant and/or devoid of any spiritual dimension, dooming us all as per
the deadlines we face collectively on several counts. This last point begs
for elaboration, I know, and I’ll be happy to address that upon request.
For now, however, permit me to underscore that I have a plan for
action in solidarity which — if embraced — has a shot at circumventing
the stranglehold such careerists and agencies have on us all.

My singular plan for action is not something I want to sound bite. And
so, I ask the reader to set up a rendezvous so that I can delineate
leisurely and in full all the nooks and crannies of the plan which has
evolved over years… with the imprimaturs of the late Howard Zinn
and a host of high profile international figures.

To pique your interest I will point out now, though, that the plan for
action holds the potential to:

a. provide healthy jobs for a great number of people;
b. help the public to self-educate daily, effortlessly;
c. provide leadership opportunities for young adults;
d. place a moratorium on environmentally dangerous projects
which are currently plaguing us all [ omas is one of too many examples; here's hoping that someone can connect me with Pat Lerner of ACE... ASAP.];
e. secure an enormous amount of funds for California,
obviating the need to impose austerity in our realm;
f. reduce crime and reduce recidivism among those who
are incarcerated;
g. increase the availability of nutritious food for all;
h. make public the levels of air and water pollution in all neighborhoods;
i. transform the nature of education statewide;
j. save pensions and homes;
k. encourage quality single-payer healthcare in the state.
l. allow the arts and letters and music to occupy a central role in academia and our lives.

I’ll stop here… so as to not wear out my welcome. But I humbly
request that an in person meeting be arranged ASAP. The
dozen foci above were listed from the top of my head without
the benefit of my morning coffee, and they are not in any
particular order. Still, they represent — obviously — very important
issues, and I submit that addressing them with a new paradigm
for action is not just desirable at this juncture, but mandatory.

I am not attached to my particular plan, but I am devoted to
discussing what alternatives might exist to simply following our
current momentum. And I look forward to hooking Moore and
Murphy with more people, like Roseanne Barr and Steve Nash
and a whole host of others who should be moving in solidarity
along fresh lines… to realize their publicly stated visions… to
support their own lovely values and work. Without needing MONEY.

Here’s hoping that I’ve piqued your interest enough.