White Rose Alphabet Scoop


He moved his eyes and looked at me; 70
I felt his gaze, I heard his moan,

– from Millay’s Renascence, words she recited to the author in 1950

http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/07/16/are-drones-moral-killing-machin es/
– article by the author’s friend, Dave Lindorff, questioning more than morality (goes well with Conn Hallinan’s Soullless Killing Machines)

Note: Please be patient with me here. It gets me physically sick to go through this alphabet soup. People in my quarter, I’m obliged to say, could really use an additional utensil. We don’t need money. We do need soulful heartbeats in solidarity. Regardless, I’ll plow through the diseased delineation eventually. In much the manner the White Rose did the year I was born. [Pause.] My main mentor told me a long time ago that it wasn’t conspiracy theory to state that General Motors is in business for profit. Well, the facts below have zero to do with going out of one’s way to underscore that the U.S. is not The Good Guy it purports to be. In fact, it’s besides the point to argue whether or not the U.S. is a good force in the world. Rather, I recommend that the reader’s energies go toward contemplating two facts: one, the U.S. is (and has been) involved in multiple wars AND two, the most highly decorated U.S. marine in history (up till WWII), Major General Smedley Butler, called war — all war — a racket, unequivocally. That’s a potentially more productive focus, for I am writing this blah blah with an eye to taking unprecedented action with the reader in solidarity… following some obligatory Q&A. All that said, my friend Bill Blum’s Killing Hope is mandatory reading for anyone trying to maintain the delusion that the U.S. has been one of the Good Guys since the White Rose reared its head.

White Rose Alphabet Scoop
Dedicated to the spirit of the guillotined Scholls and their martyred friends
by The Ox of Aptos (aptosnews@gmail.com)

11. Informal Current information or details: What’s the scoop on the new neighbors? — Last noun definition of “scoop” given by The Free (Farlex) Dictionary online

Of course one must address local issues and pressing personal matters. Realizing that doesn’t require much brain power. [Pause.] Realizing that one has been intentionally kept from consistently learning about current and past events and how they impact on one’s local and personal concerns, however, does — apparently — demand that one stretch oneself.

Meaning… your income, your health and the welfare of your community and its resources are all intimately/significantly affected by abominations abroad. I am speaking of horrors we underwrite and deny, and — to repeat the initial theme here — fail to connect to our own survival.

Directly below is a mere ladle from the alphabet soup that kept me up once again last night. I will add to it as time permits, but the first 26 entries are far from the whole picture, and they do not purport to be the most appropriate atrocities for presentation here.

A is for Africa from a very special angle. Don’t even get me started on Afghanistan… which has so much horror in common with Colombia and Mexico vis-a-vis the so-called Drug War.

B is for Bolivia and Brazil and the other ALBA countries.

C is for Colombia. See http://www.zcommunications.org/colombia-doing-business-killing-workers -by-frederico-fuentes too. Oh, Canada will do too*.

*In 1967, Martin Luther King said that the U.S. was the greatest purveyor of violence on earth. Things have gotten much worse since then, and the U.S. military has become the single greatest polluter on earth, having made a land mass greater than the size of Florida uninhabitable forever. Our momentum suggests that all of that will get even worse. The momentum, at the very least, must be stopped immediately. That’s why “Canada will do too.”

D is for the Dominican Republic. I would have used Diego Garcia here, but I don’t think enough readers know about the place; I wonder if they think I’d make it up.

E is for East Timor. Trust me, you don’t want to know about Egypt, El Salvador or Equatorial Guinea.

F is for France… as a “partner” with the U.S. in crippling Haiti permanently. I’m dying to delve into the way in which the U.S. and France — ensemble — perpetuate what is arguably the greatest threat to the planet, their collective nuclear dynamic. Their togetherness regarding climate catastrophe imposes an equally dark scenario on us all.

G is for Guatemala. Our horrid history with Guatemala should be required reading for all school children, and Hollywood should make at least one “holocaust film” centered on The School of the Americas to balance the annual doses of Nazi-centered atrocity flicks.

H is for Honduras. http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/03/20/obama-clinton-and-honduras/ should help too.

OH MY GOODNESS. The “I”s have it, yes? Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and Israel. And Italy and Iceland too. Where to begin? How about a mere sound bite on the country the U.S. supports to a much greater degree than any other? That would be… Israel. I’m giving the reader a mild telegraphic dose here, not wanting to lose anyone prematurely. I almost have to stop the whole shebang with this I segment. For it reminds me of the scope of what is resonating… the call for action which follows a fresh paradigm… on a macroscopic scale. Oh yes, and does anyone have even a clue about our highly dangerous U.S. role vis-a-vis Kashmir? The degree to which we may all fall over it. And speaking of India, one must understand how our Monsanto is behind the farmer suicides which remain off the charts. Check out anything which focuses on the suicides and/or Monsanto by Devinder Sharma.

J is for Japan. For Fukushima. For now. For how the U.S. is not using megaphones coast to coast in dire warning instead of toasting the corporations responsible for putting us and the world at the same risk, continuing to subject us all to madness beyond belief. Unnecessarily.

K is for the Korean War… which was unnecessary. And horrible, of course. [Pause.] But not nearly as frightening as the prospect of nuclear weapons being used. Which brings me to the subject of Kashmir, and our contribution to the instability in that region too. Ever wonder why hardly any student in the U.S. (on any level) knows anything to speak of concerning that realm where there is the greatest military tension (at trigger finger) on earth? 700,000 soldiers involved in the standoff daily, as I remember.

L is for Laos.

M is for Mexico. The indigenous people of the Marshall Islands are our victims too. I’d be interested in which pitiful souls are worse off… courtesy of our policies.

N is for Nicaragua. And http://books.zcommunications.org/chomsky/sam/sam-2-03.html should be blended with http://www.zcommunications.org/why-nicaragua-chose-ortega-by-maurice-l emoine.

P is for Paraguay. As in http://www.zcommunications.org/paraguay-us-makes-gains-from-coup-again st-lugo-by-federico-fuentes. Pakistan is ruined forever respecting U.S. interests. With very dangerous potential for us waiting in the wings. The documentation — definitive — is in on this. Let me know if you’re interested in any one of the 1000 articles in my files which support what I’m saying here.

R is for the Rwanda you don’t know. And for the Burundi, Congo and Uganda you either don’t hear about or think about… as it would, for one, disturb the peace with which you totally embrace high tech gadgetry without reservation.

S is for Somalia. Twisting Ethiopia’s arm to invade Somalia is not kosher. Represents a pattern (if you’ve glanced at what’s above in this article), yes?

I’ll do Qatar, Turkey, Zimbabwe and Venezuela at another time. In the meantime, if you want the lowdown on Uganda… check out the video on Rwanda above. REMEMBER, PLEASE, THAT THESE ARTICLES ARE BY NO MEANS THE IDEAL ENTRIES FOR EACH CATEGORY; I’VE JUST BEEN RUSHING THE LINKS TOGETHER HERE IN THE NAME OF HAVING SOMETHING FOR THE READER TO GET STARTED WITH.

Y is for Yugoslavia… the 78-day bombing of which was neither necessary or good for the people of the Balkans. The U.S. often escalates conflicts in order to have a reason to intervene (for a number of reasons that have zero to do with humanitarian purposes), as http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/03/07/libya-is-this-kosovo-all-over-g ain/ shows in its parallel of the 90s bombing of Serbia with the more recent intervention in Libya.