The 12 Story Party

NOTE: Sy and all colleagues from The Sun, ideally, should glance at the previous posting before reading this. This is not meant for anyone else. I’m planning to seriously tweak this unedited article once I have a chance to finish the Malkin/Meade blah blah. I am speaking to one and all as citizens, not as reps for The Sun, though I would like to serve as a monumental (volunteer) asset for the publication.

The 12 Story Party
Dedicated to the small, what has passed and what’s intriguing
by the late great ox

A 12 Story Party could lead to… a building of sorts.

“Right now, with culture unraveling and nature being rattled to its core, there is little security to be found in existing institutions, and coherent stories are increasingly hard to find. The other place to find a coherent story is inside. That means going to the core of your own life and finding the story seeded within.” — Michael Meade in The Sun, issue 431, November, 2011

I didn’t read the whole interview yet conducted by John Malkin, but I just had to pen this blah blah before I went on any further with my day today, the 6th of September, birth date of Jane Addams, social worker and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1931. A deserving winner, as opposed to you know who.

Ah, but to get back to obsolete institutions, ones which won’t/can’t provide any security whatsoever for the average person’s benefit. If one wants to make inroads respecting decent social work these days, it would be wise to NOT depend upon the majority of our socially-conscious institutions, the ones which are now NOT constituted to look after the vast majority’s interests. No, institutions — such as our electoral system — as things stand work against us. They are fueled by the powers that be to serve their objectives, the goals of the 1% (and their hangers-on).

But… wanting to do things legally and nonviolently, I have been kind of forced to consider tweaking the electoral arena for my socially-conscious and environmentally-conscious purposes. [Pause.] That’s how I came up with the notion of The 12 Story Party.

In this month’s The Progressive, Matthew Rothschild — who should know better at this point — has published a piece titled, The Third-Party Dilemma, which focuses on the worn-out debate over whether or not left-leaning souls should put their chips on the lesser of two evils. I meant to say WORN OUT… as in making for wasted heartbeats. For there’s no benefit at this juncture in dealing with hardly anything on the federal level, least of all the presidential charade, beyond taking the time — perhaps — to cast a vote. But talk? Chattering and reading incessantly? Debating? [Pause.] Time to be committed if that’s where you’re committing your time these days.

Neither of the two mainstream parties are worth our heartbeats on any level. That’s true — pretty much — in virtually any realm you might cite. And — AND this is VERY important — the third parties are — pretty much — permanently marginalized. [Pause.] NOT a pretty picture.

But let’s get creative, use our imaginations, as Michael Meade encourages one and all to do. And let’s dive into dealing with the electoral arena from a new angle, following a fresh paradigm in a state which could make a difference both nationally and internationally. Perhaps we should take California for starters*. For one, that’s where I reside at present. There are other reasons, though.

*Warning: You’re going to have to cut me some slack here, give me the benefit of the doubt momentarily, as I underscore the importance of your holding off on your legit question respecting HOW we’re going to pull off the miracle delineated below. I do have what I believe will be a satisfying answer. But that must be the subject of another discussion. Few people I encounter, sadly, are able to honor that simple request; they end up prematurely dismissing the thrust of my suggestions as a result.

Very few well-educated citizens know what I’m about to tell you concerning the POWER which can be wielded by a Governor of California, a Guv with heart, head and soul in a healthy place. The type of Guv who we’ve never had. Not having ever had such a person at the helm, no one has a memory of those powers being exercised, and — for self-serving reasons, courtesy of the powers that be — we do not have a history to speak of… of anyone even speaking about such powers. [It's important to understand that by talking about "power" we're only addressing the importance of having a chance to call some shots on issues which impact seriously on one and all.]

Even deeply concerned, experienced activists fail to grasp what I’m about to tell you. That is, that the Guv could — unilaterally and virtually overnight — as Head of the Regents of the University of California system (and in other capacities) transform** life in the Golden State. [Pause.] And elsewhere.

**Recommendation: Review the sound bite which is provided at before going on. TOSCA — Transforming Our State of California — is something that could be tweaked to accommodate 12 different stories. [Elaboration, upon request.] And, in doing so, the general public could be encouraged to embrace the thrust of Michael Meade’s message about each of our individual destinies. Could be discouraged from the disingenuous discourse usually associated with political talk, and moved to make inroads in addressing one’s own fate from a new perspective. [Pause.] All the while moving in solidarity with others… following a new model.

Now I guess I should return to Michael’s marvelous words. I can tell you this, though, even before doing so: Even a certain kind of failure in Sacramento in the fall of 2014 could forever change life in Chapel Hill and its environs. Positively.

Securing significant reins of power. Umbrellas for everyone!

A party should be fun. [Pause.] That’s what I’m planning. I just need an umbrella to get started — as per the previous post — ’cause (as you know) it’s rainin’ very hard.×2A
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Contact the author at Elder Ox — in the spirit of Meade — is ready to give the reader the Jane Addams in his spirit, fulfill his destiny in solidarity with the reader’s acorn. You don’t have to like Puccini. You don’t have to embrace TOSCA. And the 12 stories can easily be 1200 or more when it comes to the core who will awaken and be awakened.