Project No More Snowing

Added September 14 to what’s below:

“Some of his 1930s poetry was prophetic of social and political change, but he later insisted that poetry could have no value in the public sphere. Many of his poems were couched in the form of prayers or invocations, but he denied any bond between poet and priest. Nonetheless, his poems reveal a penchant for the lay sermon….” — from a volume of The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, edited by Jahan Rmazani, Richard Ellmann and Robert O’Clair [The author believes that Milosz -- today -- might very well use Nature in lieu of Nations in his line below. Whatever the case, no poet has to consistently, absolutely omit reference to what is outside poetry's ideal purview, yes?]

NOTE: People from The Sun Magazine and all others should read (at least) the introductory notes to the three previous posts before reading this. This first draft is not edited, will not be. Update for Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012: Not a word from anyone connected with the Project Snow Leopard quarter. Astounding. One of the things I’d like to know from them is whether or not there are any downsides — as per their values, aims — with regard to Goldman Sachs being one of their primary sponsors. I don’t recommend that anyone other than PSL people try to plow through the faux lyricism below. I trust that representatives of El Kilombo in North Carolina will check out my select background/credentials/agenda/family info under the ‘About Us’ banner on this site, and telephone me immediately. It’s also astounding that no one from that quarter has contacted me yet. Elaboration upon request.

Project No More Snowing

by Oxman

“I read in Harper’s Magazine that if Texas had the population density of Manhattan you’d have room to fit the entire population of the world in that state. [Pause.] But then you wouldn’t have room for wild snow leopards or happy ostriches or… poetry.” — a twelve-year-old the author knows, commenting after reading this article

“What is poetry which does not save
Nations or people?”
— from Czeslaw Milosz’s Dedication

Or, I might add, snow leopards.

Oscar Wilde, though so much for art for art’s sake, would do a double-take respecting Czelslaw’s lines. For he understood the importance of O Bailan Todos O No Baile Nadie. [Please don't think that I'm not capable of applauding and appreciating a poem, painting or performance which has zero to do with... the end of Mother Earth.]

The well-meaning, highly educated and deeply experienced citizens I have been contacting over the past several years — begging for discussion of a new paradigm for bringing about necessary change — are content with writing various forms of ‘poetry’, including fighting the good fight in little corners, applying tourniquets and band aids.

They think that they’re doing all that they can do to address the source of our bleeding. But they are not. They are all — whether a part of a worthy non-profit organization, or not — suffering from some form of what I call Ostrich Syndrome. And, in almost every instance, they are contributing to our documenting ourselves to death. Documenting ourselves to death with everything from articles and seminars to films and songs. If they’re not doing that — educating themselves and us to death — they are entertaining and/or distracting us all to death. In any case, it’s Death which is winning out, not their… fighting the good fight. For we have deadlines which are passing, deadlines which are not being acknowledged except with talk talk. We need walk talk.

And not walk talk which follows obsolete forms of protest and/or obsolete models for bringing about change. We need a fresh paradigm for doing so. That is what I have to offer. A discussion of exactly that… with the understanding, of course, that my ideas are not written in stone. That I am open to having an exchange about options which may exist.

The point is, though, that as things stand… or I should say as things fall apart… there is zero on the horizon. Nothing slated to change our horrid momentum significantly enough, soon enough.

Please contact the author at ASAP. No money will be necessary to take action that’s fresh, that holds potential. None. And whatever the reader is doing at present will not have to suffer. What will be proposed will be something that will supplement what you’re doing. Regardless, one has to be quite out of it to think that we’re not going to lose all ostriches if we don’t attempt something unprecedented, crazy to believe that one can act like an ostrich and not care what happens to real ostriches, snow leopards or Pakistanis thousands of miles away. i/