Changing George Harrison’s Birthday

Note: This unedited piece on this archived site is only for those I’ve asked — directly — to read it. As with all articles and entries here, unless the reader knows the particular purpose for which something was posted the work can seem puzzling, or even off-putting. This is a first draft. A half a draft, actually, but I’m posting it now for important personal reasons. By the way, W. H. Auden’s birthday falls on February 21st; I could have used him as a point of departure for my blah blah. THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD and select friends of his.

Changing George Harrison’s Birthday
by Oxman

I’m trying to change George Harrison’s birth date
To be the same as my youngest kid’s (who loves George’s music)
And I kid you not when I say that it shouldn’t be any harder
Than achieving what concerned citizens are attempting
When they embrace obsolete models of protest
Obsolete approaches for bringing about change.
Easier, in fact.
In fact, bringing George back from Friar Park
Or the River Ganges or Sweden
Or wherever those ashes happen to have been spread
– raising him from the dead — would be easier.
25 February is relatively close to 7 February;
maybe that’ll make the whole project more viable
than you imagine.
It’s fine employing what’s obsolete
Many of us are compelled to do so out of habit
Or ongoing personal circumstances
But such is not viable when employed as the
Primary or exclusive means for making a difference.
There’s violence here now and on the horizon
And if you want to make a difference non-violently
and legally — as per George’s spirit —
You’re going to want to get with me.
For there’s nothing in the works as I write
That has a shot in hell at making a difference
Me, on the other hand, I have something sweet
To share
Without sharing solidarity with career politicians
Without having to spend any money
Making unprecedented use of your heartbeats
Making a difference as you see fit
But not sitting on your ass
Not caving to apathy, resignation, ignorance, cynicism
Or Atomization
Not craving The Obsolete
Securing significant reins of power
Legally and non-violently
With their hand in my mouth
They shall drag me forth
Screaming at the South
Clutching at the North
Screaming Happy Birthday, George
And thanks for all
Even if it’s The End of the Line.

And talking about the end of the line, I guess I should address now the reason I wrote this.

It’s the end of the line for that Ambassador who got killed along with four colleagues the other day. First U.S. Ambassador to buy the farm in such a way since the 70s, I believe, anywhere in the world. But even though he, apparently, got raped to boot… no one’s talking about it where I travel. Zip. Zero.

And talking about not talking about something, my friend Martha Rosenberg tells me that Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is trying to address our horrid boom in suicides without talking about the role of Big Pharma in those abominations. Hey, that’s tantamount to talking about the increase in domestic violence ‘cross the board without a word concerning our wars. But — on both scores — that’s the deal.

A bad deal that you can do something about. The $55 million bucks (and more) being spent as per Martha’s article doesn’t have to be. Neither does the wasted $100 million plus addressed in Ralph Nader’s recent piece.

And that’s all not even the tip of the iceberg, as they say. The cold, hidden width of rot.

Hey, do me a favor, stop being as dead as George’s body.

Leave those comfy quarters of the Walking Dead, and head toward me. Where maybe you can, once again, feel as alive as George’s spirit is for me.

His and those of a lot of other sweet souls who came before.

So that my youngest and the unborn-as-yet and the leaves in Friar Park and the water in our remaining rivers can be viable, so that there will be a future worth living for, a time down the line where births will be wanted, and there not be a common death date for so very many people.

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