One Trick TONY

NOTE: This is an unedited first draft. Check out …and relax …before getting into the ultra-serious thrust below; lots of germane crossover therein.

One Trick TONY
Dedicating to chomping at the bit…

People trying to save Greenwich Village from the clutches of New York University — its planned expansion — would do well to do The TONY. TONY is an acronym for Taking Over New York, its gubernatorial office. It would be relatively easy to do so for 2014, and in the process the well-intentioned souls from StandUp4NYC would make the inroads necessary to achieve their goals. Ditto for a lot of other organizations based in New York State who are fighting the good fight in little corners here and there. It would be an honor to elaborate on all that upon request. Just give me a buzz at, and we can set up a telephone session… before arranging for an in person rendezvous… on our way to creating a watershed in history.

TONY would need figurehead candidates who people could vote for… for the offices of Governor and Lt. Governor. Whoever those citizens might be, if elected the idea would be for them to serve on an equal basis with ten other unaffiliated, non-politician citizens. As per the spirit of the sound bite for TOSCA. The information which that link leads you to, although written for a select audience and a particular purpose at a given time long ago, should be studied leisurely, and discussed with me with ample time set aside for in-depth Q&A. No one takes the time out to do that kind of thing these days — what with the rush everyone’s in, the fear that sets in whenever anyone even tries to consider something truly fresh — and so… people stay stuck with their obsolete models for bringing about change. Be the exception, will you? Mark Crispin Miller — one of the leaders for the opposition to NYU’s Lebensraum — will be exploring the desirability of TONY for his purposes tomorrow with me via the telephone. I’m very excited! He’s quite the rare bird on a number of scores, not the least of which is his taking out the heartbeats to seriously consider embracing the elements of TOSCA for New York State. Caught him most recently on an RT News segment with the wonderful hostess Abby Martin. It was great to hear them both lambasting the Democrats for being complicit permitting electoral fraud to take its devastating toll… with definitive evidence. [Ask me about that, please.]

Anyway, for this ultra-rushed session at the keyboard, I’d like to simply get a TONY list started, a tentative list of twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens who might comprise a TONY ticket for 2014. From the top of my head, very late at night here on the West Coast, permit me to start plucking down names, keeping in mind that I’m doing so to encourage feedback and tweaking from you. Nothing here is written in stone.

In no special order:

1. Mark Crispin Miller;
2. Abby Martin [Once she establishes a New York residence, she might be the ideal person to be one of the figurehead candidates.];
3. Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and/or an unknown graffiti artist;
4. Some Big Time Rapper;
5. Mickey Z [Or some other power comedian.];
6. Some Big Time Chef or Small Time Farmer;
7. Some college student (or Adam Chimienti when he returns);
8. Some high school student… OR someone incarcerated elsewhere;
9. Some Big Time or Small Time Dancer [Keeping in mind: O Bailan Todos O No Baile Nadie.]
10. Someone recommended by my daughter, Noelle, who lives in N.Y.C.;
11. Some Vet or Paul Simon;
12. YOU?

Hey, it could be a Baker’s Dozen. Like I’ve said already, there’s lots of flexibility here. And the whole shebang should be a helluva party; see the previous post to taste a flavor from the pot I’m using to dish out the goods here.

This is truly Create A Watershed in History Time.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter what someone’s politics are at this juncture. We shouldn’t be focused on replacing a white rook with a red one, or taking out a black bishop so that a green piece can take its place. Not at all. Rather, we should be aiming for simply upending the game board legally and nonviolently, if that’s humanly possible at this point. Let’s act as if it is, okay? That’s part of the spine of TOSCA/TONY. What makes it stand upright.

Like I told Mark… and like I want to tell Abby Martin (IF I CAN GAIN ACCESS TO HER!!!)… I have a way that we can circumvent the huge obstacle of electoral fraud. A way that we can — in solidarity — transform our state (of being) virtually overnight. Enough… so that we can start to honor this million-petal flower, and have a chance to flower… blossom… each and every one of us.

Occupy, the injured gelding out of brood mare Obsolete, was a sprinter could not hope to go the distance. He drew a lot of fans to the track, however, after he drew up lame in the fall, and had to be shot in front of the stands; he was shot in the traditional manner, between the eyes. Tony, the lonely pony out of Nowhere by New Paradigm, has never raced anywhere. She can carry a lot of weight, they say, with full blinders on. Blossom in the dark, as it were.

[I'm going to tweak that last paragraph a bit, but even as it stands... I love it.]

Blessings in solidarity,
P.S. The Race is not to be found on the federal level. In no quarter in that realm for no quarter horse. Rather, The Scene should be laid out in New York or California… giving no quarter. Call me on this at, and I’ll telephone you on my dime. We can stop our horrid momentum on a dime… without playing with words any longer… without settling for small change.