NCCC Stream of Consciousness: Eleven Rivers Running Through My Mind

Introductory note: This is an unedited first draft, written very quickly.

NCCC Stream of Consciousness: Eleven Rivers Running Through My Mind
by Oxman

This is written in the hope that while I’m waiting to hear from the Town Manager of Winsted, Connecticut (and others in the region) someone from Northwestern Connecticut Community College will see the benefit of contacting me respecting my offer to serve as an asset for the Litchfield County community. That someone in that quarter will have the flexibility of vision to appreciate what I am putting on the table for their kind consideration unconditionally*. [See for context here.]

*My wife says that I’m often dismissed prematurely when I offer to volunteer on such a grand scale because people just can’t believe that anyone would make such gestures without wanting something in return. Well, I guess it’s time to confess. I do want something in return for my services, resources, etc. [Pause.] I would like to bond with people in a healthy, beautiful setting… so that our home schooled youngster can be given great opportunities and sweet connections for the future. So that he can enjoy each day right now in the midst of the most wonderful realm we can find for him. Ditto for ourselves, of course.

That’s what I want in return. I’m open to being offered traditional employment, as I could use some extra income just like most people I know. BUT… what I’m offering is NOT contingent upon my receiving a single dollar.

I have ambitious projects which I have been working on for years, plans for action — very dear to my heart — which could be labeled political. But I want to make it very clear upfront that none of that has to be a significant part of my public life in relocating to the Winsted, Connecticut area. Such interests of mine could certainly be directed elsewhere if they are not aligned with the spirit of NCCC’s primary priorities, for example. Meaning, my new community would not have to necessarily embrace my personal beliefs in any number of realms. Meaning also, local citizens could count on me NOT to make undesirable waves. My intention, again, is to serve as an asset for NCCC and its entire community.

I am a bit unorthodox, to say the least. For example, I prefer not to begin contact with any institutions by filling out forms. Rather, this posting is my way of applying for a position at NCCC… for starters. Again, not a paid position necessarily, but employment of some kind, an association of a sort which will enable me to share my talents, resources, etc. in a way that will benefit one and all. A solid connection in proactive solidarity.

On that note, permit me to list a few ways which I believe I could benefit NCCC. In no special order (and from the top of my head), I could:

a. donate elements of my singular library, which includes a couple of thousand unusual volumes and hard to access films and recordings, among other items. This is a collection which I put together over my four decades in academia and during worldwide travels;
b. teach ESL and GED prep, among other courses, at hours which would be convenient to the vast majority of local residents;
c. raise funds for specific activities which have had budget cuts recently;
d. recruit desirable students;
e. create a Creative Writing Center which would spotlight high profile figures nationwide;
f. set up a Home Stay Exchange Program for NCCC students and their European counterparts;
g. supervise a Foreign Film Festival or conduct Weekly Film Showings, featuring rarely seen cinematic masterpieces;
h. help to edit campus publications;
i. provide international news utilizing personal contacts worldwide which are infrequently tapped;
j. write and direct dramatic productions which use local talent as a point of departure;
k. conduct workshops centered on local environmental issues.

The above is a select list of eleven; it is by no means exhaustive. And it is presented, granted, with my not really knowing the needs or potential which reside in the NCCC community. I very much look forward to the opportunity to learn what the NCCC administration, faculty, staff, students and workers think would be worthwhile goals, an ideal scenario.

I think of the list as representing eleven natural rivers running through my mind, as I imagine how sweet relocation to northwest Connecticut might be. They are untainted rivers, flows which I fancy would nourish my new neighbors. Rivers that might be embraced by any community.

Thanks for your kind consideration,
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