“Let’s Keep in Touch.”

NOTE: This is an archived site. All entries are meant for particular people and written for specific purposes at a given time. Not knowing original context can prove to be puzzling of off-putting to a reader. So… perhaps it’s best if you don’t go through what’s below… unless it was recommended directly to you by the author. My next piece will be for the eyes of cartoonist Stephan Pastis, as my son and I will be traveling to see him at a book signing in Alameda. IF MR. PASTIS CHECKS IN HERE PRIOR TO MY POSTING HIS ARTICLE… PLEASE — STEPHAN — CHECK IN AGAIN IN 24 HOURS OR CONTACT ME AT aptosnews@gmail.com THIS ARTICLE IS RUSHED; IT IS A FIRST DRAFT, UNEDITED. This was written immediately after speaking with Dale L. Martin, the Town Manager of Winsted, Connecticut this morning, October 24th. And not too long after my attempts at contact with a host of others across the country. A host of others.

“Let’s Keep in Touch.”
Dedicated to the notion that there’s something amiss amidst municipalities and non-profits of various stripes across the board….
by The Ox

Don’t get me wrong, please. Signing off that way, generally, is meant in a perfectly acceptable way. That said, it still begs for… a comment or two.

If I’ve offered the world — my deep experience, connections, resources and present energy — to a given organization or municipality, offering up what’s the equivalent of my first born for their kind consideration no strings attached, you’d think someone would jump all over the gesture.

But that’s not the case. In fact, it has NEVER been the case over the past several years, as I’ve tried to bond with this and that community, this and that non-profit, this and that here and there. My well-meaning, unconditional efforts have been neither here nor there, as they say. In fact, as impossible as this may be to believe, more often than “Let’s keep in touch” has been the zero response. The lack of any reply whatsoever. Or its first cousin. That would be my engaging someone in conversation or email exchanges initially, with the justifiable expectation that I’d be receiving another missive or call… only to find no follow-up. Ending up dropped like a hot potato, or cold potato, as it were.

It’s baffling.

I do realize that sometimes people will find my over-the-top energy off-putting in and of itself. I am well aware, too, that few people feel comfy in proceeding at the lightning pace I may seem to be trying to impose on them. In addition, there’s the legit need in certain circumstances for a person in a position of responsibility to check out my background without direct contact with me first. BUT… in that latter instance, you’d think that those in a decision-making capacity would be obliged to reach out to me once they came up against something that struck them as off-putting in my background… if such were the case. The thing is, I NEVER hear from anyone vis-a-vis questions about this or that that they might have come up against. The silence is deafening.

I respond regularly to anyone who puts anything out there that smacks of an interest in securing support for a given cause. I reach out — even when people do not make access to them easy — when I smell any interest in movement in solidarity. I rush to reach one and all who seem to be crying out loud because they feel their bootless cries are reaching no one. I want to tell them they’re NOT alone, that there’s someone with them in the wilderness.

Very often — too too often — those I attempt a connection with are hampered by habit. Habit, the great deadener, as per Samuel Beckett. Hampered by their routines — which include habitual thinking — and/or tied down by unnecessary myopic focus on fund raising for specific purposes in their little corners. Fund raising, of course, is necessary for most to stay afloat. And I acknowledge that from the outset in my communications with groups, pledging to secure additional revenue for them as they see fit, whilst clarifying that — for myself — I’d be able to operate on a zero budget. The present primary priorities of any given group is what I tell them would be at the top of my agenda.

Wow, huh? I do hope you’re thinking WOW!.

But let us think POW!. [As in Right in the kisser.] For there’s a horrid downside to all of this which must not be consigned to the corner, must not be made to wait in the wings. And that is my sense of deadlines. That is what should be our collective concern respecting urgency in relation to the major crises of our times. And they are crises, not issues.

On my way out the door now to see Stephan Pastis with my very excited young boy, who is his greatest fan, I ask the reader to try to reconsider the track they’re on.

Let’s keep in touch with Mother Earth, shall we?