Note: It is now about 1:45pm PST, Halloween Eve. Having reviewed the Petra Foundation Mission, I retroactively dedicate this article to its spirit; they are certainly at the bar of decency. Why AT THE BAR II? I had intended from the start to write another piece titled, At the Bar, in which I would be a prisoner at the bar in a sense. See to stimulate thought, for intellectual fun. I believe we can create a watershed in history with a core group of committed souls, beginning in California or New York. Benefiting every single soul who has been supported by the Petra Foundation.


If you check out the first and last paragraphs at, you’ll find mention of “life and death” AND (at the end):

“In partnership with her co-director, encouraged and energized by engaged community activists, DeAnda anticipates the day when every American will be able to drink a glass of tap water without fear of getting sick.”

I understand that the WATER ISSUE is a matter of life and death. That’s why I’ve made repeated pleas to the people at the Community Water Center to contact me so that I can help them — unconditionally — to achieve their goals.

It’s been days now. No response. Emails, phone calls… no response. Granted, my first efforts were made on the weekend, but with what CWC is up against — Let’s be honest, okay? — there’s a need to be operating in effective, proactive fashion 24×7… at the very least, yes? I mean, I’m certain that there isn’t an informed soul who would argue with my notion that the powers that be are working against CWC purposes at least 24×7. Or am I missing something?


I pray that if and when someone connects with me from their quarter that they don’t offer up the excuse that they’ve been busy, or that so and so (who was the target of my initial missives) had this or that important thing to do the last few days. I’m not offended personally on this, mind you. Rather, I’m taking out heartbeats here to underscore that my frustration should be instructive for one and all. And not just for the well-meaning, hard-working souls at CWC. For this problem… I’ve experienced it ‘cross the board, and in many instances in much harsher, discouraging form than what’s come down between me and CWC this week.

I’ll cut to the chase.

I can guarantee clean water for a greater number of souls which CWC serves than they’re slated to provide SOONER THAN THEY CAN. And I should think that making such a claim would at least pique curiosity in their quarter sufficiently to make contact.

Sooner rather than… too late.

Blessings in solidarity,
P.S. A glance at (”Let’s Keep in Touch”) might be a good supplement to this piece; even more so. Like this article, and most of the entries I post these days, both were written hastily. That said, if the reader can tune into their thrust… it might be instructive.

Update as of 10am, October 30th: I just tried to reach Pablo Alvarado at (in L.A.), and the message machine informed me that the message box was full and could take no more messages. He’s another Petra fellow, doing good work in his little L.A. quarter, but… what’s with this “mailbox full” syndrome? There’s not a recipient of a single Petra dollar who should be plagued with the problem of not being able to be totally on top of inquiries. I just left a message for Susana DeAnda; I’m looking forward to hearing back. Last night I did receive a late email from Laurel Firestone; I’m waiting to hear back from her to on my response to what I considered a (prematurely) dismissive missive. I asked for permission to post our exchange… which I feel would be enormously instructive for anyone reading this blah blah, for anyone interested in improving the efforts of organizations such as CWC. For what it’s worth, I was not able to do more than leave messages with two other California organizations this morning… recipients of Petra Foundation funds.

Update as of about 12:30PM PST: Shortly after posting the above update, I spoke with Meg at Petra Foundation! Apparently, she’s going to read this. I am so happy about that, about the prospect of discussing my ideas with her. Still not a new word, though, from any of the people connected with CWC or any of the other funded organizations doing good work. Simple question: How can they pass up my offer to serve — pretty much unconditionally — as a volunteer wanting to be an asset for their primary priorities? By “pretty much unconditionally” I mean I’m only asking for — begging for — the chance to provide grassroots feedback, the opportunity to engage in at least one head-on-head discussion about issues of mutual concern. My main proposal for action can be implemented on a ZERO BUDGET and will not distract people doing good work from their present focus. I should underscore also that my intention is to move in solidarity with others as private citizens, NOT as reps of any particular non-profit. Again, mine is a legal and nonviolent approach, and it follows a fresh paradigm; it should serve as a supplement to what others are doing right now.

Update at almost 8pm PST on the 30th: Not an additional word as of yet. Sent an email to Meg tonight as a courtesy follow-up. Super Storm Sandy might be doing a number on Meg’s quarters/access. Can’t imagine what’s up with the California activists, though.