The Ideal Non-Profit Effort

Introductory note: What’s below is an unedited first draft. Certain terms and concepts beg for elaboration; it will be an honor to provide additional details upon request. At present there is great work being done in what I call little corners, with virtually no meaningful movement in solidarity among non-profits. Such movement is urgently needed, and it is vitally important that that dynamic not be dominated by obsolete forms of protest, or obsolete approaches for bringing about change. Other needs are touched upon below. Please contact the author at

The Ideal Non-Profit Effort
by Oxman

In no special order:

1. Telephone contact available with an experienced/committed member at any hour.

2. Not dependent on fund raising, though budget support secured regularly by core members.

3. Recruitment for core support 24×7; daily additions.

4. All inquiries — except special cases — responded to in full within 24 hours.

5. Involvement by individual members — as citizens — in the electoral arena, following a new paradigm.

6. Deep movement in solidarity w other non-profits and unaffiliated individual citizens along new lines.

7. No reliance on obsolete forms of protest as the primary or exclusive means for initiating change.

8. All aspects of operation should be aligned with an environmentally sound stance/profile… and other germane criteria concerning gender, race, etc.

9. The embrace of a great sense of urgency; specific deadlines acknowledged respecting issues.

10. Regular solicitation of grassroots feedback/involvement.