The Actor’s Party

Note: This is an unedited first draft.

The Actor’s Party
by Oxman

While I am waiting to hear further from Catalyst’s Dr. Susan Lawrence on the possibility of joining hands with her in solidarity vis-a-vis TOSCA, the Howard Zinn-approved-project to Take Over the State of California with a gubernatorial coalition serving the public interests in lieu of our having another careerist at the helm in 2014, I thought that I’d reach out to David Macaray ’cause I’m deeply committed to encouraging the participation of both union workers and entertainers of all stripes, including actors and writers. Labor, in general, must be involved from the get-go for TOSCA or any variation of it. And David has a long decent track record in that realm, proactively supporting much of what is dear to my heart. The Actor’s Party, as a tentative name full of fun and pun, could be tweaked, of course, incorporating the word activist along the lines of Saul Alinsky’s citizen activist thrust, but… now’s not the time to get caught up with such niceties. Now is the time to bond and to have in-depth discussion in private.

This morning I met with Professor Robert Meister of UCSC, the guy who Darwin Bond-Graham wrote about recently in a Counterpunch article. He was very encouraging and helpful respecting TOSCA, familiar with many of the names I dropped and historical moments I mentioned, all of the fundamental concepts seeming to resonate with him deeply. He’s extremely well-connected, highly motivated to make a difference, on the verge of trying to bring about a change in UC status quo via more militant action, and full of sweet, inspiring ideas of his own. I can’t wait until I hear from him in the next few days about who he thinks might best comprise the gubernatorial coalition which is the heart of TOSCA.

I’d love to hear from David on this same score. Who, I wonder, does he think should make up the initial tentative list of gubernatorial candidates? Of the twelve who would serve on an equal basis — as per the TOSCA blah blah — who does he believe would be the best bet to be the figurehead candidates for Governor and Lt. Guv… who people would actually vote for in November, 2014?

Something tells me that I’ll be hearing from both Danny Glover and Roseanne Barr before much longer. TOSCA is a perfect answer, I believe, to Arundhati Roy’s cry for a feral howl in the electoral arena, and so — because all twelve members of the coalition do not have to be from California — I’m getting excited about the prospect of hearing from her too. If David throws in his two cents concerning other possibilities sooner rather than too late, I should be able to have quite a fun time thinking about this one and that one, this and that, while I’m waiting to hear from Dr. Lawrence and Professor Meister.

What say, David? Want me to enjoy myself? Want to create a watershed in history, you possibly writing much of the scenario that will unfold?