In Clover Being?

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In Clover Being? Dedicated to the hope that Cloverdale in Sonoma County can be kept from succumbing to the EMF proliferation that’s on its horizon, that some municipality, some place will be able to halt our horrid momentum for its citizens. For starters.
by Ox

“I wonder if Dead Man’s Cellphone has anything to do at all with EMF issues.” — a twelve-year-old who the author knows

I’ll tell you something about Cabrillo College and Santa Cruz County, where I live, ’cause it is relevant to wherever you reside. In a Big Way which is not being discussed anywhere; well, maybe minimally in some tiny little corner which cannot have any impact on what I’m addressing here whatsoever.

Check out the horrid momentum afoot as per the announcement (below) which we dug out of a garbage bin we share with a neighbor, a neighbor who has chosen not to discuss the issue with us. A neighbor who, like the vast majority of citizens nationwide, doesn’t think that EMF radiation dangers are an issue at all. [Pause.] In spite of the fact that the French Government — at great expense — took out all the Wi-Fi from its national library system and its schools; ignoring the fact that many European countries have — unlike us — embraced the precautionary principle when it comes to cell towers and related phenomenon, passing regulations which establish parameters which are highly significant… for discussion here. Oh yeah, there’s virtually no discussion going on in the U.S., did I mention that? In fact, courtesy of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 citizens are prohibited from initiating litigation against cell tower companies for environmental (read: health) reasons even if one has definitive documentation proving that one’s health is being compromised. You can sue if you think your property values are going down for aesthetic reasons, but NOT for any connection with, say, cancer which you might be able to establish.


Since the mid-1990s, the Cabrillo College Governing Board has contracted with multiple wireless carriers to site the cellular towers located in the upper Horticulture Building Parking Lot. The school receives a sizable monthly rent for these towers.

NOW, to accommodate the 4G/”LTE” phones, hundreds of thousands of new antennas/towers are being built throughout the United States, including many in Santa Cruz County. So where a company used to need 5 towers to serve its customers, it now needs 100, and it needs to build them as fast as possible because people are buying up the new 4G phones as fast as they can be sold.

This means that existing antennas are totally inadequate for 3G/4G”LTE” “Smart Phones”. On campus, AT&T plans “LTE” antennas and related equipment at the Horticulture site…. Hundreds of such sites occupy Santa Cruz County, and the County Planning Dept. routinely approves these applications.


The proliferation of serious sources of EMF pollution is off the charts, as they say. And no one seems to be concerned… as if the European countries mentioned above had nothing of value to share with them. I have lots of definitive studies to share with you upon request; I could sound bite them for you, if you like. The thing is, you really owe it to yourself and your loved ones to cue into what’s going on in detail, not take the word of authorities unquestioned, not go along with our horrid momentum like the walking dead.

I’m planning to telephone the Cabrillo College President, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, the County Planner and AT&T to pose a number of questions. One of the things I definitely want to know right away is what is the “sizable monthly rent” which is paid to Cabrillo College. Meaning, what’s the payoff? [Pause.] And why isn’t that public to begin with, why does the transaction have to take place in the middle of the night too late for the public to voice their two cents? Furthermore, why doesn’t the zombie public demand such details, insist upon open door discussions ‘cross the board, on multiple issues? I’m afraid that the answer to that question has little to do with the public not taking EMF dangers seriously. Rather, they are plagued by the fact that citizen action has turned a corner. One which has put just about everyone on Resignation Row, close to where Apathy Avenue and Ignorance Way meet. That well-known dangerous realm — as to few acknowledge — poses serious problems, not just for the future, but now, right now. For the Center for Atomization, housed on nearby Cynicism Court, is planning to expand… and we all know what that means, yes? Well, maybe not… depending on where we’re getting our news from.

Seriously, though, we’re in deep. Even the proactive concerned citizens who put together and distributed the flyer — although they should be applauded for their well-intentioned efforts — need to learn a lesson (as we all do) about HOW to change the status quo. For if flyers and phone calls could change things they’d be illegal, wouldn’t they? Something fresh and supplemental is needed. That is where I come in.

If anyone’s interested in a new paradigm for protest, for bringing about change, please contact me at ASAP.

In Jerry Mander’s In the Absence of the Sacred (cited in the previous post), he includes a section on Ten Recommended Attitudes About Technology which I highly recommend… for starters. Although I disagree with him on a number of points throughout the book, that list is invaluable. That said, his Chapter Four (Seven Negative Points About Computers), though worthwhile to some degree, is sorely lacking in certain respects. One of them is worth commenting on here in closing because of its connection between computers and cell phones and all high tech gadgetry. That is, the omission of the ongoing abomination (in the Congo) which is required for virtually ALL high tech gadgetry begs to be discussed every bit as much as the immediate health effects which I began focusing on in this article. It is pretty much NOT talked about anywhere for any length of time these days. It has been truly marginalized.

That is a horror which will keep us all from being in clover down the road, which impacts on us — whether or not we’re aware of the fact — at present. I can elaborate, of course, upon request. But I believe that if the reader glances at the previous post, it will be possible to see why I am saying what I’m saying here.

We cannot be in clover if what we do makes it all over for our sacred brothers and sisters and Mother Earth. Everyone deserves to enjoy — at least a little bit, yes? — this million-petal flower.