Test for TOSCA Talk

Introductory note: This is an archived site. All entries are posted for particular people at particular times for a given purpose. Not knowing context can be puzzling or off-putting. What’s below is an unedited first draft.

Test for TOSCA Talk
by The Ox

The groundswell for TOSCA (http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1073) will be apparent in December of this year, if all goes well following my meeting with The Seagull on the 29th of November. For an explanation of that cryptic line please contact me at aptosnews@gmail.com. In the meantime, I’m not talking to anyone else right now — above and beyond the thousands I’ve already made contact with — unless someone seems aligned with the fundamentals of TOSCA, its spirit. To determine that, I humbly and respectfully request that the reader answer the questions below immediately and then reach me at the email address above. Following that I’ll give out my home phone number (if you don’t already have it), and we can talk. Discuss differences and alignment. Test our potential for moving in solidarity in some form… along fresh lines.


1. On what issues do you have a sense of deadlines? What are those specific dates? For instance, a parent who has a child on death row, the offspring to be offed, say, on January 28th has a clear deadline; other issues which have a sense of urgency attached to them may have approximate cut-off points associated with them. One can assign “deadlines” to confrontations in many realms, of course. With regard to the proliferation of EMF pollution, the militarization of space or schools, deteriorating standards for organic produce, aspects of climate change and so on. The ones which are most dear to your heart are the issues I want to know about first.

2. Have you given up on our mainstream political parties on the federal level enough, so that you do not expect the necessary institutional change to come about courtesy of our federal representatives? Ditto for the vast majority of so-called reps on all levels ‘cross the country. Meaning, do you at least hold a very low level of expectation vis-a-vis Democrats and Republicans? [Any war criminals among them?]

3. Do you see current third parties as being permanently marginalized as things stand? This is NOT a question about the potential worth of third parties.

4. Would YOU want to be the governor of your state IF you didn’t have to campaign, didn’t have to raise funds, and didn’t have to be distracted in any way whatsoever from your current or future personal priorities?

5. Have you given up on embracing the “obsolete” forms of protest given directly below? Please understand that I often support some of what’s in the following select list of examples as long as they are NOT one’s primary or exclusive means for bringing about institutional change:

a. Marching in circles with placards. [Pause.] Or in relatively straight lines. With or without megaphones. With or without tactless advance notice for the powers-that-be;

b. Collecting signatures for petitions;

c. Contacting political representatives along the usual lines; via telephone calls, telegrams, emails, and the like;

d. Getting arrested;

e. Getting one’s head bashed in at the barricades. Or doing that to someone else… anywhere;

f. Marching on Washington;

g. Boycotting;

h. Letters to the editor;

i. Disrupting unconscionable speakers who represent horrid policies;

j. Circulating or posting flyers;

k. Spreading the word courtesy of social networking and high tech gadgetry;

l. Writing or collecting a check for fund raising purposes (even) for a decent organization;

m. Submitting/posting articles, videos, etc. and/or performing on (or off) stage;

n. Taking part in candlelight vigils;

o. Fighting the good fight in your choice corner on a given issue, without any ongoing/proactive effort to move in solidarity with others working on other issues.

6. Would you describe yourself as apathetic, resigned or cynical? Have you succumbed to atomization? In other words, have you given up on the idea that significant change can take place as a result of movement in solidarity?

7. What are your main sources of news? Meaning, when you adopt a position regarding some current event, what sources of information do you base it on?

8. Are you capable of making a contribution — of your personal energy — to collective action anonymously? Meaning, without being acknowledged, praised, rewarded in any way?

9. Main question for this segment: Do you believe the a Governor of California can impact significantly on our abominations overseas? Using the abominations depicted in http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/11/16/civilians-under-attack-in-gaza/ as a point of departure, where else in the world would you say that the U.S. is complicit in atrocities? A more relevant question, perhaps, is whether or not you see the U.S. — its government, corporations and lifestyle — as contributing to an extent of worldwide horror which is at least the equal of the most barbaric abominations of the most psychopathic 20th-century figures. I’m talking here not just about what can be described as melodramatic foci on the horrors of war, but also respecting environmental toxicity being spread domestically and internationally… courtesy of Big Pharma, Monsanto and the like. [The thrust of this paragraph is not to be taken lightly, my having just finished reading Martin Amis' life-changing Koba The Dread: Laughter And The Twenty Million, the great take down of Stalin's Terror.]

10. Have you lost faith — for the most part — in the trustworthiness of regulatory agencies as things stand?