Finally, Fletcher!

NOTE: THIS IS ONLY FOR THE EYES OF BILL FLETCHER AND JOHNNY WILLIAMS… AND SELECT OTHERS WHO I SEND HERE DIRECTLY. Feel free to pass this on to Gapasin and Glover. [That's 1073, Bill... after you glance at this 1128 blah blah.] UPDATE: IT’S APPEARING AS OF 21 NOVEMBER, 2:30PM PST, THAT THIS PIECE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TITLED FLETCHER ON A WRETCHED STRETCHER; the reasons should be very instructive to one and all. If I have reason to retract that statement I’ll do so within the next 48 hours or so, and apologize profusely right here.

Finally, Fletcher!
Dedicated to what I learned at Peekskill a very long time ago
by Oxman

This unedited first draft is being posted less than a minute after having connected with The Bill Fletcher of ddle-east-and-north-africa-statement-regarding-the-aggression-against- gaza-by-african-americans-for-justice. He was on the run, as expected, and — with that in mind — I guess I could have titled this article Flying Fletcher Found.

He is a find, this Fletcher. For he wields more influence than he imagines, I imagine. I know that he does… far beyond what’s hinted at in And if I can manage to slow him down a bit — him and Johnny, the co-author of the Gaza-centered piece (link above) — I’m certain that we can achieve the goals which are so dear to their — our — collective hearts; I work with others in confidence who are very much aligned with the thrust of Bill’s and Johnny’s agenda.

The downside of the above is that — again, as expected — both sweet souls are rushing around with their activism, fully scheduled ’round the clock as per the typical scenario I encounter with high profile figures worldwide. In fact, that dynamic holds for just about ALL activists on all levels in all realms. No one has time today for leisurely discussion with ample time for Q&A… which is absolutely necessary for proper consideration of any proposal offering new paradigm for approaching the powers that be. [Pause.] THAT is what I am offering Bill and Johnny. And I trust — now that Bill has promised to telephone me at home tonight — that we’ll all be fortunate enough to have that rendezvous on the phone. I’m encouraged by the highly unusual upside of their article. That is, the inclusion of contact info, including each of their telephone numbers. For the awful pattern on all alternative media outlets for some time now has been the lack of that; access to most writers is very difficult these days.

I will close with one example which I intend to bring up when I connect again with Bill and/or Johnny; I had given them courtesy call telephone contacts as a follow-up to emails I sent earlier; Bill, on the run, had not read my email yet. The example has to do with what I call obsolete forms of protest, obsolete approaches for bringing about change.

When Troy Davis was up for execution in Georgia I was one of the concerned citizens who signed the petition to save his life. I signed along with the Pope, Jimmy Carter, Angela Davis, a number of conservative politicians from Georgia (including at least one major one in office at the time), Desmond Tutu and a million other folks. The thing is, when I signed I did not sign with the thought that applying my John Hancock was going to be my primary or exclusive means for saving Troy’s innocent life. There’s nothing “obsolete” about circulating and signing petitions. Just as there’s nothing obsolete about marching in circles with placards and getting your head bashed in on the barricades, or writing to a president, even President Obama… as per the pleas of Bill and Johnny in the article cited above. The thing is, none of what they recommend should be one’s primary or exclusive means for bringing about a change in policy vis-a-vis Gaza, stopping the abominations there.

That’s what I’m going to talk to Bill and Johnny about, if I’m lucky enough — if we’re lucky enough — to have them slow down long enough to have that discussion I’m begging them to take part in.

P.S. You can see all of the links related to Gaza which I posted at about a day+ ago. Articles are fine, with and without pleas for action, but they are obsolete forms of activity… when used as the primary or exclusive means for bringing about change. We are documenting ourselves to death with such in lieu of taking FRESH KINDS OF ACTION. I will be offering Bill and Johnny a supplement to what their doing in fighting the good fight, a necessary supplement. [Pause.] I presumptuously, but boldly, submit that unless I can secure what I am begging for here, the well-meaning, deserving desired ends put forth by Bill and Johnny will end on what’s become The Huge Stretcher of Well-Covered Activism. We do NOT want my next posting to be Fletcher on a Stretcher, do we? Troy Davis was executed on my birthday last year. Enough is enough. We all face deadlines. I’m 70-years-old this year… and my activism goes all the way back to being with Paul Robeson at Peekskill (as a child) in 1949. I WILL NOT WASTE YOUR HEARTBEATS, BILL.