Hoarse Democracy

THIS IS AN UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT FOR LESLIE et. al. There is a horse race of sorts going on. The general public, ignorantly supporting the agenda of the powers that be out of deeply ingrained habit, cannot be counted on to back anything but what they call at the track the odds on favorite. Which is the worst possible scenario for us all, considering that that means our horrid momentum, replete with doomsday reverberations, is guaranteed to come down… if it wins, losing all for us all. This is NOT to say that the general public should not be respected, that they should not be trusted to make their own decisions in solidarity with or without my particular POV. It IS to say, however, that the general public — to put it mildly — could use some help in securing a decent jockey for the next turn, heading for the home stretch run… our next few years. Enter the TOSCA gubernatorial coalition for 2014 California (SEE the TOSCA link below). I trust that the reader will see the sense of backing the longest shot in the world, recommended by the blah blah below. If the reader glances at http://www.zcommunications.org/losing-time-or-doing-time-drowning-publ ic-education-in-the-wake-of-hurricane-sandy-by-henry-a-giroux, it might help. Whatever, I’ll be glad to connect the dots upon request. Suffice it to say for now that a society which educates its young — dehumanizes them — the way in which Giroux delineates (in lieu of what he says we urgently need) AND incarcerates AND militarizes AND terrorizes them as we do is a society ripe for… recommendations.

Hoarse Democracy
Dedicated to Tir na nOg and all it’s about
by The Ox

“Even sweet people are chewing the cud of bankers and their buddies, not knowing that that’s what they’re doing, over and over again, as they’re led to the slaughter, or set up to chew on each other.” — a twelve-year-old who the author knows

In our house there’s a horse. We call it Democracy.

The thing is, everyone knows that that horse rides where the Cash Cow lies. And we — stubborn us — want to go Into the Wild, where the Anal People fear and disappear. Where green growing things rear their beautiful heads.

People cry themselves hoarse — bootless cries directed at the owners of the Cash Cow — begging on bended knee for the Wee 1% and their minions (which comprise a huge number within the so-called 99%) to do the right thing, to hand over the reins for us to ride where we will, into the Wild or wherever, whenever, for whatever purpose. For we know that Democracy represents a shot at our being able to explore, ride ourselves into ourselves as we see fit from our saddle. [Pause.] Feeding our pony properly in the process.

The of, by and for, however, must not come before. Before we secure significant reins of power. It can only come after that’s done. Meaning, if you encourage the people to continue on the path they’re on — believing that THEY can replace this one and that one, educate this one and that one and/or pressure anyone enough — they’ll NEVER secure any reins whatsoever, none worth the heartbeats or hoof beats.

The language in the above paragraph may not quite cut it for you. That’s as it must be. For straight up prosaic language — what people are used to employing with this topic — can’t cut the mustard here. There’s a call for a new kind of talk to match up with the new paradigm which must be embraced, if we are to ride Democracy in a healthy way.

WHO is to determine what a healthy way is? Wrong question at this juncture. First question, I humbly submit, must be something like Isn’t the road we’re on way too strewn with toxic rocks? If that works, then perhaps the second question should be Aren’t we out of our minds if we buy into being resigned to letting the owners and carers of the Cash Cow keep it that way (no matter how daunting the odds against changing anything)?

I often underscore with people I’m trying to recruit to serve as a Core Person for Securing the Reins… that will be turned over to the general public in very short order… that… I don’t consider myself to be a part of any “vanguard” in the dreaded Lenin sense. That said, it’s quite clear that those who are wedded to thinking of freedom as meaning everyone should do their own thing no matter what that is, no matter what the consequences for The Collective Good or The Commons, can’t be counted on to bring about positive institutional change. Not any more than can those who’ve bought into the notion that marching in circles with placards, conducting candlelight vigils, writing to reps and/or signing petitions can — as one’s primary or exclusive means — change anything.

The reins of that pony must first be secured by a core group sneaking into the barn where it feeds. In the dead of night, without megaphones or spotlights. The barn entry must be legal and nonviolent, which is not saying anything about whether or not anyone should — at any given juncture — embrace violence of any kind or violate the law in any way. Nay, it is — to repeat — saying that entry into the barn must at least TRY to be brought about legally and nonviolently.

There IS monumental violence being perpetrated — state-approved violence — as I write. Unprecedented horror. AND worse is slated down the pike. Much, much worse. It is THAT that I want to head off at the pass riding the pony.

The reins can be handed over IMMEDIATELY. [Pause.] Ideally, those reins should be handed over to the general public AFTER a slight bit of effort is made by the twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens of TOSCA to help the public to self-educate. BUT that point should not be insisted upon. No matter what, the vast majority of people — and, certainly, Mother Earth and her multiple, beautiful creatures — will benefit from keeping careerists out of the Sacred Seat of Sacramento regardless of the wisdom or transformation of The People.

A “poem” on the subject:

In our House
There is a Horse named Democracy
Who rides where the Cash Cow lies
When we want to wing it to the Wild
Child in Hand, Child in Heart
To secure the reins of Power for the People
We must not leave it all up to
Those who
Cry themselves hoarse
Begging on bended knee
The Owners and Carers of the Cash Cow
For they would feed our Horse
With marches, vigils, media and money
The Horse cannot be directed so
It must first be corraled
By sneaking into The Barn
And THEN handing over the reins

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The author will recommend some films which are lovely/oblique references to the spirit of what’s above.
This week, he’ll post at least five cinematic beauties:
1. Mike Newell’s 1992 Into the West.
2. Korkoro and other Tony Gatliff flicks
3. A Time for Drunken Horses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Time_for_Drunken_Horses, the 2000 Kurdish/Persian production.
4. Carroll Ballard’s 1979 The Black Stallion (only up until the point where the boy first mounts the horse).

Special concluding note: The People — as things stand — cannot be relied upon — waited for — to put forth an initial Core Group, to create… working every nook and cranny of the so-called democratic process, for the purpose of securing reins of significant power. Those reins must first be secured for them. For they know not –clearly — where the barn is, or what to feed the horse. They can kill the horse once they’re handed the reins, (torture it!) as the careerists are currently doing, but — with the plan presently in mind — there’s chance the pony will survive with the reins in their hands. A chance at that, that’s all anyone can aim at. Insisting upon more platform details than that will not work. [Give me twelve jockeys who understand that, please.]

From a dream which occurred just prior to posting this piece: “Stop screaming. It’s going to make you hoarse, their intention. Just horse around the barn, and, then sneaking in, let the horse out to roam free.”