What Am I Talking About?

NOTE: This is an unedited first draft. Colin Greenwood and others connected with the Children’s Radio Foundation should scroll back through the articles posted here to find the piece written for them. Please don’t think that I don’t respect and appreciate — in so many ways — the efforts and accomplishments of well-intentioned non-profits. That said, I do have instructive criticism (beyond what’s provided here) for any interested parties.

What Am I Talking About?
by Oxman (aptosnews@gmail.com)

“Shell Oil Company, with Obama’s blessings, is now involved in offshore drilling in the Arctic….” — from http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/25/natures-capital-is-the-limiting -resource/

There are big gangsters and little gangsters. Just like there are big do gooders and little do gooders.

Little do gooders are like the likes of Greenpeace people and Sierra Club peeps and Amnesty International and other well-intentioned non-profits working without movement on a macroscopic scale in solidarity along fresh lines, the many sweet citizens and organizations which are primarily or exclusively embracing obsolete forms of protest, (essentially) outmoded approaches for bringing about change. [Wow, one sentence.]

We come across small time hoods all the time, and the spotlight usually falls on them, them and the small time scam artists who are proliferating exponentially as poverty and hard times increase. They get all the press; their pictures are plastered in newspapers, video footage of their shoplifting on the nightly news.

Big time bad guys, however, are only highlighted here and there, usually embedded in a story which portrays an individual criminal as a rogue element, not really representative of anything. If there’s any talk of the big time criminal having cohorts or counterparts, the discussion comes and goes with little meaningful follow-up.

Obama and Romney are VERY Big Time. Romney and Obama, the two choices given the public in the recent 4-year Big Time Electoral Merry Go Round. They are truly Big Time, having gotten away with murder, getting away with murder, as I write, every bit as much as the Neopolitan Camorra do daily. Both given way too much credibility by even so-called alternative media outlets, both above the kind of criticism levied against your common low-life gang member… as per the tacit agreement by virtually one and all in our very sick, doomed society.

What am I talking about?

Well, to keep this short — in keeping with the short attention span I constantly encounter — let’s leave the Mormon dude out of the discussion for now, and permit me to focus on the fellow who wields The Enormous Power of Life and Death on the Planet, The Immune Obama.

The U.S. military, for which Barack is the Commander-in-Chief, is arguably the greatest single polluter on the planet. And not only has nothing been done to deal with the its highly toxic trail, the ante has been upped, as our military has been given more money, more leeway and more immunity than at any other time in history. [Pause.] As of 2003, in the continental U.S. alone, our military had made a land area the equivalent of Florida permanently uninhabitable. Imagine the entire land mass of Florida as totally carcinogenic and worse spread out across the U.S., divided up into little patches here and there, and the whole shebang going virtually unreported, the whole messy mess dumped in our backyards with no prospect of anyone doing anything about it. Then think about the degree to which the same is being repeated throughout the earth, courtesy of our 800 foreign bases and our invasions and covert activities. [Pause.] Oh yes, and remember that the Florida analogy incorporated toxicity as of 2003, a very dated amount.

Look, military financial waste and fraud accounts for 40% of all welfare for the rich, far more than any other category, the whole far outstripping what’s ripped off by the small time scam artists among us… in the realm of the over publicized cheating, etc. concerning welfare for the poor, and with regard to every aspect of support for the poor. No contest there. And any politician who talks about ending corporate welfare, or reform of any kind within the corporate world without proposing to cut Pentagon expenditures at least 25-50% is a charlatan. Balancing the budget as per the excessive, obsessive recent talk about the Fiscal Cliff? C’mon, what are you stupid?

The joke’s on us, as per my previous post.

This isn’t just an economic issue. Since military waste and fraud make our country weaker, not stronger, eliminating them is also a matter of national security. AND it is ALSO a matter of many other highly crucial issues, which I will be glad to delineate for the reader upon request.

What am I talking about?

http://www.zcommunications.org/experts-fear-collapse-of-global-civilis ation-by-stephen-leahy

The thing is, when I just tried to telephone the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University to talk to a colleague of the Ehrlichs (the focus of Stephen Leahy’s article, with its dire warnings in the link directly above), I got connected to a message machine. I know it’s Sunday, but that excuse won’t wash. If you’re telling people that the world is about to end unless something major and new isn’t done post haste, you’ve got to be accessible 24×8 to counter the forces which are aligned against planetary survival 24×7. Even the author, Leahy, does not make movement in solidarity easy. There’s no direct access to him given, no contact info making discussion easy.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about how one and all have to step up to the plate, as they say, and be available. Be available for easy connection, and be prepared to discuss what’s verboten. That being the unconscionable criminal element within our midst which contributes to planetary demise.

I’m talking about actually doing something about the whole kit and kaboodle instead of merely talking about it. Talking about walk talk which rises above talk talk. Talking about taking the time together as citizens to acknowledge that we are documenting ourselves to death in lieu of taking meaningful action in solidarity. That we are working in tiny corners alone at an inadequate arthritic snail’s pace. If we’re not absolutely atomized.

That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the only thing I’m talking about.

It’s all with the hope that YOU will put aside some heartbeats to talk with me, so that we have a shot at doing something in solidarity that could make a difference. Something fresh.

It doesn’t have to be TOSCA — http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1073 — but that is a plan which acknowledges that our salvation does not dwell in realms currently inhabited by little do gooders or gangsters.

I’m a big do gooder. And that’s what I trust you’ll pick up on.