The Best Asset for Athlete Ally+ Right Now

UPDATE: Not having heard back from a single individual or organization — meaningfully — in the LGBT world, I’m obliged to underscore that I’m not attached to working with the LGBT people, having their interests be incorporated into the core of TOSCA. Not any more than I’m attached to having the musicians referenced in the previous post be on board. I’m sure that once things get off the ground, concerned citizens from both realms will eagerly move in solidarity with me. And to make that happen any segment of society can be used as a point of departure. It could be a group of untutored high school students. It could be common citizens in a given little-known town. It only matters that some core group give a tentative face to the whole shebang sooner rather than… too late. We simply cannot have another careerist at the helm in (2014) California.

NOTE: This is a rushed, unedited first draft… designed to get Lia to contact Hudson, Mike AND EVERYONE in her quarter… to move in solidarity… yesterday. PLEASE TELEPHONE ME AFTER READING THROUGH THIS PROMISED MATERIAL. This promising material. I pray that you won’t dismiss the project prematurely. If nothing here works for you, there’s an excellent chance that I can serve your primary priorities in another way. For what it’s worth, at this juncture it might be best to proceed in relative confidence; megaphones will work against our purposes at this point, I believe.

The Best Possible Asset for Athlete Ally+ Right Now
Dedicated to creating an historic LGBT political party which can actually win a major office, and create historic waves even before 2014
by Oxman

“I think that would be great.”
— the author’s home schooled twelve-year-old son, responding to the question, What would you think if we had a gay governor in California in 2014? [The author and his partner have three other children, 28-42, who would be singular assets for the LGBT agenda too.]

Just got off the phone with Lia Parifax. I’ve got good news for her Athlete Ally on this Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, the “asset” I offer up here should make unprecedented inroads for her Marjorie’s Fund too; that’s one example of the “+” in the title. [Pause.] Keep in mind, if you will, that I’m addressing Lia and her colleagues in non-profits as individual citizens, not as reps of their organizations. That’s obviously a monumentally important point, as the powers that be have drawn parameters which have to date severely limited the impact non-profits can have in the electoral arena. And the electoral arena in California is the point of departure for my proposal for action… which will create the watershed in history which the LGBT community needs to make a difference, and which healthcare in the developing world(+) is begging for. [Elaboration upon request.]

Perhaps the shortest cut to the chase will be for one and all to glance at the previous post, Solo Mon & The Band of Angels. Rush through it, and then go back and read it very carefully… leisurely… and set yourself up for the in-depth Q&A that’s described as obligatory therein. For I can raise significant funds for Marjorie’s Fund and various LGBT causes with one hand tied behind my back. I’ll be glad to do so — honored to do so — but I want to simultaneously be involved in securing significant reins of power for the LGBT community. The link for TOSCA which is embedded in the Solomon-centered previous post elaborates on that, and I think that that telegraphic delineation will make it clear how other causes/issues will be addressed at the same time.

I’m tired of waiting to hear back from Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood who I attempted contact with in South Africa recently, offering the world. And I’m very much frustrated with the zero response received from Carole King’s and Jackson Browne’s quarters to date. Multiply that by about 150 other musicians I’ve reached out to making unconditional gestures of support for their socially-conscious agendas. I still love ‘em all, and I’ll joyfully jump into solidarity with them when they do respond down the road. That said, I don’t have much faith in hearing back from any of my targeted non-profits or high profile souls right now… except in generic formats. [Pause.] One day soon, I’m sure, some instructive light will be shed on that dynamic. Regardless, I see a gorgeous glow at the end of the tunnel anyway, courtesy of my contact with Lia this morning on the eve of the Super Bowl hoopla.

Permit me to change gears for the moment. Instead of the Music Party alluded to in the previous post, and lieu of having lovely Norman at the helm (since there’s been 24+ hours of deadly silence from his RootsAction quarter now), let’s imagine a MOSTLY GAY PARTY for California in 2014. We can tweak it, of course, changing the party name to LGBT PARTY, or Gay Music Party if influential musicians do come on board soon enough. But musicians won’t be necessary to create the watershed in history I spoke of above.

For now, mostly gay resonates with me for a couple of reasons. One, one can’t be completely “gay” what with our horrid momentum. yes? AND… equivocating on the word… we do want to keep the door open — as Athlete Ally has done — to those citizens who do not fit the LGBT profile. Open to moving in solidarity. But moving at something other than the arthritic snail’s pace that’s currently embraced.

For starters, I submit — I am firmly convinced — that I can secure an historic electoral achievement with something like a Mostly Gay Party as a write-in electoral effort without having to collect the unconscionable configuration of signatures required for ballot status in the limited time allowed. AND without spending a dime. Of course, we can consider securing ballot status and we can be open to receiving a few bucks here and there, but the point is that I’m confident that none of that will be necessary. And I wasn’t born yesterday.

Let your imagination run wild now, please. [Assuming you've read the previous post with its tentative list of candidates.] I don’t know enough appropriate LGBT figures in California, but I’m sure that people on Lia’s end can provide a dozen LGBT citizens to flesh out the fundamental list in a heartbeat.

That said, let me play with what I can conjure up before the kick-off of the game I won’t be watching today. Legal residence can be set up easily for those not currently residing in the Golden State. And each person named can have an “adviser” accompany her/him as needed to meetings, or step in for them as required. [Elaboration upon request.]

The Mostly Gay Party Tentative Gubernatorial List for 2014 California

1. Brendon Ayanbadejo (with roots in Santa Cruz, California)
2. Johnny Weir
3. Whoopi Goldberg
4. Jimmy Kimmel
5. Alice Walker or Scott Waterman
6. Angela Davis or Frank Ocean

The overall individual political POV of this or that person in the LGBT community is not germane here. Such matters not at all. The point would be, as I’ve said a thousand times before, NOT to replace a white rook with a red one in the electoral arena. Not to spend heartbeats on replacing a black bishop with a green piece. Rather, the aim would be to upend the uneven, unconscionable game board that’s being used at present — that’s been employed forever — legally and nonviolently.

Ah, I won’t finish the list right now*. I’ll get back to it later today, perhaps, and tweak this piece a bit. For now I want to close, and send what’s here to Lia, as promised.

*I do believe that we can actually secure the Sacred Seat of Sacramento. And I would like the opportunity to elaborate on that for Lia and her colleagues. On HOW. For THAT would create positive ripples, not just nationwide, but worldwide… virtually overnight.

Additional suggestions:

7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Jim Parsons
8. Tracy Chapman
9. Neil Patrick Harris
10. Elton John or someone of his choice
11. Tony Kushner
12. Someone who is NOT a celebrity. YOU? Should Dave Zirin be on this list? It should be loads of fun for everyone to jam about who should comprise this whole kit and kaboodle, yes? Anyone have any LGBT-related music to turn me onto? We could use that here as we move in solidarity to share the above with trustworthy loved ones.