On First Looking Into Feierstein’s Planet Ponzi

Introductory note: This is hardly even a first draft. Still, it was worth posting ’cause I wanted something to supplement the previous posting (now that I’ve dipped into Mitch’s fine book), so that Mitch Feierstein would have a little more to chew on upon waking in the U.K. on the 10th. This is written exclusively for Mitch, hoping he’s feeling better.

On First Looking Into Feierstein’s Planet Ponzi
Dedicated to honesty, action following fresh paradigms and transparency in all realms
by The Ox

“Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken;” — from On first looking into Chapman’s Homer

“The choice is NOT between the usual suspects, Capitalism vs. Socialism vs. Whatever. Rather, rather clearly, it is betwixt The Honest and the Deeply Dishonest.” — from the author’s “Solo Mon & The Band of Angels” (written long before he ever saw Mitch Feierstein’s “We need honesty in government, honesty on Wall Street, and honesty in the media.”)

“If honesty is the first requirement, action is the second.” — from the What is to be done? section of Planet Ponzi, a work which makes new paradigms possible

I just secured my copy of Planet Ponzi. Had to have one right away, and as serendipity would have it… there was one copy at Bookshop Santa Cruz — none anywhere else nearby — which was not picked up by someone who had ordered it recently.

The TOSCA proposal for action which I put on Mitch Feierstein’s lap earlier today via email spotlights the importance of honesty, action and the transparency that author Mitch underscores as being essential for improvement. I trust that he’ll feel quite aligned with the thrust of TOSCA.

At the end of Mitch’s What is to be done? chapter he makes a promise. There’s an asterisk placed next to the promise, which leads one to

“And if you happen to run a large firm or a middling-sized government, give me a call. I’ll buy you lunch. We’ve got plenty to talk about.”

Apparently, author Mitch is very confident that he’ll be able to make good on his promise. And after devouring Planet Ponzi like I haven’t eaten in a month, my money’s on Mitch. No one reads this archived site, of course, but if — by chance — someone with deep pockets is taking this in, I recommend that you proceed directly to Vegas — taking whatever odds they give — and place the rent and the kid’s shoe money on Mitch. I submit that his advice will give you, as they say in Reno, a lock. [Pause.] You won’t lose.

For me, I’m going to be placing something much more valuable on Mitch’s trajectory and good sense. That is, I plan to place my remaining heartbeats in his camp. And if he chooses to run for Governor of California or get involved with TOSCA’s gubernatorial coalition in some capacity, I’ll surely be betting on his advice all along the way, profiting ‘cross the board.

Bottom line, I’m going to be helping the public to self-educate respecting their financial considerations. With or without Mitch actually occupying the Sacred Seat of Sacramento, we should be able to radically re-educate one and all respecting the financial facts of life which are routinely ignored by our mainstream media outlets, and not understood adequately by our alternative media rock stars. AND we’ll be addressing much more, of course. For ALL of the issues that are dear to the hearts of ALL the activists I encounter are impacted upon severely by abominations within the $$$ realm.

Maybe I should invite Mitch to lunch. It would be delightful to sit down to a veggie burger with someone who I see as the Jimmy Stewart of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

We do have plenty to talk about. And I’m quite confident that there’s no way he could lose chowing down with me, masticating on the multiple issues which face us on this dying planet. Spitting out what’s distasteful.

The thing is, I might have to swim over to meet him in the U.K. ’cause I don’t really want to encourage air travel… which is a major contributor to our seeming demise. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll work something out. Toward the end of our phone talk he expressed genuine concern about Climate Change.

One thing I know. If Mitch addresses the California public regularly, vigorously and creatively — which as Guv he’ll be perfectly capable of doing on his own media outlet — citizens will look at one another “with a wild surmise”… singularly silent… mouths open listening… totally willing to being walked through the steps necessary to change our horrific status quo. Oh, I know that.

For I know how human beings will react to the fact that he secured the office without money being an important factor. And I know how people today will react to finally having someone holding significant reins of power who has heart, head and soul in a healthy place. In contrast to the transparently self-serving, dishonest careerists they’re used to.

I’ve heard him “speak out loud and bold.” [Pause.] People are prepped right now for… Jefferson Smith.

The thing is, people will listen and act as per his advice. Effortlessly. For he won’t be worn out and begging when he speaks. He’ll be occupying an entirely different position.

On a peak in Sacramento.