If nature were a bank, they would have already rescued it.

Introductory note written in quite a rush this morning of May 1, 2013: The Board and Staff of PBI, for whom this was posted, may or may not agree with my interest in ending hunger, building on Jason Collins’ recent revelations, etc. That’s neither here nor there. My politics and personal preferences should not distract us from a collective effort we can make for the common good. Concerned citizens in a number of quarters (who have decent programs in gear) have not responded to my gestures to move in solidarity to date. Fine. I wish them well on their merry-go-round of fighting the good fight. With PBI, I fancy we can make a breakthrough in the name of sanity. So let’s go for it… with Ellen Hodgson Brown’s Web of Debt as our point of departure for organizing citizens for the purpose of making a difference soon enough. We do have deadlines when it comes to everything from banking to nature, and I want to move expeditiously respecting what’s below. There’s the question in the air, I understand, talking to Ellen again — after being out of touch with her for a long time — of whether or not the timing is right for anything along the lines of TOSCA. No worries. Right here and now in California the timing is perfect. The numbers we could put together to create a watershed in history effortlessly are clear. The San Francisco Giants’ Sergio Romo (50,000), Matt Damon (100,000), Jeff Bridges with musicians (100,000), etc. I won’t spell it out here any further ’cause, as I told Ellen last night, it’s important to proceed without megaphones at first. The bottom line, however, is that the numbers can be secured by using an Ecstatic Politics approach. That needs to be explained, of course, but I’ve already touched upon it with Ellen… and “cool imagery” was her response. Yes, it’s very sweet, very cool. And I can’t wait to delineate the whole shebang in person for the Board and Staff of PBI. There’s nothing anti-democratic about asking them to decide WHO should be in the Sacred Seat of Sacramento in 2014 to secure the state’s banking reins and more. Not at all. For me working with them as my core group to get something going in solidarity with someone represents the greatest effort for encouraging democratic participation in this country that I’ve seen in my lifetime, and I’m seventy-years-old. Doable? This is a done deal, a slam dunk, as Kobe Bryant might say, a very popular dude who could alone — on our ticket — garner (for us) double what all third parties have ever collected in any given gubernatorial contest in history… with the exception of Upton Sinclair in the 30s. [Pause.] All I can say, in closing this blah blah of my “introduction” is that it’s about to be 2030 soon, and we can’t get started a minute too soon. [THIS IS AN UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT.]

If nature were a bank, they would have already rescued it.
Dedicated not to replacing white rooks with red ones or black bishops with green pieces, but — rather — upsetting the game board being used at present.
by Oxman

The title is from http://www.zcommunications.org/the-life-and-death-of-words-people-and- even-nature-by-eduardo-galeano. Doesn’t matter if you agree with Galeano’s politics or not. The point is that we do have deadlines to deal with respecting nature. And we are wrong in dealing with the banks the way we do.

Where to start? There are so many realms which beg for rescuing. So many that too many have given in to resignation, apathy, cynicism and atomization. Given up. The whole negative shebang is too complex, too out-of-control, too much.

No. We can start with the banks. Why there? Simple. I’ve made serious contact with Ellen Hodgson Brown, and her colleagues at http://publicbankinginstitute.org/board-and-staff.htm — as individual citizens, not reps of their organization — are in a position to secure significant reins of power as per the thrust of http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1073. Oh yeah, and there because that issue must be dealt with post haste, and they have a decent, doable way of dealing with the damn downsides of our current crises in the the world of banking. The could give us a start in that realm, and a jump start respecting all else.

And on that note, I pray that people at PBI will get down ASAP with putting together a gubernatorial coalition which we can run with immediately. It can be in the form of a tentative list of those they respect in their world (headed by Ellen perhaps), and include musicians, sports figures, and socially-conscious celebrities of all stripes. Those others would help to appeal to the general public on a visceral level, bring them into the fold initially without their having to understand all the banking issues which PBI addresses.

I ask the sweet folks at PBI to bear with me here. My unsolicited, out-of-nowhere appeal might be off-putting at first, but spending a few extra heartbeats on what I’ve posted should make it clear that I’m offering a lot that’s valuable for their mission… pretty much unconditionally. And even if they don’t wind up embracing the particular plan of action which I’m recommending, they might do well to at least set up a rendezvous for some leisurely discussion, with ample time for in-depth Q&A.

What say?

P.S. Even in a campaign loss, as I told Ellen, I’m sure that we can dramatically increase sales for her Web of Debt over the next two years, and put her new book on the best seller list… as we secure a capacity crowd for https://pba2013.pathable.com/#. And it won’t cost a penny.