Hamas Hat Trick: Skating on Thin Ice in the State of the Union Rink(y-dink)

“In hockey, a game of power, finesse and speed played on ice, scoring goals are a priority item. A team is awarded a goal when a player shoots the puck past the opposition’s goalie and into the goal. The goal itself, often referred to simply as the “net,” measures four feet tall (1.22 meters) and six feet wide (1.83 meters). If someone scores a “hat trick” in hockey, it means that a player has scored three goals in one game. It’s a rarity.” — Online definition of the surface subject here

Garry Leech, in the Columbia Journal, noted the following recently:

“A Danish fashion company called Fighters and Lovers is selling T-shirts promoting two armed groups in the global South: the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Not only is the company producing clothing emblazoned with the acronyms of these two armed organizations, they are donating $6.00 from the sale of each shirt to the groups. Proceeds from the FARC-labeled shirts will be used to fund rebel radio stations while the PFLP-labeled shirts will support a graphics studio in the Palestinian territories. Both of these groups are on the U.S. and European Union lists of terrorist organizations. Consequently, both the company and its customers have been accused of supporting terrorist groups.” (http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=9&ItemID=9623)

Try googling “Palestinian Groups” or anything similar…like a “friend of mine” did the other day…in an effort to purchase one of those neat green caps Hamas is sporting through the crowded corridors of Palestine, ebullient over the recent electoral victory, and you’ll come up flat as a hockey puck, I promise you. Be hit as hard.

At least that’s what the “friend of mine” says was the result of HIS search. He has three goals apparently. They are –in no special order of importance– 1) to purchase a Hamas hat for his leftist head, 2) to buy a green t-shirt emblazoned with some Palestinian bootless cry (with white Arabic orthographics), and 3) to obtain underwear which will match both.

Three tos. Three goals. One head, one chest, one organ covered with a legitimate political statement. Quite a trick to pull off, apparently, in these times.

These times…in which we find our own “opposition party” standing –if not loudly applauding– for our Joke ‘n Chief delivering his State o’ Duh Union. Each and every member, I understand. The whole lot, their previous protests notwithstanding. My readers and non-readers may stand for it, but I assure you that I don’t…in public or otherwise.

Quite a (magic) trick…”left leaders” continuing to collect a following among the citizenry…with such contradictory, hypocritical behavior. More of an accomplishment than the rare hockey hat trick? Than making it impossible to make a legitimate purchase? Than pulling off a Hamas victory? Wizardry.

Three thans. I didn’t repeat that word in the above paragraph when I posted this piece originally. Read the last three sentences carefully, if you will, and see whether or not I needed to; I sacrificed the nuance initially intended ’cause it hit me that my readers might not get it without the additional clarity.

Perhaps the politicians I speak of above didn’t all stand for the reasons I suggest. Perhaps some just don’t get it. Perhaps….

Richard Oxman, info@parisgraves.com, expects his readers to be proactive with his writing. His most recent postings are at www.oxtogrind.org, where he often “updates” articles…a day or two after their (rare) postings elsewhere. And for what it’s worth…he asks readers to note that he’s no hockey fan, there being too much violence inherent in the game for his taste. Yet he refuses to engage with any politican caught standing in a Bush League audience.