Osama’s Test(es) & Blum Blooming and Our Chapter Eleven

mark time = “to keep the time of a marching step by moving the feet alternately without advancing.” — from a 60s edition of Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Perhaps The Left didn’t make too much of a fuss over Osama’s endorsement of the worthy William Blum (pronounced “Bloom”) book because of the poor translation offered up by The New York Times. What The Laden really laid out was “You’ve just got to read Bill Blum’s Hot Tomato! I’ve read it eleven times!” (1A)

The good news is that Osama put the Blum book on the table in such a way that the general American public has a primer respecting/is able to determine what they’re doing wrong…within a palatable package. (1B) Providing much the same scenario that was intended when the Leno/Letterman Plan was proposed (2). The bad news is that The Left is slated to act as if that info needs to be expanded upon, continuing to write, lecture and meet…in lieu of implementing an effective plan with regard to the… more-than-enough abominations listed in Blum’s Chapter 27. But…we CAN DO SOMETHING. New.

Even though, it’s as if Chapter 11 had been declared by The Left. So bankrupt for so long…and so bereft of hope.

I don’t include myself among The Pathetic. Rather, I’m quite open still for business, the business of taking care of business, stopping business as usual. (3) So that what Bin and Bill complain about can be addressed significantly…in time.

Once Osama makes good on the next threat, I trust that editors who refrain from posting this article will have some quiver of question regarding whether or not spreading my words here (and there)…might have made an iota of diff. My word! Will someone please explain why another article on another scandal, indiscretion, injustice and/or smoking gun is necessary? Or, rather, why they’re ALL necessary in lieu of posting this timely piece? I submit that only the most indiscriminating minds will assess this plea as being a repetition of what I’ve said before, as not opening up a window of bright, essential opportunity.

Below is what you have to choose from for The Test. Just let me know which scenario you expect come down…if you choose not to join hands with me at the figurative barricades.

ONE: San Francisco is made uninhabitable forever. Miami?

TWO: A score of congressional members are dismembered.

THREE: Something along the lines of the imaginary rundown –describing (simultaneously) destroyed targets– in the first chapter of my ‘Mmmerican Waterloo. You might want to skip by #3 here…if pressed for time; it’s a long, intentionally tortured read:

“Mexico, Maine, not very far off from the longitudinal line of Marlborough (is how The Mastermind liked to spell it), went up "the little red brick building and its immediate area" at virtually the same time as the white house hugging the nearby rugged, but beautiful private island of Manticus, one of the last places in Mooseland where the old Down East lifestyle survived in anything like its pure form, unspoiled and unpretentious. The Wyman Dam, so crucial for the Kennebec, went at the same time as the residential village situated along U.S. 201 which housed most of Moscow's citizens. 11:09am (EST) all, all on time. 07/07/07.

A bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Highway 101 taking out some Buddhists working for George Lucas in Marin County, bummer-to-bummer traffic coming to a halt, the official bird of the country (the third finger) raised in multiples, a very special set of passengers in a Winnebago midst the Mojave Desert, spilling java to and fro, a museum in Monterey (adjacent to restaurants, antique shops and the like), near where the beaches were once festered with fish guts and flies, Meriden, CT 06454 (where the world's first player piano was manufactured), many police stations in Miami, one singular old-age home in -God's Waiting Room- (also known as Miami) where the relatives of many anti-Castroites spend their last days, a Dade County municipal building elevator in the -capital of Latin America,- two research center buildings at Miami University (Ohio), a bar and grill where Little Richard is the topic of conversation every other day in Macon, Georgia, four hotel lobbies on Maui, the mayor's office in Muncie, Indiana (where the Lynds did their study for Middletown), Manhattan Beach in California, Manhattan, Kansas (which was originally named Boston), and the NYC mucousal mayor's mansion on the upper east side of the borough of Manhattan, Marblehead (parts of the MA town seemingly untouched since the 18th-century still), the house at 2104 Kenwood Parkway in Minneapolis, Minnesota (where the opening shots of The Mary Tyler Moore Show has become the locals' Graceland), John Updike's -Paris of the 90s,- Missoula, Montana (the infirmary at the University of Montana), the fire engine used for Medicine Lodge, Kansas (near where prohibitionist Carrie Nation made some marks), spot-on-target where the Martians supposedly landed (near Princeton) for Wells' War of the Worlds, Weehawken, NJ, where Burr and Hamilton dueled, the lighthouse at Montauk Point, a bank overlooking Cincinnati "which shall remain nameless for the moment" where one of Harriet Beecher Stowe's characters is said to have crossed the famous river, army recruitment-related buildings in two Mariettas, two musical history monuments in Memphis, an empty flat one-story building with a corrugated roof in Mathis, Texas, Manchester, Mystic, Montpelier (an insurance office), Mansfield, two Middletowns, Morgan, Medicine Bow, the handsome bronze half-clad Native Ameican statue in Iowa's Muscatine Riverside Park, the famous statue of Massasoit on Cole's Hill facing Plymouth Rock (commemorating the landing of the Pilgrims), a postal substation in Mississippi, a pharmaceutical company's headquarters (of a sort) in Michigan, and lots of other places in Washington (Hummer dealerships exclusively), West Virginia, Wisconsin (including a correctional officer's home adjacent to a dam) and Wyoming.

Then a pause - when eleven after eleven - more than two false alarms were called in on two Wall Streets.” (4)

FOUR: Some version –in reverse– of some of what the U.S. has done as per William Blum’s Chapter 14.

FIVE: Some version straight up of what Bill’s delineated in his Chapter 15 “United States Use of Biological and Chemical Weapons at Home.”

SIX: Creation of an aversion re bus rides as per the Isreal Model.

SEVEN: The End of Stadium Sports as we know it in Amerikkka.

EIGHT: The Beginning of Twelve-Step Programs centered on Terrorist Trauma. (5)

NINE: Current toxicity in the Food Chain and Water Supply increases exponentially.

TEN: Reality show “Taken Hostage” climbs in the ratings to become #1…and stays there.

ELEVEN: It becomes illegal for anyone –particularly in public schools and on ferryboats– to speak the following lines:

“A terrorist is someone who has a bomb
but doesn’t have an air force.” (6)

Someone is laughing as you read this…all the way to the Bankruptcy Hearings. With a bomb in/for each baby carriage.


One A: According to my Al-Jazeera undercover colleague, Jerry Allen, Laden Love also went out of his way to make a distinction between Chomsky’s Rogue States and Blum’s book.

One B: From the top of the list of Osama’s Bookclub: William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower (Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 2000). Counterpunch deserves some applause for presenting the bookclub idea.

Two: See http://www.counterpunch.org/oxman11062004.html for a taste of what I’m talking about. Interesting side note here is that Bill Blum himself doesn’t show much interest in hands-on activity designed to stop business as usual these days. However, a reading of his West-Bloc Dissident: A Cold War Memoir might put that stance into a bit of proper perspective. The author would be happy to elaborate on both a) important, devilish details left out of his public presentation of the Leno/Letterman Plan and b) specifics concerning the infuriating reluctance of top “progressive” writers et. al. to take part in taking things apart…upon request. I am obliged to note that Blum’s rundowns (in his memoirs) of such things as the demise of Covert Action Quarterly, Oliver Stone’s Nowhereness, and the pettiness of KPFA’s well-respected Larry Bensky, among other delineations, provide very instructive episodes for anyone deluded about Left solidarity and its potential…as it now stands. Very valuable stuff there.

Three: See my recent writing at www.oxtogrind.org…then contact me. We can meet in a field.

Four: From http://oxtogrind.org/archive/64

Five: The end of Blum’s Chapter 11 is very instructive in this regard, drawing upon a very important Journal of the American Medical Association study.

Six: From p. 93 of Bill’s Chapter 11.

Seven: This footnote –found in my bio below– refers to http://oxtogrind.org/archive/105

Richard Oxman, info@parisgraves.com, trusts that readers will take the following seriously: “The difference between the humor herein and the easy jokes found elsewhere is that –contrary to overly popular practice and deepest thought among The Left– the author is offering an opportunity to DO something to stop Current Momentum.” That was intended as an opening –initially– for the above article. In fact, there IS time to do something significant…so that we can have grandchildren to whom we can explain what we DID during The War On Terror…other than talk, write and/or mark time. See me, Edukator. (7)