Long-distance Call

“This is the long distance call….” — Paul Simon, Graceland’s “The Boy in the Bubble”

I think that most socially-conscious people seem stupid to me –with regard to their own lives and politics– because they don't believe in a Higher Power, a Mystery. Or because they believe in a Higher Power that's too finely delineated-for my taste.

(This is all true with regard to the general population too, mastery of select facts, talent with words and/or good intentions notwithstanding. This is a long-distance call.)

In addition, some level of social approval inevitably plays an important part in their altruism-at the expense of their staying in touch with this Higher Power, this voice within them that knows better. What other people think of them –a concern highly integrated with their sources of income– dictates much too much, coloring all, compromising their soul's focus. Consciously, or not. They do not tap into what lies beyond the parameters of good citizenship, and remain good citizens…only.

For instance, it should be easy for the reader to determine why activism focuses on the abominations in Iraq and Afghanistan today rather than, say, the lingering horrors in Laos. But, I submit, unless we get off of this Current War Syndrome –which makes us all break out with antiwar pustules periodically (as this or that intervention occurs)– and take on as much responsibility for lethal lewdness like our legless legacy in Laos (1), we will all go to a Hell.

Or stay in a Hell, as the case may be.

Moral citizens are fixated on the small circumscribed elevations of the skin which erupt with every U.S. attack abroad. The pus therin is a popular topic of discussion for obvious reasons, always. Easy to point a clean finger at, the salve called for clear.

But we must do what Howard Zinn says on this count. Get rid of what enables Warriors to carry on. Focus on the inflamed base that is Amerikkka’s pustulant ground of being. And that can only be done if you embrace a Higher Power, putting yourself at a different kind of risk than most people envision when they think of socially-conscious sacrifice. Making yourself vulnerable in a very special way. In the circles in which Professor Zinn travels he is not allowed to discuss such things in detail. However, I am under no such restrictions-if you contact me directly, in private-with your Heart open.

History shows that only very small numbers are needed for such soulful change in society. And that a Higher Power must be acknowledged, embraced.

One Note Pony:

(1) See http://www.itvs.org/bombies/story.html. It is only one example of our Hell on Earth. We need to adopt a Marshall Plan of sorts for all the Laos-like blots we’ve created, push for such instead of getting distracted by protesting the most fashionable abomination of the moment. And since that’s not in the works, not very likely –to say the least– we need to take matters into our own capable hands. See the author on that wrinkle, please. There is something verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry wrong about a virtual 100% focus on pulling troops out of Iraq vs. a virtual 0% effort at pulling bombies from out of the ground of Southeast Asia. And there’s a cluster of things “off” about our carrying on so re present day violations whilst not demanding that the U.S. acknowledge its parallel responsibilities outside of the Middle East. It’s all a way of maintaining/driving the delusion that The System can be fixed, improved…if only this or that current concern is addressed. That seeds are –exclusively– what’s important.

Richard Oxman, info@parisgraves.com, laments that online editors –almost as if following a rule– will not post pieces such as the above, even when putting aside personal petty differences. He wonders constantly what their fascination with facts is, what they expect to come of limiting the few action-oriented articles which do appear to that which advocates voting, petitioning…and the like. Which precludes new paradigms of protest, innovative models for change.