BLACK PEOPLE in Magna Carta Crisis

Note: Everyone in Georgia and Mississippi reading this should — first — read the previous few posts, ideally. This is an unedited initial draft, written June 16, 2013. I ask the reader NOT to worry about how others will take this. Ideally, the reader will simply contact the author at to discuss the crisis delineated here… to determine what options exist.

BLACK PEOPLE in Magna Carta Crisis
by O’Xman

All of us, of whatever race, are in deep trouble concerning the direct assault on the Magna Carta. Read carta-noam-chomsky, if you’re not aware of what the Magna Carta represents and/or if you don’t know how its principles are being shredded. Anyone with a sense of Black History will immediately understand why BLACK PEOPLE are particularly vulnerable to our Magna Carta momentum.

One of the reasons that BLACK PEOPLE are going to have difficulty dealing with what’s happening is that the whole horrid business of undermining the centuries old milestone in civil and human rights has been instigated by the Obama administration. Another reason is that other major cultural icons for BLACK PEOPLE are behaving as if nothing’s wrong. I’m thinking particularly of Jay-Z, whose recent release of a new album ( gna-carta-holy-grail-20130616) makes a mockery of what every single BLACK PERSON should be shaking in their boots about. [Pause.] Of course, within the BLACK DEMOGRAPHIC, citizens such as Jay-Z, Michele Obama and Michael Jordan don’t have to shake in their boots in quite the same way as other BLACK CITIZENS. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Michael came out with a line of Magna Carta sneakers… using something like “Go Tradition!” as part of its logo.

I need to speak with some BLACK PEOPLE post haste before I travel to Atlanta. I need to see what I’m going to be up against in trying to mobilize BLACK PEOPLE to fight for their own enlightened self-interest. For if there aren’t at least a handful of BLACK SOULS who can cry out at a distance respecting the disrespect for the Magna Carta… well, then all is lost for BLACK PEOPLE.

See, Atlanta’s my last stop. Meaning, it’s the last place I’m going to try to push the envelope with regard to recruitment. Detroit, Newark, New Jersey, L.A., Jackson, Mississippi and San Francisco are just a handful of the many places I’ve tried to tap into for the purposes of moving in solidarity in BLACK COMMUNITIES… to no avail.

The good news is that I have no question that if something can be stirred up in Atlanta, sufficient numbers in every single BLACK COMMUNITY nationwide will kick into gear, and the powers that be will have something to fear, some reason to roll back their horrid momentum.

What I am writing about here is truly a crisis. And I pray that the good people of Atlanta will not be prey for iconic predators.