Makary’s Trustworthiness

Note: This is a rushed, unedited first draft. I trust that Dr. Makary (who I plan to contact today, 19 June) at John Hopkins Hospital will be able to get past my writing style, etc., and get with me on some kind of movement in solidarity. Ditto for other readers I send here NO MATTER WHAT ISSUES ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO THEM. It will be easy to connect dots if the reader will contact the author at ____________________________. For the email address type the word public and then place the word reporting next to it with nothing in between; at = backup email contact.

Makary’s Trustworthiness
Dedicated to building on Dr. Makary’s trustworthiness
by Oxman

I’d like the reader to absorb the video at le+What+Hospitals+Wont+Tell+You+and+How+Transparency+Can+Revolutionize +Health+Care+hosted+by+Richard+Davis+Sibley+Memorial+Hospital+Presiden t.aspx. The entire enchilada.

Dr. Makary addresses health care in the U.S. in the footage, and it’s full of info you can’t live without. No hyperbole here. Life and death blah blah for one and all. And — ultimately — the health care issues he highlights are very much related to issues in other realms.

The thing is, Dr. Makary, author of Unaccountable, is trustworthy. His trustworthiness and value for the Common Good is clear. And rare as flawless chrysolite.

He addresses what we tolerate, what we should not tolerate, what we do not have to tolerate, enable. He is for transparency. Truly for transparency ‘cross the board. And that’s just one angle which applies to realms outside of health care. Which is reason enough for every single concerned citizen — concerned about ANY issue, ANY major crisis of our time — to contact me… to discuss how and why we should move in solidarity.

Wherever the reader lives, please reach out to me. For as rare as Dr. Makary’s trustworthiness is, there are others who can stand proudly next to him. True professionals in all sorts of fields. Common citizens who are unskilled workers. All sorts of souls. There are enough trustworthy people to form a core group of proactive citizens… with which I am certain we can create a watershed in history.

That core group can be gathered together in Maryland (where Dr. Makary works) or in Mississippi (where Mayor-elect Lumumba of Jackson, whose door I have been knocking on the last couple of weeks) or in Michigan (where I have not been able to generate “interest” among people associated with the documentary Detropia)… or in California, where I reside at present. Doesn’t matter where the seed is planted. But… the seed should be planted soon, so that it will bloom in time. We do have deadlines respecting all of this.

And on that note, I ask the reader to to contact me sooner rather than… too late.

We need transparency in all sorts of realms, not just in health care. BUT we can start with health care being in our primary spotlight for the public good. Not a bad point of departure, obviously, for everyone can relate to affordable, quality health care. And public reporting, as per Dr. Makary’s recommendations, stands to motivate the average citizen — patients all, potentially — to get involved in unprecedented fashion. [One need not be overwhelmed by the underwhelming inroads made thus far in the midst of previous public efforts to transform health care in the U.S.]

I want to be part of a team which addresses accountability in health care and elsewhere. I trust that Dr. Makary will contact me respecting my offer to volunteer in this regard. For I have a plan for action which I believe will make a difference on issues which are dear to his heart. It is a proposal for action which both medical professionals and the general public will be able to feel they own.

It is, in my view, as gorgeous as Markary’s trustworthiness, as necessary.


I trust that it’s crystal clear how what Makary brings up helps everyone to think anew about

a) questioning authorities ‘cross the board, not just in the medical profession;

b) how deficiencies in U.S. health care are related to the causes of declining health care worldwide;

c) the importance of transparency in realms which are most resistant to legitimate public scrutiny.

Citizens concerned with gender issues, race issues, matters germane to imperialism, budgetary concerns, etc. should understand how making significant inroads initially respecting medical crises will help them to make progress with their primary priorities.