Criminal Records

Note: This is an extremely rushed, unedited first draft. I wouldn’t want Lillian to think that if I volunteered to do marketing for her that I couldn’t do a better job than what this piece suggests.

Criminal Records
Dedicated to dealing a death blow to the real criminals on earth, not the incarcerated
by Lifter Oxman

There are criminal records and criminal records.

About an hour ago — when my two loved ones hopped into the family car to do errands — I was about to post something which blended and comments by Noam Chomsky, who is one of the featured speakers in My intention was to deal, once again, with the fact that we’re documenting ourselves to death in lieu of taking fresh, meaningful action in solidarity on the macroscopic scale that’s mandatory… considering our deadlines. [Pause.] Virtually no one has a genuine sense of deadlines today, even in the realm of well-educated, well-intentioned, highly experienced left-of-center souls.

But all that went out the window once I glanced at the online site for Criminal Records. A few of the images (and blah blah) at detoured me delightfully. And now I’m totally focused on luring Lillian, top dog at CRatl, I understand, into doing something in solidarity that’ll make all of the heartbeats I spend on bear fruit. To stop the Strange Fruit momentum and all of the other horrid momentum which envelops us. To at least take part in pitch battle up against it whilst playing my ancient vinyls really loud, and doing my favorite dance: O balian todos o no baile nadie.

In the email I sent to Lillian, I neglected to mention that I have about 2000 books/films, etc. — rare beauties which I collected during four decades in academia and during worldwide travels — which I might consider donating, curating within the Criminal Records realm. Stuff that’s currently being considered by the DAMS Program of the University of Bologna and the University of Montenegro, among other so-called institutions of higher education. Materials which stand to generate much positive publicity for CRatl, and serve as a magnet for desirable tourism within the immediate community… and — simultaneously — provide a public service of unprecedented proportions. And there are a lot of other ways in which I could serve as an invaluable asset for Lillian’s operation.[Pause.] Yes, I’m nothing if not presumptuous.

Seriously, though, I’d love to get something together with Lillian prior to the family returning today. So that I can give them the good news that at least one of the seeds I’ve planted over the last eight years is about to bloom. Yeah, that’d be very sweet. So sweet I could see myself sweeping the floors of CRatl with a smile… as we actually sweep away in solidarity a lot of what those documentaries are spotlighting ad infinitum.

I can’t wait to secure my new criminal record.

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Afterword: It is intensely interesting to me that the filmmakers et alia who focus on the TWA scandal vis-a-vis the mendacity of government agencies don’t seem to have a clue respecting the horror of flight itself. Meaning, in environmental terms, that the true cost of ongoing safe flight is not being considered by those reporters, documentarians and others who are exclusively concerned with ferreting out the truth about one particular abomination. [Pause.] Sure, for all I know some of them might be concerned. That said, the thrust of my comment has to do with the fact that they’re not doing anything about that… content to be fighting the good fight in a tiny little corner, with no movement in solidarity on the macroscopic plane — no pun intended! — which I consider necessary. Elaboration upon request, of course.