Only You: You’re a Different Story

Note: Once again, a rushed, unedited first draft… crying out for bonding. Only a very small core group will be necessary to make the daunting difference we are obliged to consider. It’s very important for readers not to think about what others may or may not do, are or are not capable of. It’s equally important that no one assume that any particular amount of energy is being asked for. For what I’m calling a core group can be formed by simply securing very limited participation from select souls who know what we’re up against, all of us. The Google-centered horror delineated below, and the momentum being generated by high tech gadgetry, represent only one of many challenges which threaten to make life not worth living, or not possible at all for authentic vibrancy on earth. Contact the author at for elaboration. You.

Only You: You’re a Different Story
Dedicated to building a trustworthy core group one by one for resistance
by Your Ox

“…a couple of weeks ago there was an article in the New York Times “Business Section,” maybe you saw it, on something called “Google Glass.” Google is manufacturing glasses, they may be on the market already, which have a small computer embedded in them, a tiny computer, which allows you to be on the Internet twenty-four hours a day. That in itself is such an indictment of modern society I don’t even want to talk about it. But, it is worse than that because this device also takes photographs of anything that is going on, and I presume either already or soon it will take recordings of everything that is going on. So everything that is going on around the person wearing this thing goes up on the Internet.”

“The reporter asked Eric Schmidt, one of the founders of Google, whether he didn’t think this was an invasion of privacy. And his answer I think may be the slogan of the coming age. His answer was “Well, if you are doing something you don’t want to be on the Internet then you shouldn’t be doing it.” I don’t know if fascism is quite the right word, it goes beyond that…this conception that anything has to be public, and to some extent I think that is seeping into the consciousness of young people. I don’t look at Facebook but people who do tell me the exhibitionism of young people is just frightening…anything has to be on the Internet, anything I do. And the conception that everything has to be public goes beyond anything that Big Brother ever thought about.”

The above are excerpts from msky.

I just emailed Doug Morris and John Holder, the two academics who interviewed Noam Chomsky… around 4:30pm PST, 20 June. Now I’ll wait to see how long it takes to receive a response, hoping that any reply that comes into my box is prompt and positive. For when I attempt contact with those who post pieces online which resonate with me invariably it takes a long time to receive a word, if any is forthcoming, and invariably there’s no interest in doing anything about what you could say the writers are complaining/screaming about.

The list I could provide of concerned citizens and organizations that have — their public pronouncements notwithstanding — come up flat without even so much as a “Thanks, but no thanks” response to my proposals for action is astoundingly long. In fact, the total number of negative replies* exceeds 10,000 easily… compiled over a period of the last eight years. The prestige associated with far too many of them, the positions of influence they occupy makes for… deep disgust. And that’s putting it mildly. It’s an abomination equaled only by the activities/plans being brought to us courtesy of the likes of Google and their first cousins in the corporate world.

*This category includes those who exchanged emails or met me in person only to drop out of contact, inexplicably, without the courtesy of explaining why in full; the vast majority provided nothing whatsoever by way of signing off.

Here, however, undaunted, I am appealing to YOU, no one else. Not worrying about how to corral anyone else into discussing my ideas with me. Only you.
[Note: I was 13 when this hit the radio, the same age that my youngest is right now.]

My youngest — a dream child, if ever there was one — is as socially and environmentally conscious as anyone I know. For anyone who might be interested, I could send some short video footage which would drive that home, impress just about anyone, I believe, with what is certainly possible with any youngster. What is possible for this earth.

That said, his frustration with many of the people who have been the subjects of my outreach, has driven him to find joy in music and a number of other highly personal pursuits… choosing not to embrace too much movement in solidarity. That’s understandable, and the whole family encourages his following his personal passions, doing his own thing… very much in the American tradition. Being a kid in a way that we deny others. It’s joyful for me to watch him lose himself in vinyls and such. He should be able to have his tiny moment of exclusive vertical pleasure turning away from… you know what. What waits for him in the wings.

But YOU. You’re a different story at this juncture, you adult, you who can fly.

Afterthoughts on the morning of 21 June

Why have I not heard from that professor (Morris) from Eastern New Mexico University? How about John Holder of Hartford University? Perhaps I’ll hear from them before the day is out. I’ve already heard from Lillian (the focus of my previous post “Criminal Records”)… and the response can only be labeled as sick. As sick as sucking up minerals from the Congo to serve Silicon Valley. On several scores, her reply was very sad. And the sad fact is that too many of her colleagues and customers and neighbors et alia would — without blinking — trade the lives of millions of Congolese for high tech advantages. Do so. Do what I know YOU wouldn’t do, don’t do. YOU are a different story, yes? de-in-congo/ mentions Keith Harmon Snow. Why has he dropped off of my personal radar? Why have the Project Censored people dropped the ball with me consistently? All that aside, the abominations in the Congo are important for one and all to consider… as they magnify the horror associated with high tech gadgetry, a primary focus of the article above. It’s one thing to poke fun at traditional religion and/or to recoil in dramatic horror at the atrocities of fundamentalists the world over. But the declining sense of morality in the U.S. is at the core of my concern respecting the production of high tech gadgetry, to say nothing about the undiscussed, disgusting dangers of electromagnetic pollution. Moral outrage in the U.S. these days is too often a self-serving kind.

“…Obama understands that his role is not to indulge those who voted for him but to expand ‘the most powerful institution in the history of the world, one that has killed, wounded or made homeless well over 20 million human beings, mostly civilians, since 1962′.” — from cism/

Yesterday there was another piece centered on Chomsky’s comments: y-by-jana-el-hassan

David Swanson, Norman Solomon and Tom Hayden are all dissident white boys in good standing for the so-called Left, but they — as far as I can determine — are all engaged in our documenting ourselves to death in lieu of taking fresh, meaningful action in solidarity of the kind I’m recommending. And they’ve got lots of company on that count; virtually everyone who fits into what I’ll call their decent demographic… legitimately worthy of respect, but doing zero or worse by my standards. I certainly don’t see how they can expect to make inroads of any kind not nurturing the sort of outreach I’ve extended in their direction, not responding to my enthusiastic, humble, respectful request for dialogue with them… for the Common Good. That said, I’m still glad pieces like David’s are being posted. The thing is, I want to do something about that horror, not just document it ad infinitum.

Where is the high school or college kid who is interested in advocacy journalism? Will some sensible parent recommend me to a youngster who has such interest? Certainly, our institutions of so-called higher education should not be supported by those who want to report independently. Sweet journalistic souls such as Eammon McCann (See the last paragraph of, if you will) are not likely to emerge from the hallowed halls of our academic too set, cookie cutter settings.


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