Asset for Physicians for Social Responsibility

Update as of about 1:15pm, 24 June: Just spoke with Associate Director Duffield, having taken the initiative to contact PSR. Apparently, my missives were received but were taken as SPAM. Anyway, contact established, now we’ll see what comes of the gestures below. The fact that I have excellent local and worldwide references should help; my select background/credentials/family info was submitted… as per the Associate Director’s request. Further update as of about 11am, 25 June: Difficult for me to process why I haven’t heard a word from anyone. As of this morning (about 9am), I also reached out to two additional PSR Board of Director members, Dr. Jose Quiroga of and Dr. Gibbs of px?asuid=5029… asking for help in connecting with their PSR colleagues. Again, this is NOT to be critical, but to… light a fire, move things along expeditiously, if possible. I’ve also reached out to others today… too numerous to cite. New Question: Does Dr. Quiroga’s Program for Torture Victims work in solidarity on any level with PSR? Let’s hope that that’s an interesting question for one and all. I certainly have lots to offer PTV… if they’re open to exploring HOW such solidarity could be facilitated… if nothing significant is being done together at present.

Note: This unedited first draft was written in about 5′. It’s a little before 9pm, first day of summer… and I’m going to send this unfinished blah blah immediately to the PSR Policy and Communications Director, their General Counsel and a couple of other colleagues… to test the waters. It’ll be instructive to see what kind of lag time there is, if anything much, between my firing it off and receiving a response. Each post on this site was written for a specific audience and particular purpose at a given time. Not knowing context can prove to be puzzling and/or off-putting. Here’s hoping my presumptuous approach here isn’t off-putting. For I’d be honored to volunteer in any capacity for PSR.

Asset for Physicians for Social Responsibility
Dedicated to Kate Hudson of
by Oxman et alia

I took one look at rld/, and I immediately wrote to Executive Director Marguello and Associate Director Duffield of For I know I could serve as an unprecedented asset for them. [Robert Dodge, one of the authors of the Counterpunch piece, is one of the members of the Board of Directors for PSR-LA.]

I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but they actually need me. Meaning, that since they’re battling with the powers that be which are working 24×7 to NOT eliminate nuclear weapons, they must have some people working 24×8 to meet The Daunting Challenge. I’m able to fill that bill, AND I’m capable of recruiting others to work alongside me in the same capacity.

I’d be honored to be associated with that non-profit group. And, in addition to the above, I should underscore that I believe I could raise funds for their purposes, stir up general citizen participation in their agenda, and — arguably, most important of all — secure significant reins of power for them on the political plane… so that their efforts would not continue to be so very contingent upon career politicians doing the right/sane thing.

I was active in the early days of SANE, and I have a plan for action which I’d like to discuss with members of PSR that would mobilize that organization in solidarity with PSR and all their “first cousins” in the activist realm… so that unprecedented inroads could be made post haste for the collective good. As I told Executive Director Arguello and Associate Director Duffield, I don’t want to move at the pace of an arthritic snail. I have a sense of deadlines… which means it’s not nearly enough for me to applaud an article and/or contribute as a volunteer along obsolete lines.

By “obsolete lines” I mean approaches which have been used in the past, and which continue to be the primary or exclusive means for bringing about change. A fresh supplement is demanded, and that’s part of what I have to offer; a new model for protest, a new paradigm for pushing in a new nuclear policy. [Pause.] And great “push” will be required.

And soon. For the “deadlines” I spoke of above are not being acknowledged by enough people; certainly not by those who are in influential positions. Furthermore, the urgency spotlighted here is germane to a number of environmental and other issues, not just with regard to nuclear-related abominations.

The “key issues” highlighted under the “Take Action” banner at can all be addressed more effectively than they are at present if members of PSR-LA embrace what I want to put on the table for their kind consideration. Not as members of PSR, but as individual concerned citizens. Not as reps for their sweet non-profit, but as engaged Californians… knowing that whatever advances they make in that role will benefit the agenda of PSR-LA immeasurably.

I expect to create a watershed in history with the good people associated with PSR-LA. And it won’t cost their organization a penny, won’t cost them anything whatsoever. Not distract them one bit from their present primary priorities, not drain their resources.

From my POV, PSR has ZeRO to lose with me.

Contact the author at Others in his quarter may also volunteer. Here’s hoping the writing style here doesn’t lose the reader prematurely.

Afterword: Just realized (about 11pm) that it’s Friday. That’s going to make this whole biz concerning WHEN I’ll first receive a reply particularly interesting. For weekends are usually — understandably, as things stand — “time off” for one and all involved in non-profit activity. Even when, on occasion, there’s some special event being sponsored on a Saturday or Sunday, general phone contact is not generally possible. Again, inaccessibility for any given period of time when one is dealing with daunting forces (which have no intention of letting up on their horrid momentum, let alone rollback anything) laboring ’round the clock cannot be permitted. This is not to criticize anyone. Rather, it is to underscore the life and death importance of securing the services of someone like me, an educated, experienced and well-intentioned citizen willing to work gratis.

“The grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida.” So opens Flannery O’Connor’s short story masterpiece A Good Man Is Hard To Find. Well, believe me when I say that I don’t want to go to L.A. That said, I will go smiling ear to ear through its ‘cross the board toxicity, ignoring its multiple downsides, and focusing on what must be focused on post haste in solidarity with my brothers and sisters working so beautifully at PSR… if given the invitation to do so. The “sacrifice” that would be involved in my leaving my lovely family to do so would not deter me; I’d have their heartbreaking green light to engage with others as necessary. So that we all have a better chance at surmounting the seeming impossible odds against reversing our present momentum. I’m not the only person who can cut the mustard on this count. There are others, for sure. I just don’t know where they are at the moment. And this, I believe, is my moment to bond with the PSR staff. I’m praying they’ll take advantage of my enthusiasm and energy, not just compliment it from a distance. Let’s hope they embrace me. [Pause.] A good man is, indeed, hard to find when it comes to making a difference.

What will require leisurely dialogue with ample time for obligatory, in-depth Q&A:

What Andrea Hricko, John Froines and Anthony Iton et alia have to say…
I have a way
To lay out for The People
Day by day
What they have to say
So that the public can easily self-educate
And be walked through the steps necessary
To make hay
Not just pray
To those who prey on them

“He spoke of miracles; for he felt that man’s life was a miracle, and all that man doth, and he knew that this daily miracle shines, as the character ascends… one with the blowing clover and the falling rain.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, speaking of Jesus in his scandalizing “Divinity School Address” of 1838

Sunday, 23 June UPDATE: Many missives were sent to on Saturday and to today… Sunday. Urgent contact was requested with Ira Helfand, Robert Hodge, Kate Hudson* and Ken Loach. It is hoped that any rendezvous granted this week by PSR will see the author carrying the imprimatur of those high profile UK activists (Hudson and Loach) into the meeting. Is already moving in solidarity with If so, in what way? In an effective way for all concerned? In ways which have made sufficient inroads to date? Perhaps there is a new/additional angle to explore in solidarity.

*As of about 5PM UK time today (24 June) I’ve received no response whatsoever from any of the many Kate Hudson contacts I’ve reached out to, not even a single reply to my several “Please confirm receipt” pleas. This does not bode well. In fact, because such silence is so typical in my experience ‘cross the board, I pray that PSR-LA people will address it immediately. Again, it is not good enough to be fighting the good fight in isolation, only coming together with others in what I call — for want of a better expression — obsolete settings. We are capable of being a force to reckon with in solidarity… IF we embrace fresh concepts as supplements to what we are now doing… whether or not they follow my recommendations. Will anyone discuss this with me… open… patiently… with a sense that something new must be put into place?