Landing On My Feet Instituting Something Fresh

Note: The reader should look at the introductory note for the previous post before reading this unedited first draft. Alternative title: “Landing on My Feet Instituting What’s Lovely.” Update: Sad that neither Priti nor Stan nor anyone in the Land Institute has made meaningful contact over the last 48 hours. For the forces which work 24×7 to keep the status quo in place demand that someone meet that daunting challenge 24×8; they don’t take off for July 4th. No matter, the whole dynamic I’ve been coming across the last 8 years just makes me firmer in my resolve to work with whatever alternative quarters are responsive now… never forgetting that — eventually — to make the necessary macroscopic inroads we’ll be blending ALL those fighting the good fight… if they’re ever ready to move in solidarity. And — if not — we’ll make those advances regardless.

Landing On My Feet Instituting Something Fresh
Dedicated to really helping my daughter Noelle et alia get down with food
by Ox

I could raise funds for these guys. And do more. I could sweep the floors. [Pause.] I could curate. [See below.] I could gladden their hearts, create a watershed in history with them in solidarity.

Wendell Berry at c96? There’s something coming up in September?

Stan Cox is connected to fghanistan/? [I just sent Priti Gulati Cox this morning's]

Scott Bontz of The Land Institute is rooting for fiction?

They have space for a library which might accommodate some segments of my personal collection, put together over a period of four decades in academia and during worldwide travels?

The quality of air there is good? [Yes, I did note the high incidence of violent crime, the unhealthy number of cell towers, their over-the-top prevalence of Superfund horror and the threat of tornadoes, among other usual deal killers.]

These people are involved?: And these, alongside Stan the Man?: 23b
is a very winning appeal.

I’m silent on a peak in Darien.