Justice Now Now

Note: I’d like the people from Justice Now to read the previous three posts, as per the note which begins “Getting Beyond the Rationed Choir”, and contact me at their earliest convenience at aptosnews@gmail.com. This might not be the piece to read first. Especially, if the reader can’t imagine any reason whatsoever for a stranger to request an emergency meeting. If that’s the case, perhaps the reader will benefit by glancing at Special note for JN folks way at the bottom here.

Justice Now Now
Dedicated to Trayvon Martin’s loved ones and great (he)art, always heaven
by Richard Martin Oxman

“I was Trayvon, now… now I’m John Brown.” — a hooded teenager the author knows well

Straight writing now.

I have the best references in the world, including local testimonials, for the folks at Justice Now. I say that upfront so that not knowing me will not keep them from inviting me to a marathon emergency meeting at their Oakland headquarters ASAP. To discuss a proposal for action to address the multiple ripple effects which will come from the blatant injustice of the Zimmerman verdict nationwide.

To discuss why the verdict was predictable, and what can be done to deal with the horrific momentum it represents, the ongoing exacerbation of abominations for people of color.

My friends in Spain — who know about my recent attempts to get with “activists” in Oakland, my incessant frustration — tell me not to give up. This is what Raphael Lempkin told me over a half-century ago.

I wasn’t born yesterday, no. And so… I won’t waste anyone’s heartbeats.

I do have a plan for action to delineate. And I don’t see anything else on the horizon which will do now.

So I beg the reader to help arrange for a rendezvous. But not just a meeting in the usual sense. For now it will be necessary to set aside everything to talk. It will be necessary to move laterally, adjusting everything to fit in in-depth grassroots exchange as soon as possible.

I promised “straight writing” at the beginning here, so I should be clearer. [Pause.] I mean that what’s required is to get together for a long time. Unrushed dialogue. Encouraging the opposite of sound bites and telegraphic talk. That never happens these days. Never.

That’s it. I am asking for what never happens between concerned citizens now. [Pause.] Now.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Justice Damn Damn,
Your Oxman
P.S. I’ll bring all the food necessary to hole up for our marathon talk. And I’ll bring “gifts” for one and all, little loving surprises. I remember reading http://www.zcommunications.org/the-george-zimmerman-trial-is-the-worst -fear-of-every-black-family-by-david-dennis a few days ago. It’s not only a justice issue now. [Pause.] Now, now, I have to tell myself, it hasn’t been… as far back as I can remember.

Litmus Test: What would be hysterically absurd about the quote below, if the whole shebang wasn’t so utterly disgusting and heartbreaking? [Point out all the ridiculous elements therein, please.]

“Just because Zimmerman has been cleared on all charges doesn’t mean that this case is over. The NAACP on Saturday night posted a petition to the Department of Justice, asking Attorney General Eric Holder to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman. New York Congressman Jerry Nadler seemed to voice some support for such an effort.”

Ditto for http://news.yahoo.com/protesters-zimmerman-acquittal-march-calif-09185 5459.html

Do not read:

http://www.zcommunications.org/open-season-on-black-boys-after-a-verdi ct-like-this-by-gary-younge

http://www.zcommunications.org/white-supremacy-acquits-george-zimmerma n-by-aura-bogado

http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/12/from-trayvon-martin-to-obama-th e-politics-of-race-in-america/

“We live in an actual world, with all its horror and ugliness, and we have to deal with it and make our decisions within it.” — Noam Chomsky

“The way out is via the door.” — Confucious

Special note for Justice Now folks: I think I have enough of a sense of how much space there is in the offices of Justice Now. And on that note, I’d like the reader to imagine what those rooms might be like if they were filled with all the books in my personal library, the collection I’m looking to donate. I mean, ALL the volumes, not the select items I’m thinking of donating to JN. The point being that it would be extremely crowded if JN offices were forced to accommodate the thousands of books I presently have at home and in storage. I would guess that no matter how anyone chose to arrange them they would interfere with JN’s work. In fact, it would probably be impossible for JN staff to go about their biz at all. The collection would effectively shut down their operation. WHAT’S MY MAIN POINT HERE? Read the next paragraph, if you will.

It occurred to me today that if JN had a way to house the collection comfortably, and were engaged in reading through the volumes instead of doing their usual work, they’d never get around to accomplishing anything. Well, that’s actually what’s going on for the most part among concerned citizens. People are reading all kinds of stuff in lieu of taking action. I mean, if you take in how many books are published and available today and read and discussed and filmed and sung about, etc., you’ll note that the energy spent on such activities really does replace meaningful action in solidarity. Such activity certainly limits action. And so THE MAIN POINT is that just like the JN offices can only accommodate so many books because of limited space, socially-conscious readers are limited in terms of time. Limited in terms of energy, heartbeats. There’s only so much space that can be devoted to books in a given place, and only so much time which can be spent on documentation and entertainment.

My “plan for action” transcends that dynamic. The challenge we face — as the general public discusses what they’ve read and heard about multiple issues (such as the Trayvon Martin horror) in lieu of taking meaningful action — can be addressed. But no one is doing much more than applying necessary tourniquets at present… while reading and talking and writing. And I’m not aware of anyone dealing effectively with the source of our bleeding. That’s why I’m humbly and respectfully requesting a rendezvous.