“If you have a better solution….”

Special update as of Sunday, 21 July 2013: Anyone interested in this piece should — after checking out just what’s in the first few paragraphs — contact me for the latest. A little back and forth with me, starting with contact at aptosnews@gmail.com, will blow anyone away. It’ll be so instructive for any activist, for any concerned citizen. Guaranteed. I very much look forward to talking to Kyung-Ji and her NYC colleagues tomorrow; California — every activist nook and cranny of it* — is contaminated with something I don’t yet have a name for, a label which must be created post haste… for very wide distribution. So that one and all — nationwide, worldwide — can benefit.

*No, really, truly. And even big chunks of Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Florida and New York have been infected. But CA, border to border NSEW, is, at best, on hold in the Emergency Room.

Note: This also is a rushed, unedited first draft. Those who do not like to read can check out the film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunger_%282008_film%29, and/or get with me to talk over the phone by contacting me first at aptosnews@gmail.com. See UPDATE below. This is a particle, part article, part poetry, part party midst our abominations.

“If you have a better solution….”
by Bueyhombre

“If they released all the SHU prisoners overnight — totally unsupervised — and they encouraged them to do terrible things on the outside, those ex-convicts wouldn’t — in a full year — do one tiny bit of the damage that’s done daily by the corporate connected psychopaths who run and ruin this country. Could not.” — the author’s thirteen-year-old

I do.

Watch http://www.zcommunications.org/california-prisoners-challenge-solitary -jail-conditions-with-largest-hunger-strike-in-state-history-by-jules- lobel, if you will, until you get to the line above — my title here — spoken by John Martinez’s mother, John’s words.

Dolores says she feels, “As if I am buried alive…” somewhere around 16:50 into the footage.


I do have a solution for John and Dolores and the other hunger strikers and their loved ones, some of which are moving in solidarity with the sweet citizens who support http://www.abolishsolitary.com/index.html. The thing is, my proposal for action will not only give sufficient “hope” to the incarcerated/tortured souls in the SHU, it stands to deal a death blow to Death Row and the Prison Industrial Complex in all its gory in very short order.

The good people in Florida who I wrote to incessantly yesterday — See the previous post — may lose out a bit, if Dolores takes advantage of the gesture I made to her this morning via email. But… it’s 9:40am (20 July), and I cannot wait forever to hear back from them. Besides… there are many reasons for me to remain in California to do battle, and those who are fighting in Florida will benefit potentially from what I do with Dolores in solidarity. [Pause.] IF they see fit to transform how they’re going about their socially-conscious efforts… so that they don’t continue to embrace obsolete forms of protest as their primary or exclusive means for bringing about change. IF they ratchet up their pace; currently, for all their success, they are moving at the pace of an arthritic snail… like so many activists… like virtually all activists today.

And speaking of pace, I am obliged to underscore that the tortured souls in the realm of John Martinez face deadlines which are of a very different sort than the ones challenging the protesting Florida citizens. Very different. [Pause.] But with much in common. With connections too with the UCLA professor addressed two posts back, and with the women of Oakland’s Justice Now, spoken to here three posts back. And with others. Fact is, the challenges posed by the various nooks and crannies of our INJUSTICE and horrific momentum must be met simultaneously.

And so… I conclude in the hope that Dolores will see fit to reply to my missive of this morning post haste. It’s 10:10am now… and I’m going to telephone her and her colleague Geri before having my breakfast… before going outside to look up at the unencumbered sunlight… which wants to reach me — always — as much as the face of God.

The world stands out on either side
No wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky,—
No higher than the soul is high.
The heart can push the sea and land
Farther away on either hand;
The soul can split the sky in two,
And let the face of God shine through

UPDATE: Heard back from Dolores fairly quickly this morning. That’s very unusual, that I was able to talk to her so soon after reaching out; I’m speaking from the experience of thousands of such attempts over the last eight years in various realms of activism. So… things look promising. She clarified some points about her organization, and will be looking at this post this evening, AND touching base with me via the telephone tonight. That’s all very promising, especially when coupled with the fact that Kyung-Ji of N.Y.C.’s NULeadership has asked to set up phone contact with the powers that be at her organization on Monday; see http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1307 for context. I expect to be invited down to Dolores’ area for a meeting in confidence with the trustworthy members of her organization ASAP. Perhaps, if enough can be agreed upon in that imagined rendezvous, I can then return home in time to coordinate something significant with the concerned citizens of New York and Florida. Bonding and moving in solidarity, then, would — OVERNIGHT — make what I have in mind for California become a national thrust of some sort. And I’m not talking about simply creating yet another nationally organized group with chapters here and there. Rather, I’m speaking of something UNPRECEDENTED. A “movement” which has real and immediate kick to it. Meaning a phenomenon which actually aims at — and has a true shot at achieving — securing significant reins of power in given states. Giving up, for the time being, on any expectation of humane treatment from anyone on the federal level. Giving up on career politicians doing the right thing. Giving up our very lives to actually securing those reins of power right away. As is necessary, absolutely necessary, all other current efforts in all quarters being tantamount to applying tourniquets in lieu of stopping the bleeding… in my not-so-humble view. If you have a better solution, I’ll be more open than you can imagine. [Pause.] Promise. [Pause.] Imagine, true promise. Your basic agenda on top.




“One of the things I learned was the capacity of human beings who seemed powerless to create enormous power just by their own acts of getting together, sacrificing together, taking risks together, and how against what seemed in surmountable odds things can change by people determined to change them.”
— Howard Zinn speaking to the author, addressing what was instructive about his forays into Albany, Selma, Hattiesburg, Greenwood and Jackson.

The thing is, I’M TALKING ABOUT you securing “enormous power” which carries official sanction. And… I am NOT talking about having to attend meetings or gatherings of any kind. Not having to sacrifice or take risks like the sit-in participants of the 60s South. Risky direct action must always be in the wings when one is bringing about institutional change, BUT no given citizen need be in physical danger to take part in what I am proposing… begging the reader to embrace: a brand new paradigm for action which will supplement whatever models of protest are currently being employed. Certainly, no one has to die or be permanently injured by hunger strikes. Mothers et alia, talk with me.

The challenge is not what you might think. It is first and foremost dealing with collective habits. The self-imposed slavery to obsolete forms of protest. Routine thinking. Being on automatic. Doing only what’s been done before. Habit is, as Beckett said, the great deadener. We shall overcome… only if we overcome our activist attachments. Speak.