One Shtick Honkeys & The Hopeful Ofay

Note: I wrote this unedited first draft while listening and tapping my feet trance-like to
over and over again. For this is a particle, part article, part poetry and part party… which is something that activists sorely need for their quiver. A supplement to go with the arrows they’re shooting at the hearts of the heartless careerists… who have no intention — “Over my dead body!” — of caving to what’s decent. [Pause.] Recently, I’ve come up with a new angle for TOSCA/TONY… which I trust the reader knows something about. If not, contact the author immediately at Methinks my being mired in Robin D.G. Kelley’s Thelonious Monk bio — whilst waiting to receive his follow-up communication — has a lot to do with my turning to jazzy writing now. The frustration built up from the unrequited outreach represented by the previous several posts has culminated in off-beat dance steps here. What’s below should be tweaked so that the thrust of is incorporated. O balian todos o no baile nadie.

“Tell all the truth, but tell it slant….” — Emily Dickinson

“I think you ought to add The Roots or Jimmy Fallon, or both to your list of a dozen, Papi.”
— the author’s son, after reviewing the tentative ‘gubernatorial list’ given below

One Shtick Honkeys & The Hopeful Ofay
Being a litmus test of sorts for NULeadership
by Ox

Every white person has one shtick vis-a-vis racism. They be

a. Racist (somewhere along the long spectrum) Nickname: Crackerite
b. Not racist (but not acknowledging the degree to which racism really exists in the U.S.) Nickname: Obamanite
c. Not racist (spot on about “the degree” but not interested in doing zilch about the status quo) Nickname: Joe (or Jane) Doe Light
d. Not racist (thinking that traditional-type reforms will turn the trick) Nickname: Liberalite
e. Not racist (involved only in activism which embraces obsolete approaches) Nickname: Activist Sightless

Then there’s me, the only one of my type. The singular activist dude who is pushing a brand new paradigm for action… designed to do away with racism in unprecedented fashion. Oh, there was another dude who fell into my category, Howard Zinn. But Howard’s passed on. [Pause.] Sort of. Before he died he gave his imprimatur to the model for action which I’d like NULeadership (and others) to consider working into their current agenda. I’m The Hopeful Ofay, but that’s not my nickname; it’s my real name.

Got to have that name midst the mindset which has settled into all the blood and bones held together by even the most well-intentioned and experienced concerned citizens coast to coast. To wit, everyone’s succumbed to apathy, resignation, cynicism and/or atomization. EVERYONE. Yeah, talk to me and I’ll elaborate up the kazoo… clarifying why my supplement is needed. Pushing “Hopeful” and not separating myself too much from other whites with my adopted name helps… with what I have planned. [Details upon request.]

Let’s start in no special order, using N.Y.C. as a point of departure, keeping in mind that celebrities can easily be replaced by high school and/or college students and/or their relatives, or incarcerated citizens (contributing to “Community Empowerment and Individual Transformation”):

1. Paul Simon
2. Someone chosen by Kyung-Ji. [How'd I fall in love over a minute's footage?]
3. Someone chosen by Divine. [Wow. Ow. WOW.]
4. Someone chosen by Eddie or one of his other colleagues. [Kyung-Ji herself as one of the two 'figurehead candidates'? Chino Hardin?]
5. Someone from The Knicks*.
6. Someone associated with The Nets. [Maybe the spouse of that 'someone' too.]
7. Someone from The Mets. Or maybe someone from The Rangers.
8. Spike Lee… or a more appropriate person in cinema. Possibly N.Y.C. activist/comedian Mickey Z. [Who is that great NYC woman mask maker?]
9. Tom Morello… or a more appropriate person in music. Nicki Minaj? Someone from -city-bands?pageNumber=2?
10. A felon chosen at random. [Not Howard Stern, right?]
11. Stuck. A female counterpart to LL Cool J? [Perhaps the reader can help me out here.]
12. Someone from The Yankees (if there are no other options)

*The sports shtick here is derived from a t-shirt, of all things. Specifically, when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series a couple of years ago, they had that traditional ticker tape celebration which we’ve all come to expect. At that downtown S.F. macro-party, one of the major stars, relief pitcher Sergio Romo, appeared with black letters on a white background which read “I Only Look Illegal.” Well, to cut to the chase, if Sergio were on a gubernatorial ticket in the Golden State, you’d be guaranteed — with his fervent fan base alone — 100,001 votes minimum, many being secured from the demographic which gave up on the electoral realm long, long ago. Whoa, baby, I do hope you’re following me here. And, furthermore, I hope — I pray — you’ll keep this golden key to yourself in confidence until further notice. Money in the bank. Rather, Civil Rights you’d be able to bank on.

Three things in closing. One, I’m gambling here, obviously, on NULeadership having a sense of humor. Two, I’m gambling on NULeadership sweet souls not finding Paul Simon off-putting. [Though, note, none of this is contingent upon anything to do with P.S.] Finally, I know — I KNOW, AND WILL BET MY LIFE ON IT — that with those NULeadership beauties moving in solidarity with me and some version of the above list, we can create a watershed in history… beginning this year. [As per TOSCA/TONY.] No gamble here, absolutely no gamble. A “lock” like the vegan ofays say in Vegas.

One closing word of warning. Someone like the author — drawing on his experience around Eugene Bullard in 1949 — should not be dismissed as a nutcase prematurely, even if he writes words like

“White on white(s) rhyming with black ‘n blue rights”, as he did for the Home Page here.

Thanks for your kind consideration,
Your Ox
P.S. See, The Ox simply can’t consider relocating to N.Y.C. — even though he’s got a lovely daughter there who’d love him to be around (vice versa) — unless the folks he plans to work with can move laterally in the light of the very heavy matrix load they’re currently carrying. Kyung-Ji’s missives thus far seem to indicate that that’s a pretty good bet. [Pause.] Yay! [from The Hopeful Ofay.] Let’s say, The Black ‘n Blues Dance Party.