Decent Jobs for a Dozen Dissidents

Update: Dear “Nickelodeon N”… contact me ASAP at or call. I’ve got very good news, a window of opportunity.

Note: This is an unedited first draft… rushed, the author tired of moving at the pace of an arthritic snail respecting our horrid momentum. Getting the gigs together is contingent upon connecting with a trustworthy core group post haste. Readers from Drug Policy Alliance might want to think about what a Governor of California can do — unilaterally and virtually overnight — to deal with the race/poverty/drug issues which challenge us. It would have to be a governor with heart, head and soul in a healthy place, of course, not caught up with career concerns. That fact is what makes what’s embedded in the second link below worth the candle. No new legislation would be required, no compromising with career politicians, to create a watershed in history… nationwide.

Decent Jobs for a Dozen Dissidents
by Oxman

“O bailan todos o no baile nadie.” — the author’s son, after reading 60s Uruguayan history ["Either everyone dances or no one dances."]

Money would not be an object. Are you looking for a gig? Someone? [Pause.] I don’t know how else to begin… this proposal for everyone to dance.

If the family sells its financial interest in, there will be at least twelve good paying positions as per Not just decent money and benefits, but the potential for making a difference vis-a-vis the crucial issues of our time. [Pause.] I won’t take the time here to spell out all the other pluses which are a part of the equation, but the reader can contact me at for elaboration; inquire at that email address also to apply.

If you read the TOSCA entry above carefully you’ll see that I’m talking about a position in the gubernatorial coalition which my colleagues/family and I want to serve the public* in lieu of having a single, self-serving career politician at the helm in 2014 California. Twelve openings, then, for unaffiliated, non-politician citizens who would serve on an equal basis as Governor of California (again, as per the TOSCA link above).

*To clarify, neither me nor anyone in my family wants to be in the gubernatorial coalition.

Interested parties need not be currently residing in California, by the way. The residency requirement for even the figurehead candidates of Governor and Lieutenant Governor — the coalition members who citizens would actually vote for — are quite easy to satisfy well into 2014. Others, in fact, would not have to literally be living in California at all, all else being equal. Conceivably, even someone living abroad could qualify. [Elaboration upon request.]

Other surprises perhaps

a. felons qualify;
b. no administrative experience, no particular background is required;
c. age is not a factor;
d. women, artists and entertainers of various stripes, and people of color will be given preference;
e. passion about social and environmental issues is a huge plus, knowledge about such is not.

This tentative announcement is being made as a consequence of the frustration experienced in trying to reach out for movement in solidarity without offering remuneration for eight years. The author figures it’s time to see what happens if the lure of lucre enters the picture. To be fair, someone who is interested in socially-conscious/environmentally-conscious work should not be forced out of the loop because their financial picture precludes consideration of volunteer work.

In fact, if the dozen core participants can get things moving, we can start talking about thousands of other jobs which would materialize as a result of securing the Sacred Seat in Sacramento. [Again, details upon request.]

I’m a One Trick Pony, but this is no trick. I’d never be disingenuous with dissidents.

Oh yeah, a sense of humor is essential. And all applicants have to have a soulful heartbeat, and curiosity about the world.