From Baldwin’s Steeple to Pulido’s People

Introductory note: This is an unedited first draft. It is posted exclusively for Laura Pulido and those associated with her. Others should scroll back to previous posts until an appropriate piece — previously recommended — is found. That said, any reader might learn something about my general agenda by glancing at the Afterword below.

From Baldwin’s Steeple to Pulido’s People
Dedicated to securing a rendezvous in confidence at USC ASAP
by Oxman (28 July 2013)

While in the midst of devouring James Baldwin once again, I came across Laura Pulido’s work. No matter that I can’t remember how, the only important thing now is to bounce off of her efforts and accomplishments post haste… for movement in a fresh kind of solidarity. And on that note, I submit that I can — gratis — do the following:

a. Double the sales to date of her 2012 A People’s Guide to Los Angeles prior to 2014;

b. Give Laura Barraclough and Wendy Cheng, her co-authors, a good reason to collaborate on another project;

c. Offer opportunities for her current students to secure leadership training;

d. Put the nearly 15 years of personal and academic research which was used to create the 2012 guidebook to another socially-conscious use;

e. Generate significant increased revenues for San Gabriel Valley, south L.A. and San Fernando Valley businesses, and create new, rewarding employment opportunities for locals;

f. Eliminate ALL sweatshops in southern California;

g. Dramatically reduce racial and immigration-related violence in southern California;

h. Plant seeds which should have a decent shot at minimizing police brutality ‘cross the board;

i. Make the USC Dornsife Department of Gender Studies the most talked about department of its kind in the country;

j. Inspire others to create their own kinds of tour guides, creating a watershed in history in the process… moving in solidarity along unprecedented publishing lines.

For the most part, the above can be achieved prior to 2014 kicking in.

There’s a tapering off of Baldwin’s activist legacy. To a point which culminates in crying about lies across America which persist. A point of departure for either continuing to document ourselves to death in lieu of taking fresh, meaningful action in solidarity, or honoring the moral point James made as Jeremiah ad infinitum.

Contact the author at The plan for action which the author wants to delineate for Laura Pulido et alia (at USC in confidence) carries the imprimatur of the late Howard Zinn.

Afterword: Tim Wise offered up some worthwhile film clips plus awhile back ( os/). Tim has a fairly decent reputation as a concerned citizen. That said, I’m puzzled respecting why he and many, many others have not responded to my outreach, my attempts to do something in solidarity that would honor the thrust of Baldwin’s activism. Racism, of course, is central to James’ work. What too many concerned citizens do not realize, however, is that whatever issue is most dear to their hearts — from the realms of Big Ag and Big Pharma to NSA surveillance and other abominations abroad — it cannot be addressed sufficiently (on a large enough scale, in time) without dealing with racism from a different angle than what’s been embraced to date… and simultaneously. I speak as someone who has been making forays on this score 24×8 for the last eight years.