“How” to Pull Off the Electoral Schtick (for Attorney Eric), Part I

Crucial Update as of 10pm, 30 July 2013: I do not want to put anyone down, but it’s unavoidable here. The people I’ve been writing to to date on this site and the organizations I’ve been addressing are — pretty much ALL — have not been worth the heartbeats. By any worthwhile standards. Hardly a one, including the attorney embedded in the piece below. [Pause.] That’s a very deep-boned criticism. And I invite anyone who reads this to discuss the fascinating details I have to share respecting what I’ve just laid out. I’d really like that, to be able to pass on what I consider extremely instructive/necessary commentary. Anyone wanting institutional change deserves to benefit from my experience over the last eight years, whether or not they agree with my politics. For my angle of vision in that realm is of secondary importance. There’s something that has to do with being a decent human being that I want to share primarily. Loving regards, Richard

P.S. Eric, so very busy (how unusual!), had no time for Q&A. So there will be no Part II. When are people going to get the crystal clear point that if one cannot set aside time for discussion there can be no possibility of new approaches? As things stand, there is only time for premature dismissal. What an apropos image for the so-called Left. Premature masturbatory ejaculation.

THIS IS AN UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT. It is only posted for a certain lawyer and his trustworthy friends, colleagues and loved ones. Others should scroll backward until they come across what they were asked to read. If one reads this particle (part article, part poetry) carefully… it should be quite clear why I’m here on this earth. What follows… we shall see.

“How” to Pull Off the Electoral Schtick (for Attorney Eric), Part I
Dedicated to Jimmy and Edna… brought out of me once again in full light
by Oxman

“My soul is all but out of me….” — the author’s lovely thirteen-year-old, quoting Edna St. Vincent Millay (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/182477)

First point: When someone asks how TOSCA can be pulled off, the answer needs to be tailored to fit the particular person asking. For everybody requires a different angle of approach* for the explanation to be palatable long enough… to not lose a given person prematurely. For instance, let’s take a silly note for starters. To wit, the very title here would be off-putting for some. With Eric I figure I can get away with it, and so I’ve indulged myself. In fact, something tells me that this angle will be quite effective for my purposes with Eric. [Do keep in mind, that "Part I" means that the delineation here is not intended to be comprehensive.]

*I’ve already posted a score of articles addressing the HOW factor. In fact, the approach used, ideally, should take into account the circumstances and pressures impacting on the person when one addresses the issue.

Second point: Since the most immediate challenge in recruiting a core group with which to implement TOSCA is overcoming the apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance and/or atomization which plagues everyone these days, it is necessary to move very slowly at first. Although there is intense urgency attached to the whole shebang, the very first steps must be taken between those who know and trust one another implicitly. Neither old-fashioned flyers nor announcements made courtesy of high tech gadgetry can be used at the beginning. For instance, Eric mentioned his wife in passing in our telephone conversation earlier today. Well, all else being equal, if sufficient nooks and crannies of TOSCA resonate with Eric sufficiently, then he should be the one to recruit his wife, not me, and not anyone else from a distance or otherwise. If his wife is then sold on the thrust of TOSCA enough, she’d be the one to pass the word, or test the waters as it were, with, say, a first cousin who looks up to her. Not Eric. Not me. Following that fourth person coming on board, we might have a meeting to brainstorm, enjoy the whole kit and kaboodle together, providing feedback on this and that with one another.

Now, granted, this is slow as molasses. BUT I cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating a core group of concerned citizens who see what’s at stake, who — regardless of present primary priorities (and the full slate, table, plate that everyone has these days) — can make some kind of serious commitment that rises above what’s usually made in the circles concerned with electoral politics. Lots of time is NOT required. I’m talking about the quality and reason for commitment. The “commitment” can be, in fact, an agreement to spend no more than a couple of hours TOTAL over the course of the next year or so. [Pause.] You heard that right. A core member can commit to as little as 120′ over the course of something like 365 days. Of course, if that’s agreed to, it’s fairly easy to wrangle 120′ out of 120 days, tripling the commitment. But I think you can see that I’m emphasizing the flexibility that’s inherent in commitment… as I keep my eyes and ears open for someone to volunteer a number of heartbeats which runs closer to what I intend to devote to TOSCA in action. In fact, ALL “core members” — by definition — will need to acknowledge the necessity of someone working 24×8 to have a shot at being successful in confronting the powers that be, which operate 24×7 to maintain the status quo and our horrid momentum.

Third point: We’ll need to quickly shift into hyper gear, and get out of the pace of an arthritic snail which I’m describing above. How? Well, there are a number of ways, just as there are a number of ways to introduce the “HOW” of TOSCA. One way to proceed is to make contact with a celebrity. For instance, I know a fellow (Brian) who just opened a vinyl record store in Capitola, California who loves me and loves TOSCA. He’s a certain kind of soul, however, who is not made of the stuff to get into TOSCA at this stage in the same way I trust that Eric will. He does have a connection to Graham Nash, however. As does my “buddy” of 60 odd years, L. Russell Brown (”Larry”), with whom I recorded for Harlem’s Fury Records in the 50s; Larry and I, for what it’s worth, both appear in Nash’s coffee table book on songwriters. The thing is, I’m not holding my breath, waiting for anyone to let Graham know that his obsession respecting our abominable nuclear dynamic will NOT come to anything as things stand — regardless of how many concerts he and Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt et alia perform for anti-nuke rallies — unless they’re supplemented with something like TOSCA.

The thing is, though I’m not holding my breath vis-a-vis Brian or Larry, I AM VERY MUCH INTERESTED in tapping into our possible leads. Other individuals who could get G.N.’s attention long enough — because he loves and trusts a given person — to leisurely make the point that TOSCA’s Governor, as Head of the Regents of the UC system, could virtually overnight create a watershed in history with regard to the major nuclear issues of our day. The main point here? If Graham got on board with more than a token gesture of support, we’d suddenly have recruited a 100,000 or so automatic visceral votes of support among the general public, and the all-important seed would have been sown to make other celebrities embrace TOSCA. [Pause.] Once you put together names with huge followings you begin to stir up God knows what kind of energy. And I submit that unprecedented energy and commitment could be roused up among the general public — including among the 50% or so citizens* who did NOT vote in either of the last two gubernatorial contests — and lead to securing The Sacred Seat in Sacramento.

*Technically, although we’d surely capture the imagination and vote of many who voted for this or that candidate over the last ten years, we wouldn’t need a single vote from that demographic which did register and vote recently in order to win. Not one.

Fourth point: This point can be easily dismissed, but it is an absolutely crucial one. The reason for needing a core group for starters is that the general public cannot be recruited without first putting together at least a tentative list which comprises the gubernatorial coalition. If the initial hit is in the form of images fully formed, so to speak, the response will be radically different than what it is guaranteed to be by presenting “the idea” in the way in which I first pitched it to about 11,000 citizens over the last eight years. This isn’t desperately rationalizing over sour grapes. Rather, this is what I have learned during the process of pitching incessantly 24×8… trying out every imaginable “orientation” prior to presenting the link which follows below.

I’m going to pause here, and ask Eric to check out http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1073. That’s the WHAT of TOSCA. And I do think that it’s worth a review at this juncture, prior to my spelling out any other aspects of HOW. “Part II” upon request, of course.

Contact the author at aptosnews@gmail.com or telephone. There’s lots more to share vis-a-vis HOW, but one should never forget that that whole biz should, ideally, be massaged continually by one and all, once a core group is formed. In confidence… for quite some time. [Pause.] It is arguably the most difficult psychological challenge for anyone to keep focused on oneself initially. Meaning, it is of the utmost importance that a given person — in considering TOSCA — to not extrapolate… to not think about HOW with regard to others*. Not before there is a clear understanding respecting WHY the WHAT is necessary. That’s not double-talk. The entire dynamic rests on the conviction that there’s absolutely nothing on the horizon at present that satisfies, and that the whole biz of deadlines demands that each and every core person invest something that can only be spoken of… in person… in confidence. At the very first rendezvous granted… there will be no cryptic talk. All will be clarified easily. [But I can tell you now that there will be no room for giving the likes of Obama or Holder the "room" that's given in http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/29/why-justice-department-can-and- must-criminally-prosecute-george-zimmerman/. Allocating such benefit of the doubt dooms us, for sure; the "gains of America’s second Reconstruction" must be questioned... to say the very least. Seen through is more like it, spade called a spade.]

*It is very difficult — for a # of reasons — for people to refrain from looking outward and speculating on what others will or won’t do down the line. But it is essential that that impulse be fought off… in order to pull off one’s own unprecedented commitment. This is a subject which begs for an hour’s discussion, but it’s easy to acknowledge, I believe, that any attempt to bring about institutional change cannot be contingent upon sizing up the numbers that might be had at a given moment under generic revolutionary terms which inevitably kick in for everyone when contemplating shooting for the moon in solidarity. What I call use of visceral appeals deals with that all along the way. People are always asked to think and reason and feel this and that in requesting a response to what is essentially a sales pitch. Well, in or outside the voting realm, a visceral hit will sometimes solicit a very different reaction than traditional electoral argument. And that is why one cannot, must not second guess others when grappling with what one is obliged to do… regardless. No one knows what’s around the corner anyway, yes?

Philip Larkin’s First Sight does a good job of underscoring the point I’m making here. See http://www.artofeurope.com/larkin/lar4.htm, if you will. For it’s true, true as my heartbeats, that when someone like Graham Nash reaches out to the audience — as he does in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ajPPEkATA — and asks the people (who’ve come to enjoy themselves) “Help us sing this!”… there’s no telling what they will do.

Thank you, thank you so much.