Tethering Together: Graham’s Glory Gal

Note: This is an unedited first draft. For what it’s worth, the author appears (twice) with L. Russell Brown in Graham Nash’s Off the Record. [Pause.] But “Larry” won’t help.

Tethering Together: Graham’s Glory Gal
Dedicated to Brian of Undefeated Records in Live Oak, California
by Brian’s ‘civic oak’, Ox

“Never give up.”Raphael Lemkin to the author, 1955 at Rutgers-Newark Law School

This is a love letter*. To a young woman who works with Graham Nash. My only potential contact with a sweet soul who genuinely cares — sees — the abomination, the threat which is our nuclear dynamic. A gal who herself cares and is critical of another monster… Monsanto. Who marches in circles with placards to protest in the rain… under an unacceptable reign.

*Unlike typical love letters, this love is unconditional.

I can do something about all that horror. But I must move in solidarity with others. Along fresh lines, embracing a new paradigm. We need to do something soon. Like yesterday. But the 11,000+ contacts I’ve made over the last eight years have secured less solidarity than what Vincent Van Gogh did during his lifetime, my offer of a new model of action notwithstanding.


An animal which is tied up by a rope cannot reach the grass which is further away than the end of the rope and becomes hungry and unhappy. As in… being at the end of one’s tether, one’s rope.


I’m not made of the stuff that makes for suicide. Not remotely. Still, there is the living death we witness daily, people too busy to talk, but full of talk talk in lieu of walk talk. Filled with being full of it, full of themselves, their schedules, their agendas. Plate too full to take on even a tiny morsel more. Whores for our horrid momentum, boring, snoring heartbeats away. At best, caught up with obsolete paradigms for protest, well-meaning.

Everyone is in the rain. For me, it is different at this moment. The Pain has not arrived. I am able to hold up, and hold up an umbrella of sorts. I don’t require any money. I don’t even need food. I only ask for someone to step out of the rain. For a moment… to see how much room there is… to, then, walk back out and tell someone else. Where the shelter lies.


For clear as my blood flows, I know the nothing that is being done by concerned citizens across this so-called country, this horrific wasteland of a worry for the entire planet.

I did not do 11,000+ 24×8 over 8 years and come up empty. I did learn something.

And I am extending a rope in the hope that someone will pull me in for a moment.

It doesn’t have to be Graham’s Glory Gal, but I do have something to say for a moment to her boss. Something that would address that nuclear nonsense and her Big Ag rag.

It would gladden both their hearts, I’m sure.

In the previous post, I made a distinction between two versions of Teach Your Children Well. I noted that in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ajPPEkATA Graham shouted out “Help us sing this!”. I underscored what the difference was between that and what we were all familiar with, the original recording.

The plea for singing in solidarity did not end up being a bootless cry in the rain. What happened was beautiful, as gorgeous as a Van Gogh.

When you put something loving, lovely out there… people pick up on it… sometimes.

To their everlasting — no, eternal — unconditional glory.

To contact the author, email him at jazznbluesnews… adding the obligatory gmail.com to that. It would be an honor for him to hitch down to southern California to take one or two special people out to the best lunch they’ve ever had.