Assimilation, Humiliation, Annihilation: As American As Chop Suey

-A thousand new cars hit Beijing's streets every day. By 2020 China will have 140 million private cars, more even than the United States.- - BBC report, touching upon just one reason why our demands for -assimilation- will lead to -annihilation–soon.

For every 100 U.S. citizens who know about our WWII Japanese Internment Camps on these shores, there's "maybe" one who knows something significant about our 19th century Chinese Exclusion Act. Too bad-for all of us. Oooo on you, maybe.

I'm not just regurgitating another scandalous episode in our sordid history here. Rather, I'm out to make a cutting-edge point "perilously unacknowledged" which we have a chance to do something about. The Bad News is-I'm not going to spoonfeed readers history here. Here, once again, I ask interested citizens to do some homework on their own.

Leave that dimension out of my writing and we have the potential to go nowhere. The standard fare is to go nowhere, of course, except to the Leftist Couch-with potatoes.

Coupled with the Scott Act and the Geary Act in the late 1800s foreign Chinese were prevented from entering this country for all practical purposes "for very impractical reasons!" AND Chinese-American citizens were often not allowed to return once they departed. That, in spite of official declarations to the contrary. As per jus soli (-law of the soil-).

Point? On a dime, always here, any given group will suffer the same fate-and worse. Which is "for another article" exactly what happened to the Chinese. Worse.

Other points? There are many. For one, with the connivance of the courts and the help of the legislatures 'cross this land which is supposed to be your land and our land (AND the land of descendants of immigrants born here), the Chinese were labeled as people unwilling to assimilate. Vicious mob violence "uncontrolled and uncontrollable by the so-called authorities (in the spirit of the government's Gold Rush failures on this count" helped to reinforce this categorization.

No accurate body counts, sorry. In fact, little or no classroom discussion, yes? Does anyone know why the Transcontinental Railroad couldn't have been built without them?

President Grover Cleveland actually underscored the failure of the -experiment- that U.S. had conducted with the Chinese. The need for discriminatory legislation (dis)respecting their status. Mixing Chinese with true Americans had proved a failure he said, and-so-discriminatory legal parameters were necessary. The -experiment- was -unwise, impolitic, and injurious.-

(So many did seem to keep to themselves in their Chinatowns, honor their ancestors' ways in lieu of lapping up our icons.) Mmmm.

To be more specific, Cleveland didn't actually use any form of the word discrimination. He politically tiptoed around it by alleging that any abuses leveled against the Chinese could be addressed in our courts. As if he were unaware, I must add, that Chinese were not only not allowed to vote-they couldn't testify against Caucasians in the U.S. at that time. To use the word disingenuous here would be much too polite.

One of the huge points inherent in this piece is that the attitude that citizens here must assimilate is ill-advised at best, suicidal at worst. Particularly when considered in the light of our attempting to place that template over others-overseas. Like when we insist upon democracies being the kind of democracies which fit our bill. Dancing to the tune of our Cracked Liberty Bell.

Hell, to put citizens of other countries through the Living UnLimbo of bombing is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing our own One-Way Ticket to Something Other Than Heaven on Earth or Heaven Elsewhere. To put it mildly.

Wildly, we're gonna have to act (1) to put the Universal Yin in line with the Universal Yang.

The Pangs of Common Sense "if not of Conscience or Compassion" dictate that neither Humiliation nor Annihilation will go down well in the toxic well of/filled with our American Chop Suey.

Fong Yue Ting v. United States Footnote:

(1) Look up references yourselves, readers, if you will. For action proposals, however, you are welcome to contact the author.

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