Ostrich Syndrome Manifestations: Manifest Litmus Test on Our Ship of Fools

Note: Unedited first draft here. Doing errands to day I heard some ex-Marine waxing and waning about how everything changed in ‘83 vis-à-vis the bombing of his colleagues in Beirut, how a lot of military people got hip to how “those Islamists” were going to be a problem down the road, and how some just dug in and decided to stand their ground. This kind of corrupting ‘can do’ cant courtesy of BBC. Jesus, God Almighty… with no one saying a word — thinking a word?! — about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabra_and_Shatila_massacre!!! Had to write this piece… which, I trust, will serve as a litmus test of sorts for deciding whether or not I’ll be wasting my heartbeats if I engage in discussion with you about WHAT TO DO ABOUT the ignorance, inaction and ineffective action which envelops all concerned citizens these days. The giant ship below, keep in mind, is built from the blood and bones of our history, the history which actually took place, and which is slated to culminate in the greatest abomination of earth’s long life. I do see light… if we will only help ourselves with O bailan todos o no baile nadie in mind.

Ostrich Syndrome Manifestations: Manifest Litmus Test on Our Ship of Fools
Dedicated to the thrust of Stephen Emmott’s Ten Billion and working with Wu-Tang Clan and John Steppling and that hard-hitting Microsoft Man (S.E.)
by Oxman

A helluva lot of people know what I know, that this trip we’re on at the moment is like being on the Titanic. Thing is, here’s what that select group is doing about that perception vs. what I’ve been trying to do; see below. [Keep the image in mind, if you will, of my being someone who sees the collision coming up, the need to do something ahead of time, avoiding panic as much as possible... and all that goes with... procrastination.]

In no special order:

1. Some are arguing about the virtues of capitalism vs. other possible arrangements;

2. Because some passengers have reason to suspect incompetence on the part of the Captain, they are insisting upon putting the possible termination of his service to a vote;

3. Those with a bent for writing are busy documenting the whole affair;

4. Some are organizing a meeting where they hope to get their warnings across to passengers presently engaged in drinking and dancing;

5. A handful are sending messages to the ship’s owners via Morse Code, complaining about the inadequate number of life preservers and boats;

6. A couple of prescient passengers named Cassandra Wright and Cassandra Sandra are fighting one another over who was the first to declare an emergency on board;

7. A few are slumped on the deck, totally resigned to what they call the inevitable, dooming and glooming in their tears.

8. Some souls are selling sand in the hope that enough people will buy the idea of being able to bury their heads in wishful denial, but all the customers are banging their temples hard as they lunge downward, the sand not serving their purposes, being much too thin, the sellers unsuccessful on the rollicking vessel, sand spreading out way too much to be effective.

Three-fourths of a dozen is enough, yes? I could go on, but it might be fun for the reader to think about the other manifestations of Ostrich Syndrome on our Titanic Trajectory.

Some will survive, but (on today’s Titanic), they’ll wish they were dead as per Peter Watkins’
http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+war+game&FORM=VIRE1#view=detai l&mid=568143EF55E002A70F18568143EF55E002A70F18 …or as per some other looming scenario. Such as http://www.zcommunications.org/demand-for-global-takeover-at-fukushima -by-harvey-wasserman.html OR http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/10/24/obamas-drone-killing-campaigns/ . [There are others, you know... which we can deal with... if we address them anew now.]

Just about all proactive concerned citizens I’ve contacted — that’s more than the “vast majority”! — have embraced a form of resignation about our horrid momentum, our trajectory. I have a “plan for action” that can make a difference… if anyone will contact me.

Contact the author at aptosnews@gmail.com

Afterthoughts: For the “plan for action” to be a game changer at least a core group on deck will have to acknowledge enough and be willing enough to change their daily routines, their up-to-now fantasies for the future. NO career politician is pitching that. And anyone who alludes to it appears to be making a token gesture of sorts, no real urgency expressed ’bout it ’round the clock. [Pause.] The thing that I didn’t mention above is that we are moving toward that iceberg whilst smelling something on the order of Treblinka, but no one on board is batting an eyelash about that… even though our Ship of Fools is responsible for those atrocious deaths by gas we’re getting a whiff of as much as that Marine’s higher ups had to do with the blowback in Beirut. [Please feel free to ask me to elaborate on all this, if you think you might fail this litmus test; the wording is purposely tricky.]