Death Party, Yes!

Note: Once again, an unedited first draft. I’ve got no biz busting this piece out onto my site; I haven’t even finished watching more than about half of Have not nearly done my homework. But I’ve seen and heard enough; that might be a function of my having worked 24×8 over the last eight years plus, batting heads with over 11,000 concerned citizens and non-profits, all supposedly spot on with fighting the good fight, unlike career politicians. Too much for me to keep all the serendipity bottled up till tomorrow too, what with one of Death’s most famous ditties being Politicians in My Eyes. I’m very charged up having come across the Detroit group, the documentary… and having talked to Robert Hunziker tonight just before seeing the film, on the eve of a few days of seeing my (presently) favorite oncologist in southern California… who might head the Death Party thang once he returns from Asia. HEY, ROBERT… Hey, one and all… scroll back to This is too out of its mind to not lose most people prematurely. Take this entry as highly personal expression, not necessarily having a hook into the real world implementation of the project delineated in the link above. That said, in California the imminent death of the Delta is reason alone to stand blood to bone against our horrid momentum… crying Death!, flying Death! banners off all four walls.

“If you wanna get anywhere here you’re going to have to change that name.” — Some City Father in Burlington, Vermont lecturing David Hackney of Death

“The world we know shall be no more.” — David Hackney, the visionary

“I want to play in front of The Throne of Almighty God.” — David Hackney, shortly before his death

Death Party, Yes!
Dedicated to David Hackney and his loved ones and my loved ones and one and all who want to have their hearts, heads and souls in a healthy place
by Oxman

I started to pay attention immediately with the testimonials which opened up the flick. l

Punk before Punk was Punk, yes.

And this electoral effort will be the first Punk Party.

And just like David wouldn’t change the NAME THAT COULD GO NOWHERE to take Clive Davis up on his breakthrough $20,000 offer of a contract in the early 70s when that was quite a deal for an unknown group of Detroit brothers trying to break through with every beat of their collective heartbeats, I won’t back down. In fact, I’m getting quite off on the notion that I’ll cause a commotion with the name, not going commercial with conventional electoral wisdom wrenching the soul and punk out of me simultaneously.

The Doctor’s Party won’t do. The Music Party, whew! Soul Party. The Party’s Over Party. [Pause.] Been through a whole lot of names that seemed as if they might capture the spirit of the whole shebang I’m proposing, set the right tone for recruitment, say what was needed, what was about to happen.

They all — at the moment, at least — seem like they should take a back seat to THE DEATH PARTY.
I mean, we’re dying on this planet, aren’t we? Isn’t that why I have my sense of urgency? Isn’t the planet itself dying as per pieces like I could add a nuclear warhead-centered posting, a Fukushima-centered article, a Big Pharma abomination and so on and so on and so on to back up the point, but there’s no need for all that blah blah, is there? I mean, where does someone not know what’s going on, that we’re going down fast?

Well, Robert (who I talked to tonight for the first time), author of the Grim Reaper Ocean piece, isn’t a doom and gloomer. Neither am I. One does have to to get a bit glum about the horrid plums flying around, and the atrocious ground we keep comin’ across in our daily doings with one another, yes? Yes, the conclusion of Emmott’s Ten Billion seems, by just about every standard we know, spot on: “We’re fucked.”

But we’re NOT. NOT until I say so. For me, NOT until I say so.

As per the career politicians’ gangster shenanigans, self-absorbed, self-centered actions and inaction… yes. But I’ve got a way to circumvent their disingenuous, self-serving bullshit. On their own carved out turf, the electoral arena. The realm that’s designed to keep the powers that be in power.

They’re fucked, not me. Not yet. For THE DEATH PARTY is going to call a spade a spade, and do what no third party in the history of the country has ever done.

We’re going to secure significant reins of power. And then we’re going to help the public to self-educate in unprecedented fashion. And then we’re going to walk the public through the steps necessary to pressure the people who need to be pressured from a new angle. The well-fed gangsters with health coverage high on the hog.

And everything THE DEATH PARTY does will follow a fresh paradigm.

We’re going to acknowledge on a macroscopic scale… from a very good “vantage point”… our horrid momentum… pointing to the DEATH we’re guaranteeing the way we’re living… and we’re going to offer a real alternative.

We’re going to promise — our ONE campaign promise — the death of the status quo. It will go will be our mantra. It will die.

So that we can live.

That’s why we should stand firm with the name THE DEATH PARTY, yes!

The world we know shall be no more. We will try to make a difference. But we won’t change our name… to be more commercial, more appealing. To do the rational thing… in the name of pulling in the optimal number of votes. No, we won’t embrace that.

No, we will do the visceral dance. We will sing. And others who are ready will join in immediately, not wait to move in solidarity for another 34 years… at which time we’ll all be far past the point where any collective measures matter.

Contact the author at if you don’t get the reference to “34 years”… or for any reason. See moriturus-by.html… to read some lines on DEATH which are over-the-top marvelous… which were recited to me by the great poet shortly before her own demise. To see, in part, what motivates me.

UPDATE: Just wrote to the powers that be in the Death quarters, trying, in part, to connect with those on tour at present. Apparently, band members will be in L.A. on the 28th and in Oakland on the 31st. If I can meet with them on the 28th… there might be a chance to connect with il&mid=7AC43A15A60FA822EA4A7AC43A15A60FA822EA4A at the same time. Song’s schedule will probably not be able to accommodate me, however, until the 30th or so. So… the gig in Oakland… which would be much closer to home for me, anyway — could be the thing to hope for, hoping also to hook up (maybe) with Boots Riley and others in the Oakland realm simultaneously… in the name of making a difference in California immediately… with all that good energy,