All Paul Prep Step

Note: As of about 11pm, 10/28/13, I’ve put together a through e. I plan to add more, but I trust that this unedited first draft — incomplete as it is — might help Dr. Song to be better ready for our rendezvous; I know it’s helping me. One of the things I want to make sure to talk about when we meet is the response I received to the previous post. Also, the response I received from the powers that be in Compton and other municipalities from recent outreach. And others. The a-e segment was put together on the fly in under 10′. [Pause.] About 24 hours later I receive a promising missive from Bernie and Tannie.

All Paul Prep Step
O bailan todos o no baile nadie
by Ox

In no special order, bouncing off of Courage Campaign’s site:

a) With regard to Brown’s immorality and irresponsibility on PIC issues, yes… do as much democratic outreach as you like, but set your sites on securing the reins of power in Sacramento… by encouraging ALL citizens with “progressive” values to get behind replacing Brown with someone who has their head, heart and soul in a healthy place;

b) Did I miss something? Is there any reference on the site to any Delta issues? Water, from a number of angles, will become increasingly important shortly. Matt Damon, his group’s lack of interest in grassroots input aside for the moment, might very well be interested in being part of a “gubernatorial coalition” if Sacramento River matters were addressed by core CC coalition people. San Diego — spotlighted in relation to ALEC — is one of those cities which is going to have agree to receiving less water in the future from sources they’re tapping at present; someone like Damon on board might very well be necessary to force them to back down.

c) For AB1266 I think it would help to have Johnny Weir on board.

d) Bouncing off of my visceral impression of images at, I submit that it might be an excellent idea to include more people of color in the presentation. Furthermore, I believe it’s important to incorporate issues which are of overwhelming importance to people of color on a daily basis, issues which are of truly immediate importance. To give one example, the 58 Superfund sites in Compton beg for attention. Not just for the general public, but for the benefit of the residents of Compton themselves. My recent polls show that virtually no one in that realm acknowledges the life and death nature of the issue, its relationship to all sorts of horror in Compton. To address all this it would help to have Kendrick Lamar on board. In doing so, he could be counted on to secure 500,000 votes on his own* for the gubernatorial coalition which would serve as a huge ongoing asset for CC.

*Boots Riley from Oakland might very well ‘get into’ the whole shebang if KL were on board. Others too. That’s why 500,000 in not an inflated figure.

e) I’m wondering if CC has a setup whereby it could be “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if it didn’t cost them anything. If so, might it be possible to show the most interesting documentaries in the world… driving home much needed messages about many social and environmental issues, including ones related to ENDING THE DRUG WAR. The showings could have two important elements attached. One, visiting celebrities could draw the desired demographic for a given film. Two, all viewings could be coupled with walking the audience through the steps necessary to make a difference the very next day. [Just learned that CC is a "virtual organization" with no offices. I can change that. I can get someone to donate space, and I can, then, provide (as in donate) a library which will be the talk of L.A. and beyond. AND... I will be able to curate it, add to it and publicize it up the wazoo, benefitting CC immeasurably.]

SPEAKING OF “the very next day”… it is now 10/29, Tuesday.

To continue:

f) Returning to “a” above, in the middle of the night I realized that the CC outreach could legally include encouragement for members, supporters to recommend the names of preferences, trustworthy souls who they’d like to see as part of a gubernatorial coalition. Why shouldn’t the grassroots contributors have a say in who will be the next Governor of California? They certainly can’t want whoever will represent either of the two major parties, and any candidates put forth by the permanently marginalized third parties which currently exist, no matter how attractive their progressive platforms might be, are doomed to failure. SO… there you go… you know now of an outreach I believe will make a difference.

g) In “d” above, the biz about Superfund sites also almost got me out of bed about 3am. I’ve never met anyone who knew that — as of a couple of years ago — ONE OUT OF TEN U.S. CITIZENS lives within 10 miles of a Superfund site. With Compton’s 58, the poor people there are probably living with a ONE OUT OF TWO ratio. That’s a guess, admittedly, but WHERE’S THE DISCUSSION? As I indicated above, Compton is only one of several municipalities which are plagued by environmental racism which must not be tolerated. Must — at the very least — be talked about on a grand stage. I see that information being delivered and discussed in a context other than mainstream or alternative news outlets at first. I see initial discussion coming from the gubernatorial office of CA, so that we don’t wind up having documentation and entertainment take the place of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT SUCH ISSUES. There are other such issues.

h) Attorney General Kamala Harris*, who won the Spirit of Courage award in 2012 should be considered as a possible figurehead candidate for the gubernatorial coalition; serious consideration should be given to at least have her on board. Ditto for Graham Nash (because of his stance on our nuclear dynamic, among other reasons), Jackson Browne, Kobe Bryant, Sergio Romo and a number of other celebrities who would ensure our creating the necessary watershed in history in 2014. We cannot wait. Whoever cannot be on board as a member of the coalition can still — if they possess the spirit of courage (or not) — devote an hour or two over the next 365 days or so. That’s all a given concerned citizen need to commit to… to make a difference.

*Make sure, if you will, that I comment on why a photo of Kamala on the awards page is necessary.

i) Regarding the upcoming March 8-9 CC event, let’s think about doubling the seventy runners and $70,000 secured in the past. And let’s look to that healthy event as a potential point of departure for doing more than providing something that comes and goes and needs to be done each year. I want to know what “public education work” means. Then I can contribute more on this.

j) On the valuable page there’s mention of working with MoveOn. I humbly and respectfully recommend that a discussion of that organization’s recent support of Obama would be beneficial; the discussion should, ideally, incorporate matters germane to the DADT info at l.

More later, perhaps. It’s now 9:14am… and time for breakfast.

k) Is Hannah Song of related to Paul Song? Just inserting the question here because I want to remember to address it during our meeting. It is a worthy organization. As is, which brings me to the question of whether or not certain work is overlapping unnecessarily among the three groups. Regardless, it would be wonderful if I could meet with others, all else being equal, while I’m down in the CC realm on Friday… or over the weekend. Perhaps Paul will want to set up some tentative possibilities. No firm commitment on that required by me. Just a humble/ambitious thought.

l) As per justice_advocate, one of the things that CC could consider is being a leader in (supporter of?) the divestment movement. The gubernatorial coalition, led by what would be the Head of the Regents of the UC system, could guarantee that international attention would be drawn to what was accomplished in California in 2014, and positive ripples would be created worldwide, action taken elsewhere, then, in time.


Finian Cunningham just gave me a green light to use his song as per our collective purposes… as we see fit. See the song link at the bottom of the previous post. This is wonderful news. For the challenges which Dr. Paul Song and I will be discussing on Friday will be able to use all the support from all quarters which we can be blessed with. It is really quite a radical agenda I’ll be carrying with me for the rendezvous, proposing that difficult decisions be made. But I think acceptance will have a chance with in person contact. I’m reluctant to spell all that out ahead of time, but I’ll be happy to upon request.

Just wrote to Paul Craig Roberts of in the hope that I can rope him into the conversation I expect to have with Dr. Paul Song. His article touches upon some of the “difficulties” we face exclusively dealing with the career politicians who CC pressures.

One of many reasons why NOT getting “more involved” (or involved differently) by 2014 — just one — would be a huge mistake: olutely-fried-with-nuclear-radiation-from-fukushima/5355280. Again, that’s just one.

Another UPDATE, around 9pm PST: I’ve had zero luck trying to connect with other activists in L.A. Perhaps tomorrow some will respond to my outreach. I thought that it would be ideal to set up other appointments, to take optimal advantage of the long trip south. The tremendous difficulty I’m encountering attempting contact with other concerned citizens should be highly instructive for one and all.