Crucial note added after all was written below: My language, my style of writing — particularly here — might be quite off-putting for some. Ditto for what Naomi Klein has to say in her ZNet link below. Let’s say this, for the average reader: If we go with the thrust of what’s in http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dr.+paul+song+videos&FORM=VIRE1#vi ew=detail&mid=F56FD248663820B6E2FBF56FD248663820B6E2FB and at http://www.lisaling.com/ for starters, we can’t go wrong. For the song sung therein is so far along beyond the sick status quo… though I might want to argue with this or that, we should go to bat with the likes of Lisa Ling and what she’s singing about. Plenty of time to address peripheral diffs then, our deadlines notwithstanding. Ditto for major differences; she’s a palatable winner for our present moment. She’s also Dr. Paul Song’s wife; see below. [The electoral foray could come under the umbrella of a Miracle Music Party, for I can see being able to address the first order of business -- demonstrating that miracles of any kind need no money* -- easily with Lisa and Paul. I'm willing to sit back and see what direction people will take once that fact of life sinks in, my personal political preferences, then, not being my primary concern.]

*That there are totally trustworthy people in this world, that’s another point to be made.

Note: This is a particle, part article, part poetry. Stream of unconscious writing written from the soul — defined at the very bottom — where it’s always three o’clock in the morning. Look, this is dangerous stuff, this really and truly confronting the powers that be from a fresh angle. No matter. Kill me, you can count on our creating a watershed in history for the children. Kill all my beloved children, if you like, the agenda laid out here will come to be, and it will happen in 2014 for ALL the children in California, in the world. For all of Mother Earth’s creatures, for the planet itself. For the Nazis never threatened the earth we stand on, their absolute horror notwithstanding. Our collective situation is worse today than it was under the atrocious Stalin. Far worse, no contest. We’re looking at life becoming not worth living if it survives at all. And so, I say let’s do away with the way things stand, what we can no longer stand. John Brown had to offer up his offspring to battle slavery, and give up his own neck. I have no intention of becoming a martyr, blatantly risking my little beauties’ butts. Don’t have to. For in the U.S. at the moment — IT WON’T LAST MUCH LONGER, THOUGH! — there is a window of opportunity with which to legally and nonviolently eliminate the bondage which now enslaves the entire world, the slavery to war, immiseration and desecration and all of their first cousins, abominations across the spectrum. LEGALLY and NONVIOLENTLY we can create a watershed in history.

God bless the Peace and Freedom Party of CA. That said, what the hell do they think they’re doin’ runnin’ Cindy for Guv in 2014? What does Cindy think she’s doing with her remaining heartbeats? Seriously, talk about a waste of heartbeats! Those alleged seeds they’re planting* will NOT bloom in time. And it’s time that we all acknowledge that we have deadlines.

*In this unweeded garden… where things rank and gross threaten to overtake all beauty, I will — so help me God — go down swinging as per my beloved Edna’s words

With his hand on my mouth
He shall drag me forth,
Shrieking to the south
And clutching at the north

with Brian and Tannie and Andrew in mind
by Oxman

“Of course it’s been a pretty demoralizing and lonely process, because we all understand what we need - but it’s always like we’re the only ones that want it.” — Tannie Low, my brand new buddy

Help us to sing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ajPPEkATA

Dr. Paul Song
Yes, take my passion. And take my singular angles. I am not flinching whatsoever facing that 500 foot wave with this teaspoon. The nonsense and abominable, horrid momentum which envelops us all might as well wash aside now. See, I know that Dr. Song cares about this country, you. I know that, too, he cares deeply about the people of Korea. Well, take a look at the footage embedded in http://www.globalresearch.ca/28-signs-that-the-west-coast-is-being-abs olutely-fried-with-nuclear-radiation-from-fukushima/5355280. For any Korean… the segment which addresses the post-Fukushima shopping in Seoul is enough for all to want to move in solidarity with us here in California post haste. Ditto for everyone in the world who has their heart, head and soul in a healthy place. Certainly the people singing along with Graham Nash in the link which I opened with, certainly Nash himself, anti-nuke activist for so very long… ready now, I imagine, to embrace a different paradigm for bringing about change. Like, actually securing significant reins of power which would enable him to call the shots vis-à-vis what’s going on in the UC system concerning nuclear research… and more. Don’t mean to bore you here. Trying to get you to sing along… and, then, sit in the Sacred Seat of Sacramento making decisions right along with the folks below… as per what’s loosely referred to as Athenian Democracy… with which regular folks just like you can really have your say, your day, as it were, NOT voicing your two cents behind closed doors, but — rather — massaging decisions alongside everyone else in total transparency for the public. Being part of a whole different world, singing.

Attorney General Kamala Harris Let’s look at her as if she’s NOT a career politician, okay? At least for the moment, which is all we have, yes?

Kendrick Lamar (and/or Boots Riley?) I’ve got to tread lightly in this realm for the moment. Will tell you why, upon request. [I've conducted outreach to Compton 6 ways from Sunday incessantly, come up with zero zip nada nothing; where is the pulse in that realm of 58 Superfund sites? C'mon, Kendrick!]

Glen Greenwald http://www.zcommunications.org/glenn-greenwald-dick-cheney-engaged-in- some-of-the-most-radical-and-criminal-conduct-in-the-u-s-by-glenn-gree nwald.html

Susan De Anda http://www.communitywatercenter.org/about.php?content=Our+Team [My dearest Susan never responds to my missives, but I still hold out hope that she'll embrace TOSCA in some form. Either she does... or I'm going after Carlos Santana and/or members of Los Lobos.]

Naomi Klein http://www.zcommunications.org/how-science-is-telling-us-all-to-revolt -by-naomi-klein.html OR Professor Brad Werner http://complex-systems.ucsd.edu/

Graham Nash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC-N4zl1QZo

Sergio Romo

Johnny Weir

Ahmir Khalib Thompson or someone from the Roots or Jimmy Fallon or Conan O’Brien… as long as Conan agrees to stop performing at Bohemian Grove, Jimmy and Questlove look into their past affiliations a little more closely. JF’s such an excellent mimic, we could have both Matt Damon and Seth MacFarlane on board… without anyone knowing that we didn’t maybe.

Ah, you can pick the rest. You can actually be part of the gubernatorial coalition that’s being proposed by TOSCA. The thing is, there’s NO WAY such a force could possibly lose to the likes of Jerry Brown in 2014. And even if I’m wrong about that, the group would create the necessary watershed.

The world stands out on either side
No wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky,—
No higher than the soul is high.
The heart can push the sea and land
Farther away on either hand;
The soul can split the sky in two,
And let the face of God shine through
. — from my beloved Edna’s

Help us — help yourself (God helps those who help themselves, they say) — to sing this.

Love you, Your Ox aptosnews@gmail.com
O bailan todos o no baile nadie

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dr.+paul+song+videos&FORM=VIRE1#vi ew=detail&mid=F56FD248663820B6E2FBF56FD248663820B6E2FB This wonderful, capable guy could easily be the figurehead candidate for something like TOSCA, but, then again, he could chose to simply be part of the gubernatorial coalition if he likes. Or recommend someone for the slot, if he prefers. Just like you can. The thing is… the various cancers which envelop us, plague us can be dealt with. But we must go about dealing with that from a totally new angle, a truly fresh paradigm… not only in the electoral arena, but with regard to our outlook in general. There IS money in California to be secured for our collective purposes respecting cancer. And the environmental causes of cancer can be tackled in such a way as to make way for a new medical day. One which backs up from putting virtually everything on the back of genetics, and getting down with the downsides of our horrid environmental momentum. To give just one single example of what I’m talking about here… take vets coming home from our atrocious wars. Don’t expose them to carcinogenic situations on the battlefield. And don’t expose the populations of other countries to our unnecessary proliferation of cancer-causing horror. I’m going to take great joy in taking money from the Pentagon’s claws, and having something to do with it being distributed elsewhere… for peace loving concerns. First, though, you’re gonna have to call a spade a spade. And dig down with the truth with your own tender fingers, singing… so as to attract others in solidarity. Look at how smooth: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dr.+paul+song+videos&FORM=VIRE1#vi ew=detail&mid=F56FD248663820B6E2FBF56FD248663820B6E2FB